In Ruhstorf, diocese of Passau…

Chicken Dance for Communion!
Insane Carnival’s ‘Mass’ in German Novus Ordo Parish

Here’s something new for your ever-increasing “You can’t make this stuff up!” folder of Novus Ordo absurdities.

Not only was it one of those infamous ‘carnival masses’ that are routinely carried out in parts of Germany and Austria during this time of the year, it even included a ridiculous Chicken Dance performance the entire congregation was encouraged to participate in — during ‘Communion’ time, no less!

The following 30-second video clip has been on Facebook for a few days now, but we didn’t want to share it until we were able to confirm that this took place indeed at a Novus Ordo church in full communion with ‘Pope’ Francis and his Vatican II Sect (and not at an Anglican, ‘Old Catholic’, or Protestant service, for example). And indeed, we now have that confirmation.

Here are the details: This absurd and sacrilegious spectacle took place on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024 at the ‘Catholic’ (i.e. Novus Ordo) parish church of Christus der König (Christ the King) in Ruhstorf an der Rott. The pastor there (and celebrant in the video) is ‘Monsignor’ Josef Tiefenböck. The diocese in which this church is located is that of Passau, where the ‘bishop’ is Stefan Oster (b. 1965).

You can watch the profane farce here:

In the Feb./Mar. 2024 edition of the parish bulletin, the event had been announced as a ‘family mass with the Gaudianers’ (Familiengottesdienst mit den Gaudianern). The Gaudianers (from Latin gaudium, “joy”) are a regional carnival guild. Interestingly enough, ‘Mgr.’ Tiefenböck himself is the member of a similar guild.

The Chicken Dance (Ententanz in German, literally ‘duck dance’) was not the only absurdity taking place during that ‘Mass’, of course. According to a regional newspaper report, it included also the dancing of a polonaise through the church and the popping of balloons. An instant poll taken during the service resulted in the ‘priest’ having to wear a Frog Prince costume of the eponymous fairy tale. The not-so-Reverend can be seen dressed accordingly in this scary picture.

Christ the King Church, built in 1962, is incredibly ugly, not only the ‘sanctuary’ inside (see here) but also the building as a whole, architecturally (see here, scroll down just a bit). More photos of the ugly church (inside and outside) can be found in the following 4-minute video:

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Holy Catholic Mass the choir sings Ave Verum Corpus or O Sacrum Convivium during the distribution of Holy Communion.

In the Novus Ordo Sect, they dance the Chicken Dance.

Image source: Facebook (screenshot)
License: fair use

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