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Chronicling the unending infernal chaos of the Vatican II Church…

February 13, 2024

Not for the faint of heart: Novus Ordo Super Cringe Compilation!

For 2024, Bergoglian theology gets an estrogen boost! (In Switzerland, someone is already ahead of the game!)

Now you see him, now you don’t: 79-year-old ‘Cardinal’ Lacunza apologizes for “stupid prank” in disappearing for days.

Caution! ‘Pope’ Francis has discovered another ‘great sin’

Rapping Novus Ordo priests are so yesterday. Here comes the rapping Novus Ordo bishop!

Christ the King is overrated: Francis asks thousands of children to chant ‘Nature Is Our Future’ at Vatican event.

Put on your surprise face, please: United States Novus Ordo bishops’ campaign funded group that promotes pornographic LGBT books for children. The same campaign also gave money to pro-LGBT group that prays to demons.

The Vatican’s chief ideologue wants you to “abandon ecclesial ideologies”…. (We’re talking about the one who likes to talk about the Synodal Church, Listening Church, Church with an Amazonian face, etc.)

Funny, suddenly he wants to ‘go backward’ after all: Francis calls for a return to the style of the early Christians.

Hellboy James Martin blasphemes again: “Both heterosexual and homosexual people embody the truth of their dignity as imago Dei [image of God] in their sexuality”; and he doubles down: “…we cannot deny the reality of same-sex relationships as integral to the meaning of the church as the People of God”. Talk about a homo church ten years after Francis quipped, “Who am I to judge?”!

That figures: To show solidarity amid rising anti-Semitism, Texan Novus Ordo bishop commits public act of apostasy by leading interfaith Hanukkah celebration. Plus, he blasphemously claims the Maccabees celebrated “the right to practice one’s religion according to the dictates of one’s own conscience”!

The Remnant‘s Robert Morrison denounces the doctrinal errors of a (supposed) ecumenical council and then complains that one who remains silent “sends the message to the world that the Church has defected”. Do these people ever listen to themselves?

For some people, the millstone (cf. Mt 18:6) can’t be big enough: German ‘Catholic’ daycare center scraps plan for ‘masturbation room’ after heavy criticism.

Gone to the dogs: Brazilian priest uses Sunday ‘Mass’ to get stray dogs adopted by his parishioners.

It’s raining inside St. Peter’s Basilica! A miracle? No, just the natural consequences of neglect

When he addresses Catholics (well, Novus Ordos), Francis likes to wax lyrical about proclaiming the Gospel. When he finally has a chance to do it himself, like in Mongolia, he urges Buddhists, Muslims, and Shamans to promote their religions instead.

Guess what: After Francis’ trip to Mongolia, a folk metal band there now wants to join him in ‘saving the world’ — not, of course, in the spiritual-supernatural sense, but along the lines of climate change and stuff. That’s right up his alley.

So… just what did World Youth Day 2023 teach the youth? If you are brave enough to find out, you can click here. But perhaps this frightening ‘Examination of Conscience’ will suffice (with a critical commentary here).

In case you were wondering what the World Youth Day ‘D.J. Priest’ was doing for Halloween…. or what he thinks of the real Catholic priesthood. Don’t like the guy? Try the Brazilian D.J. presbyter!

You can’t make this stuff up: Vicar general of Austrian diocese leads ‘funeral ceremony’ for ‘dying’ glacier with female ‘pastor’. They’re talking about melting ice, by the way.

Retired German Novus Ordo bishop blasphemes: “Today we believe that homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and intersexuality and all queer lifestyles are part of creation and not against God’s will”. Sounds a lot like the Abu Dhabi heresy of ‘God wills a diversity of religions’…

Head of Europe’s Largest Archdiocese Criticized for Remarks on ‘Experience of Love’ and Homosexual Attraction.

Francis declares: “God places his hope not in the great and the powerful, but in the small and the humble.” Sounds so pious, but notice how the truth is inverted here: It is not God who places His hope in man, it is man who must place his hope in God. “That they may put their hope in God and may not forget the works of God: and may seek his commandments” (Ps 77:7).

The gloves are off: Ratzinger biographer says Francis is trying to erase Benedict XVI’s legacy.

