Why wear a beautiful, traditional pectoral cross when you can wear this?

The Strange Pectoral Cross of “Pope” Francis

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The editors of Tradition in Action have published an in-depth look at the “Good Shepherd” cross Francis uses as his pectoral cross. It’s worth reading in full:

Above left, you see the pectoral cross of Card. Jorge Bergoglio when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires; at right, his cross after he was elected Pope or Bishop of Rome, as he insists on being called. Several things are strange about these crosses that invite speculation…


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3 Responses to “A Closer Look at Francis’s Pectoral Cross”

  1. Sunisyde

    Bergoglio is one of the worst popes in holy mother church. He, along with about half dozen others. Thank God most of them have been great popes who upheld the ‘Truth.’

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