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Francis Brings Back “Bent Cross” Crozier

It was bound to happen. Mr. Jorge Bergoglio — whom the world calls “Pope Francis” — has reintroduced the repulsive ‘Bent Cross’ Crozier (sometimes referred to as the “Broken Cross”), after Benedict XVI had, for the most part, abandoned it. The indult blog Rorate Caeli has the story.

The “bent cross” ferula, or staff, which is a hideous rendition of a crucifix, shows our Lord’s legs immodestly spread apart and shows the cross bars bent, rather than straight. The following photos show that this “crucifix” is repulsive indeed, dishonors Christ, and does not inspire pious thoughts:

This sinister-looking cross was designed by Italian Lello Scorzelli (1921-1997) during — you guessed it — the 1960s and was introduced — you guessed it again — by “Pope” Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini), who used it for the first time at the closing of his modernist robber synod known as the “Second Vatican Council”, on December 8, 1965. In fact, in 1963 Paul VI had given Scorzelli a permanent job in Rome to design this and other “art” for the Vatican. Here is a picture of Paul VI with the impious cross that is sometimes mockingly referred to as the “twisted lizard”:

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The blasphemous Scorzelli cross bears some striking resemblance to the the crucifix drawn by Belgian “artist” Albert Servaes (d. 1966) as part of his “stations of the cross”, which were condemned by the Church in 1921 under Pope Benedict XV (see here). Notice in particular the hanging head and the bent legs:


Striking Resemblance to the Scorzelli Cross:
“Crucifixion” by Servaes, condemned by the Holy Office in 1921

(The full decree of the Holy Office condeming these drawings, dated March 30, 1921, can be found in the original Latin here.)

On September 11, 1670, under Pope Clement X, the Holy Office prohibited the making of crucifixes “in a form so coarse and artless, in an attitude so indecent, with features so distorted by grief that they provoke disgust rather than pious attention” (quoted by Jacques Maritain, Speech to Journées d’Art Religieux, Feb. 23, 1924). The reason for this prohibition has never been more obvious than now, now that the Vatican II Church has spent decades disregarding this decree and has commissioned, promoted, allowed, and tolerated the foulest modernistic displays of religious “art” around the world.

In addition, the indecent Scorzelli crucifix also has something in common with the heretical crucifixes of the Jansenists:


Jansenist Altar Crucifix (heretical and condemned)

The so-called “Jansenist Crucifix” is defined as a “crucifix in which the arms of our Lord are not extended at right angles with His sacred body, but are contractedly suspended from the cross-beam parallel with the upright portion of the cross. The symbolism of the outstretched arms is that Christ died for all men; that of the Jansenist crucifix, that Christ died only for the elect” (Frederick George Lee, A Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Terms, s.v. “Crucifix, Jansenist” [London: Bernard Quaritch, 1877], p. 103). (This is not to be confused with the “for many” vs. “for all” issue in the Canon of the Mass – the Catechism of the Council of Trent clarifies: “…if we look to its value, we must confess that the Redeemer shed His blood for the salvation of all; but if we look to the fruit which mankind have received from it, we shall easily find that it pertains not unto all, but to many of the human race”.)

When Paul VI died in 1978, his successor John Paul I retained the ferula, and John Paul II used it pehaps more frequently than anyone else. Benedict XVI used it as well, though not as often. More images can be found on Pinterest.

Tragically, the hideous Scorzelli cross is also attached to many Rosary beads among Novus Ordos, and probably even some traditional Catholics unwittingly use it, not realizing what an affront to Our Lord it is.

It is quite telling that out of all the beautiful and truly Catholic crucifixes and croziers the Vatican II “Popes” could use, they use the disgusting and repulsive Bent Cross, but this is no accident: It is definitely a fitting symbol for the sinister Vatican II Church, which has mocked Christ, humiliated Him, betrayed Him, has trampled Him under foot, loathes Him, teaches heresy, and presents to the world a distorted and twisted faith that is repulsive to true Catholics.

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8 Responses to “Francis Brings Back “Bent Cross” Crozier”

  1. TruthYourFreedom

    catholic church transmitted the word for millenia…and even after vatican 2 treachery it stands above the protestant churches that have divided the church and fallen to unrepentant sinners such as transgender bishops and welcoming gay marriages…

    i am a catholic who mourns for the vacant seat and prays for the return of a true christian pope

  2. Sarah

    I like some of the articles on your site. But frankly I cannot understand why all this energy in attacking and criticizing the Church. Isn’t Christ’s bride already torn asunder enough from all the other dissensions? We already have the Great Schism, the great error of Revolting Protestants, and priests and lay Catholics picking and choosing what they want to believe, and approving grave sin, etc. Why are you who I assume love Christ and the Church he established attacking her? Are you any different then the others? It seems you should be promoting Prayer, Fasting and Sacrifice. Our Lady called for Penance, not Rebellion. She has always asked us to respect priests even if they were in error. Always. It almost appears like you too are trying to pull people from the Church and the sacraments. Please help me to understand.

    • Eric H

      Sarah, please take time to understand what this website is saying. The attacks are against the Vatican II revolutionary church, which cannot be the Catholic Church. Also, it’s not true that heretics who pretend to be Catholics can only be opposed by prayer, fasting, and sacrifice. Such people should be denounced, especially when they are leading others astray. It is one thing to treat someone respectfully when he is in error; it is quite another to stand by “respectfully” while he destroys souls.

      • Sarah

        The idea that you misquote me on the prayer, fasting and sacrifice, gives me an idea of your real agenda. I agree that there are problems in Christ’s Church. Which there have always been, but the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Your answer makes me think you are more like Luther, since you are not trying to repair, but revolt and divide Christ’s body even more. I hope you pray about it.

        • Eric H

          My agenda is war against the diabolical clown show that has taken over the once-Catholic buildings. Please understand, I don’t think it is the Catholic Church. If it were, then the gates of hell would have indeed prevailed.

          How did I misquote you on prayer, fasting, and sacrifice? Why do you think they aren’t promoted by this website?

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