Just how shocked would you be to find out that the ‘Catholic’ family organization of Vienna’s archdiocese promotes homosexuality in a video released on social media? Meanwhile in Germany: Seminary rector says he allows openly homosexual men to enter, become priests.

How about that: ‘Cardinal’ Becciu retains luxury Vatican apartment after criminal conviction — unlike ‘Cardinal’ Burke, convicted of nothing.

The alphabet soup is becoming so ridiculous, even Hellboy James Martin may have trouble keeping it all, uh, straight: Indian Novus Ordo pontifical seminary hosts conference promoting ‘LGBTQQIP2SAA identities’. On second thought, looks like he’s on it!

Profound ‘papal’ message for Workers’ Association: Workplaces must be safe for employees!

Meanwhile, in Poland… Basilica set on fire after clerical homosexual orgy scandal shocks nation.

The ‘Great Renewal’ in full swing: Former Church of Saint Agnes in Berlin, Germany, now venue for Mickey Mouse and depictions of a homosexual Christ.

Historical criticism for the 21st century: Woke new Francis-approved Bible commentary sparks mockery from socially conservative Protestants.

Two main pillars of World Youth Day 2023: Ecumenism and Ecology. Catholicism? Not so much… But hey, maybe you would be interested in these interreligious dialogue initiatives?

Whatever it takes to be cool, hip, and fun: Baptism in a bumper car.

The pro-Bergoglio Where Peter Is site correctly notes striking parallels between Protestantism and the semi-traditionalist recognize-and-resist position. The irony is that the Vatican II Church Where Peter Is is defending, doesn’t have much of a problem with Protestantism…

Ecumenism update: Bergoglio discovers more ‘prophets’

A man after Francis’ apostate heart: It’s nice to see a Novus Ordo big shot admit candidly that their idea of evangelization has nothing to do with converting people to Catholicism.

‘Pope’ Francis vs. Saint Francis of Assisi: “Mortality, mortal sin, Heaven, and Hell were essential to St. Francis’s ‘worldview,’ but are omitted from the Franciscan portrait in Laudato Si’. The accent is placed elsewhere…”

Turns out they were only 3 months ahead of the Vatican: Several Novus Ordo priests blessed same-sex couples outside Cologne cathedral last September. Oh yeah, and in Berlin it comes with the approval of the ‘archbishop’ himself!

In the Vatican II Church, there’s nothing like a ‘vibrant’ diocese!

Had enough of the same old boring Novus Ordo clown masses? Now there’s the Cowboy and Cowgirl ‘Mass’! Or, if you want something really weird, you can try whatever this is.

Did you know? Mr. Oswaldo Enrique Araque Valero of Guanare, Venezuela, is the Jumping Novus Ordo Bishop!

Impressive! To offset all their hot air, the synod-attending Novus Ordo bishops are trying to “introduce efficient cooking stoves and cutting-edge water purification technologies to households, communities, and institutions” in Nigeria and Kenya.

Funny that: Bergoglio keeps appointing bishops who keep resigning before taking office.

From Listening Church to Pressuring Church: “…the papal nuncio, Christophe Pierre is currently strong-arming unwilling American bishops to cancel thriving Latin Masses by backroom pressure tactics.”

Just exhorting them to penance and conversion, no doubt: Francis hosts men dressed as women at ‘papal’ table for annual Vatican lunch.

That fits, since they don’t believe in the Gospel either: Jewish organization opens an office at the Vatican.

Which is better? The leopard skin chasuble of the Bergoglian nuncio to Slovakia (more images here!), or the polychrome sunset chasuble of the ‘bishop’of Pinerolo?

What does this do to Francis’ 2022 apology tour? Revisiting Canada’s collective guilt for mass murders that were never committed.

It seems that under Bergoglio, whether you become a ‘cardinal’ or not is not so much determined by who you are or what you are capable of, but where you live.

There’s not enough sodomite crud yet: Novus Ordo Jesuits Appoint Director For LGBT Activism.

Incredibly meaningful ceremony at World Youth Day last year: One tree each planted for Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Bergoglio just doesn’t miss a beat: Francis praises another pro-LGBT Catholic group in ‘warm and encouraging’ letter.

