Review of Matt’s opening speech at Catholic Identity Conference…

A Critique of the False Recognize-and-Resist Ecclesiology of Michael Matt and The Remnant (VIDEO)

The so-called Catholic Identity Conference (CIC) is an annual ‘traditional Catholic’ event in the United States, typically held in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 2022, it tried to get some serious media coverage with its ‘Declaration of Filial Resistance to the Pope’, which, however, predictably went nowhere:

The last such identity conference took place Sep. 29 – Oct. 1, 2023. Its master of ceremonies was Michael J. Matt, who is also editor of The Remnant, a newspaper and web site that is perhaps the foremost purveyor of recognize-and-resist traditionalism in the United States.

On Sep. 29, Matt opened the conference with a passionate speech entitled “Turning Persecution into Victory”. The video is available at The Remnant‘s own media platform:

Despite the presumably noble intentions of the speaker, the address contained so many ideas at odds with traditional Catholicism that a critical reality check would be more than justified. Therefore, on Jan. 25, 2024, Mr. Kevin Davis of the Catholic Family Podcast hosted Mr. Mario Derksen of Novus Ordo Watch to review and discuss Matt’s remarks.

The full video of this episode of the Catholic Family Podcast can be watched below or at this link directly on YouTube. Although 1 hour and 36 minutes in length, it is not filled with fluff but with solid content that is insightful and informative.

A Critique of Michael Matt’s Opening Address at CIC 2023

Since a few resources are mentioned in this podcast, we’ll put the links to them right below, that is, those links we haven’t already included in the post above.


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The recognize-and-resist traditionalism of our day is doing untold damage to the real traditional Catholicism of the ages, regardless of the good intentions of many who hold to it. It is for that reason that we never cease to preach against it.

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