It’s been 55 years now…

A Bizarre Anniversary:
White Smoke, Still No Pope on Oct. 26, 1958


The Mysterious Conclave of 1958
Was someone else elected before John XXIII?

It’s where all the official trouble began, it’s the one event that started it all: the conclave of October 1958, which met to elect a successor to Pope Pius XII, and, after a great many ballots and some curious shenanigans, presented Cardinal Angelo Roncalli as “Pope” John XXIII on Oct. 28. What many people don’t know is that two days prior to Roncalli’s appearance as “Pope”, namely, on Oct. 26, white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel already. The Swiss guards were notified to prepare to welcome the soon-to-appear Pope, and Vatican Radio announced excitedly, “There can be absolutely no doubt. A Pope has been elected!”

But no Pope ever stepped out on the balcony of St. Peter’s. The white smoke turned to gray, and confusion ensued. The above video discusses this event and presents some circumstantial evidence, or clues, to the effect that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, Archbishop of Genoa, was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII.

We are sharing this video not to make anyone believe that Cardinal Giusseppe Siri was actually Pope Pius XII’s successor, but to make people aware of the mysterious goings-on at this conclave, to get people to investigate it, and to pinpoint the moment in Church history that appears to contain the cause of the Eclipse of the Catholic Church and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Religion and its false “Popes”. October 26, 1958, is when all the trouble began; it is ground zero of the New Church.

Be sure also to check out the links below, where a former consultant to the FBI claims in a 2003 book that U.S. intelligence documents confirm the election of Cardinal Siri as Pope Gregory XVII, and a 1994 book by Franco Bellegrandi, a former member of the Vatican noble guard, reveals how the Masonic influence at the 1958 conclave had already predetermined the election of Roncalli as “Pope.”

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