Not surprisingly, Francis wants the infernal ‘Cardinal’ Christoph Schönborn to stay on as ‘Archbishop’ of Vienna way past the usual retirement age. His service to the Masonic-Luciferian agenda has been unparalleled!

So you heard that Francis opposes the German ‘Synodal Way’. Fine, but did you also hear why he does?

Given Vatican II theology and Bergoglio, Novus Ordo priest doesn’t see the point of not becoming Anglican, so he decides to convert.

Welcome questions only? Vaticanist John Allen on the dubious art of the modern ‘papal’ interview.

Is Tradition in Action‘s Atila Sinke Guimaraes superstitious? His analysis of the features of ‘Cardinal’ Victor Fernandez smacks of the sin of divination: “divination that is made from the human body in physiognomy, phrenology, and chiromancy. The physiognomist pretends that he is able to discover the hidden character, latent abilities or defects, secret thoughts, etc., by a study of the features or expression of the countenance” (Moral Theology, n. 2285b).

Free advice from Novus Ordo Watch: Some new year’s resolutions are pointless.

Indiana ‘Catholic’ women’s college now accepting men who identify as women. That’s not surprising, considering they also accept non-Catholics who identify as Pope.

If you’re old enough, you may remember the infamous ‘GoGo Masses’ of the 1960s and ’70s (click at your own risk).

Another variation on a familiar theme: Novus Ordo priest promotes radical ‘sexologist’ who defends homosexuality, transgenderism. Ditto here: Francis appoints pro-abortion, pro-LGBT friend as founding member of new Vatican institute.

They do it because they know they can get away with it: Distorted images of holiness and worldliness in Swiss cathedral.

Jorge ‘Preach the Gospel Always’ Bergoglio has a message for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and it ain’t the Lord Jesus Christ or Catholicism.

Author of The Dictator Pope doubles down: “Pope Francis: A trajectory of power, betrayal, and controversy”.

Bad theology has consequences: Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) holds confirmations at Florida Novus Ordo church with approval from local ‘bishop’.

Adventurous Eco Church: St. Anne’s and the Season of Creation. In Zambia, the diocese of Mansa celebrates the care and protection of ‘Mother Earth’.

If nothing else, last October’s Synod advanced the pervert agenda by using its LGBTQ+ language

We know not the day nor the hour: Retired Novus Ordo bishop Howard Hubbard dies mere days after announcing he had gotten married despite Vatican’s refusal to laicize him. But of course he gets a public church funeral anyway!

Nothing to see here, just the ‘Pope’ paying homage to a deceased Marxist Freemason. (More on that here.)

No, it’s not a typo: The Seventh Buddhist-‘Christian’ Colloquium took place last November at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Is a pro-abortion atheist a good fit for the ‘Pontifical Academy for Life’? Francis thinks so!

When you no longer believe that souls need to be saved and that only the Catholic Church is the Ark of Salvation, you have to keep busy with other stuff: Ireland’s bishops decide to return 30% of Church grounds to nature by 2030.

Can you guess who just set up Novus Ordo priests for hate crime charges?

Where Peter isn’t: Notorious Where Peter Is web site publishes beautiful quote of Pope Leo XII, but they forget it contradicts their own Vatican II ecclesiology of ‘partial communion’

Murdering the terminally ill who want to die? Great idea, says Belgian ‘bishop’ who believes in situation ethics, as long as we don’t call it ‘murder’…

In Italy, some of Bergoglio’s quasi-divine ‘migrants’ have raped a 13-year-old girl. Flashback 2016: Francis says migrants ‘not dangerous’.

Incredibly reassuring: Heretical ‘Cardinal’ Gerhard Ludwig Müller wants you to believe that Francis has not taught formal heresy. That’s THIS ‘Cardinal’ Muller, to be clear.

Meanwhile in Canada: Even Dr. John Lamont now agrees that Francis is a public and pertinacious heretic, somehow he just can’t figure out he’s not the Pope, although, to his credit, he says it is defensible to hold that he is not the Pope. However — and this is very important to understand — the question of whether/how/when a Pope who becomes a public heretic loses his office, concerns only the Pope in his capacity as a private individual, not in the exercise of his papal office, especially not his magisterium, because such an idea is completely excluded by the divine assistance to the Papacy and therefore not entertained as a possibility by any theologian. Our sedevacantist analysis of the 2019 Open Letter accusing Francis of heresy, which Dr. Lamont co-signed, sheds more light on this.

