“I will … curse your blessings, yea I will curse them…” (Mal 2:2)

Homo-Church: Prominent Sodomites in Uruguay Receive Vatican-Approved ‘Blessing’ after ‘Wedding’

In Uruguay, Mr. Carlos Perciavalle, 82, and Mr. Jimmy Castilhos, 47, are a famous flamboyant sodomite couple — or, as ‘Pope’ Francis would say, they are “two people who love each other”.

Perciavalle is “a well-known actor, comedian and director” and Castilhos “a theater producer, presenter and communicator”, according to a report by Jules Gomes of Church Militant.

On Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, the two men pretended to marry each other in a civil ceremony which the Uruguayan secular authority recognizes as a valid marriage.

So far, so bad.

Two days later, the unrepentant sodomites had a big bash at their home with approx. 500 guests invited, where they were given a ‘Catholic blessing’ by a Novus Ordo priest. In fact, the two had advertised themselves beforehand as “the first same-sex couple to receive a Catholic blessing in the world”, according to the tabloid Gente (beware of lewd images) on Feb. 19, 2024.

Aggravating the scandal even more is the fact that the celebrity perverts have announced their intention to ‘have a child’ through surrogacy. According to a Feb. 21 article in Gente, they are “waiting to be able to start the process to rent a surrogate womb” (para alquilar un vientre subrogado).

As you reach for a barf bag, here is a copy of the invite they had sent out to their guests:

The text in the invitation says the following:

When love sees with the soul, the universe announces that it is time to celebrate our wedding.

And between the sunset of the chosen day and the dawn of a new beginning, we invite you to share with us the celebration that will be broadcast live throughout the galaxy. There, paradise will dress up and the stars will come down to Earth to bless our union.

(English translation via DeepL)

It is abundantly clear, therefore, that the scheduled festivities were celebrating one thing above all: the ‘marital union’ of two men who habitually engage in acts that are so depraved that they cry to heaven for vengeance (see Gen 19:13). Aside from preaching the dire need to repent and perhaps conducting an exorcism, there is practically no other reason that would allow a Catholic priest to be present at such a gathering.

Of course that has changed now, thanks to ‘Pope Francis’ and his false gospel of accompaniment (to hell).

Rev. Francisco Gordalina of the diocese of Maldonado-Punta del Este-Minas was happy to show up and perform a ‘blessing’ for the two, not calling them to repentance, of course, but pretending that all is well and they merely need to grow in love and peace and such banalities. In this way, and also by telling them that “God is with you” and “you are also with God”, he effectively confirmed them in their state of mortal sin, which will definitely lead them to eternal damnation if not repented of before death.

What ‘Fr.’ Gordalina said verbatim is related here:

“As you are both children of God and have asked for a blessing from God our Father, it is with pleasure that we are present on behalf of the Church to ask that he bless you,” Fr. Gordalina declared in the presence of the homosexual couple, Uruguayan media reported.

Noting that the service was that of “a blessing, not a wedding,” the priest went on to assure Perciavalle and Castilhos that “God is with you and we know very well that you are also with God because we have spoken intimately with our bishop, and we have seen your faith [sic].”

He first placed his hands on the head of Perciavalle, saying, “Carlos, may God keep you and bless you, lead you along the path of peace and love and help you grow in dedication to your brothers and in the love that you have to give them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Placing his hands on the head of Castilhos, Fr. Gordalina said, “Jimmy, may God keep you and protect you, grant you his love, enlighten you and lead you along the path of love and peace, and may your love continue to grow and be devoted to the good of the brothers, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

(Jules Gomes, “Vatican Permits First Blessing at ‘Homosexual Wedding’”, Church Militant, Feb. 26, 2024)

The unholy spectacle can be seen in the following video, from 41:34 to 43:28:

Interestingly enough, the presbyter blessed each sodomite individually, rather than both of them together. Although ordinarily anyone can receive a blessing, what was done in this case is still morally reprehensible, since the blessing occurs in the very context of publicly celebrating the debauched acts and perverse inclinations between the two, who are flaunting them before the world. The invitation alone makes that clear.

There is no question, therefore, that this ‘blessing’ was intended to give God’s approval to the sodomites precisely as sodomites. It is thus a blasphemy that cries to heaven!

However, Gordalina is not the only one to blame for this abomination. Far from it! The diocesan Novus Ordo bishop, Milton Luis Tróccoli Cebedio, had authorized it, but only after being given the green light by the Vatican nuncio to Uruguay, Abp.’ Gianfranco Gallone!

