Six incredible quotes to make your head spin!

‘Pope’ Francis or the Dalai Lama?

A Fun Catholic Quiz for the whole Family!

The messages ‘Pope’ Francis delivers to the secular world are becoming harder and harder to tell apart from those of the Dalai Lama. That’s not just a smart-alecky, satirical quip, it’s the truth!

Don’t believe it? Then take our challenging but fun quiz:

In Who Said It? Francis or the Dalai Lama?, we present six authentic, verifiable quotes, and you have to guess whether they were said by the false pope in Rome — Jorge Bergoglio, aka ‘Pope Francis’ — or by the head of Tibetan Buddhism — Tenzin Gyatso, aka the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

You think that’s too easy? Or just absurd? Then take this 9-minute challenge:

This video clip is an extract from TRADCAST 031, originally released on Nov. 10, 2021. To listen to the whole podcast episode on YouTube, click here.

Not only is this quiz a boatload of fun, it’s also quite educational: When the ‘Pope’ is no longer distinguishable from the Dalai Lama in terms of what he has to say to an unbelieving world, what does that say about our times?

So… how did you do?

For those who are a bit skeptical still of the authenticity of the six quotes presented in this quiz, we are providing the following links as documentation/evidence. We are keeping them concealed here in order not to spoil the quiz for you, but obviously by clicking on them you will be led to the source of the quote with the author disclosed:

And now? Pass on this quiz to your friends and family members and challenge them to figure out… WHO SAID IT??

By the way… If you enjoyed this quiz, then you may also appreciate this one, no less challenging:

For that second quiz, here’s the whole lecture of Fr. Gabriel Lavery from which the clip was taken:

These quizzes are a great and light-hearted way to get friends or family members into a discussion about these rather serious and often unpleasant topics.

Please spread these videos and challenge your loved ones with the question…. WHO SAID IT?

Image source: composite with elements from Shutterstock (aynurland) and Wikimedia Commons (Lonyi/Presidencia de la República Mexicana)
Licenses: paid, public domain/CC BY 2.0 DEED

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