Imagine it’s the Wednesday general audience, and nobody cares!

Weeks before the release of Fiducia Supplicans, Francis’ favorite pro-LGBT nun says he is ‘laying the groundwork’ for changing teaching on homosexuality.

Just what the world needs now: Another book about the life of ‘Pope’ Francis.

He called Bergoglio a heretic: Brazilian Novus Ordo priest accused of schism faces canonical proceedings. Similar case in Italy: Novus Ordo priest declared excommunicated after calling Francis “Jesuit Freemason connected to the world powers”. Meanwhile in the U.S., Jesuit ‘Fr.’ James Martin says Christ raising Lazarus from dead is ‘invitation’ for ‘LGBTQ people’ to ‘come out’; and in Switzerland, a heterodox Swiss bishop declines to punish women who attempted to concelebrate at Mass

That the Vatican II Church is ‘synodal’, we know. But how ‘symphonic’ is it?

Concerned Novus Ordos from the Phoenix diocese in Arizona have put up a ‘Bishop John P. Dolan Watch’ page.

‘Cardinal’ Blase Cupich pushes climate agenda, fails to mention Jesus Christ at Parliament of the World’s Religions. Maybe not a bad thing, lest someone should mistake him for a Christian…. “They are of the world: therefore of the world they speak, and the world heareth them” (1 John 4:5).

Is Francis a Pope or a Pretender? Finally, someone has the guts to pose the question.

Who in the Vatican II Sect still cares about Apostolic Tradition? Not ‘Bp.’ Franz-Josef Overbeck, that’s for sure.

Since he know how to communicate many different meanings, Francis is the best person to create a public university at the Vatican to respond to global crisis of meaning.

Thanks to Bergoglio’s curial reform, Vatican gets ‘Sports Ministry’.

Influential Vatican news blog closes, with hints of pressure from Holy See behind the move. Il Sismografo was pro-Bergoglio but always had reliable inside information.

A brief overview of some of the errors in the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church can be found here. Of course that doesn’t mean they couldn’t add more. ‘Cardinal’ Schönborn has an idea already

Replacing a Catholic church with a Modernist beehive: St. John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville, Minnesota.

False prophet alert: What’s the deal with Nostradamus?

That porn prefect: Sex abuse victims demand Francis remove ‘Cardinal’ Victor Manuel Fernández at protest in Rome. By the way: Here you can see his magnificent coat-of-arms.

Did Benedict XVI continue to use the papal ‘P.P.’ suffix after his resignation? Francis adherent Steven O’Reilly deflates another myth of the Resignationists.

Time for a Catholic book review: The Devil and Karl Marx by Paul Kengor is highly recommended!

Why you can’t go wrong being a sedevacantist: Because even if it’s wrong, it’s right! 🙂

Two new sedevacantist bishops: Please pray for Bp. Fernando Altamira and Bp. Pierre Roy, consecrated by Bp. Rodrigo da Silva on Jan. 7, 2024, for Colombia and Canada, respectively.

Dr. John Joy asks if there is a charism of infallible safety for the papal magisterium, and Louie Verrecchio responds.

A sedevacantist blogger reminds us of the evils of Adolf Hitler, warns of the unseen realm of Gnosticism, refutes a new generation of Feeneyites, and exposes the crooked paths of the labyrinth.

An undercover Novus Ordo journalist has published video recordings of the secret rituals of Freemasonry.

The WM Review urges us to distinguish true and false miracles in the life of the Church and explains what the Catholic Church is like during a period of sede vacante.

Louie Verrecchio reminds us that there is no such thing as ‘Catholic Zionism’. He also considers whether Francis has been ‘generally accepted’ as Pope by Catholics, looks at the ‘estrogenic effect’ of the conciliar virus, and asks if the Catholic Church can support Agenda 2030.

Steve Speray explains why calling Francis ‘Pope’ is blasphemous.

And a Jesuit Novus Ordo priest has become a true CatholicDeo gratias!

…and one for the road:

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