In a diocesan communiqué released Feb. 22, 2024, the pseudo-bishop Troccoli explained the matter as follows:

Dear sisters and brothers of the diocese:

Seeing the repercussions that the blessing of C. Perciavalle and J. Castilhos has had on some people in the ecclesial community, I consider it important to share with you the path that has been taken in regard to this.

After the first announcements in the media about a “religious celebration” of marriage in a Church and a clarifying communiqué from the Diocese, a meeting was held at their request – to dialogue personally and clarify situations. Fr. Francisco Gordalina, the Vicar General, and I attended the meeting. It was a long, deep and serene dialogue. The Vatican document Fiducia Supplicans was handed to them and some of its paragraphs were discussed.

In this dialogue, they asked to receive the blessing, a possibility that the said document proposes for couples in an “irregular situation”. A few days were spent in order to make the pertinent consultations.

We consulted the Apostolic Nunciature in Uruguay about how to proceed in this situation, which was expected to have media coverage. We were informed that the blessing had to be given, since there was a document signed by the Pope, and that we should proceed accordingly.

We then informed the interested parties that the blessing would be given and reminded them that it would not be in a church, that it was a blessing to the persons and not to the union, (it was not a “church wedding”), and that therefore it would be [given] in a discreet way, without the presence of guests; that it was a simple blessing. After evaluating some possibilities and limitations of place and schedule, it was agreed that it would be at his [Perciavalle’s] home.

I understand that the media coverage of the situation may have hurt the sensibilities of some and perhaps confused others. It has also moved some to come forward to present their life, personal, or family situation, grateful for the closeness of the Church.

As the same document Fiducia Supplicans states, the Church continues to affirm the sacred value of marriage between a man and a woman, [as] an exclusive, stable and indissoluble union, open to life (cf. 4). This is not in question.

At the same time, the document seeks to approach pastorally those who find themselves in “irregular situations”. It does not do so for ideological reasons, nor for propaganda, but for searching [for ways] that the charity of Christ may reach everyone.

The novelty of the document and its pastoral implications stirs [moviliza] us all. It invites us to a profound reflection on how to continue searching for ways to evangelize. It is a great challenge that demands prayer, discernment and reflection.

I wanted to share with you, as a diocesan Church, these reflections and the road we have traveled in this situation. Let us continue to walk together in this time of Lent, which leads us to the desert to temper our hearts on the road to Easter and to renew ourselves interiorly. Fraternally in Christ.

(Source; underlining added. Translation by DeepL.)

No doubt, the two sodomites felt ‘evangelized’ by ‘Fr.’ Gordalina. In fact, a Feb. 21 report by Uruguay’s El País quotes Castilhos as saying: “Uruguay will give a lesson on tolerance by implementing for the first time this blessing from the Holy See to make the world a little more just and more similar to what God has chosen for all of us.” In other words, the unrepentant sodomite knows exactly how to read the signal given by the Vatican: Sexual acts contrary to nature are perfectly fine with God, and the ‘Catholic Church’ is finally beginning to recognize it, step by little step. Let no one be fooled — it is clear which side is trying to convert which in this battle.

By the way: Maldonado, Uruguay, where the blasphemous blessing took place, is approximately 200 miles (ca. 320 km) from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which of course is ‘Pope’ Francis’ old stomping ground as ‘Cardinal’ Jorge Bergoglio. During his reign of error there (1998-2013), his approval of same-sex civil unions was well known (and of course he has reaffirmed it since as ‘Pope’).

What will the ‘popesplainers’ do this time?

Perhaps they will say the nuncio got it wrong. Perhaps they will point out how this or that stipulation of the Vatican declaration Fiducia Supplicans was violated, ignored, distorted, or misunderstood. Or perhaps they will point out how the Vatican directive was observed minutely, and it is your fault if you’re scandalized by it, you hypocrite!

Either way, it won’t matter: Rightly or wrongly, Fiducia Supplicans has made such demonic travesties possible, and Francis won’t do a thing about them, because, regardless of what may be stated on paper, what matters is what is done. Bergoglio believes in action over theory, in the concrete over the abstract, in pastoral practice over doctrine, in ‘reality’ over ideas; for he believes that “realities are greater than ideas” (Evangelii Gaudium, n. 231).

So, regardless of whether it was in conformity with Fiducia Supplicans or not, what took place is not a problem for ‘Pope’ Francis. If anything, it is exactly what he wants.

What just happened in Uruguay is only the beginning.

Image sources: YouTube (screenshot)
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