Two Thumbs Up from the Abortion-Worshipping Narcissist-in-Chief…


Barack Obama “Hugely Impressed” with Francis

This will make your gut turn. United States Resident Barack Obama says he has been “hugely impressed with” Francis, the man the world believes to be the Pope of the Catholic Church. In an interview with CNBC, the American dictator-in-chief was asked to comment on Francis’ recent remarks regarding Catholics being supposedly “obsessed” with “gay rights” and abortion. Obama answered that he sees in Francis “somebody who lives out the teachings of Christ” (!!), possessing “incredible humility” with “an incredible sense of empathy to the least of these, the poor.” (Of course, we all know what Obama thinks of the least of all, the unborn — he wants them dead, even after birth, if the mother so “chooses”.)

Here is the video of the Resident’s remarks about the “Pope” (keep that barf bag handy!):

Hey, nothing like an endorsement from an ultra-leftist abortion- and gay-rights-worshipping Communist.