A joyful encounter at the Casa Santa Marta…

Francis receives former U.S. President Bill Clinton

Two non-Catholic globalists greeting each other at the Vatican, July 5, 2023

The Vatican has released a brief video clip from today showing ‘Pope’ Francis receiving former U.S. president Bill Clinton (1993-2001) at the Casa Santa Marta, the Vatican guest house the Argentinian apostate has been occupying since the conclave of 2013.

Here it is:

This was evidently a rather jovial encounter, and there is no doubt that these two non-Catholics have a lot in common. (At least one of the two refrains from pretending to be a Catholic, even though he received Novus Ordo communion once.)

Two things immediately stand out about this meeting: (1) the visit had not been previously announced to the public; (2) the Vatican News post on the encounter is extremely short — a mere three sentences, with very little detail:

What could Francis and Clinton possibly have wanted to talk about? A report from Catholic News Agency has more information than the Vatican volunteered:

Pope Francis met with former U.S. President Bill Clinton in a private audience at the Casa Santa Marta papal residence on Wednesday. Clinton’s delegation included several prominent Americans, including Alex Soros of the Open Society Foundations.

Alex Soros, 37, told the Wall Street Journal last month he is “more political” than his father [George Soros] and he plans to have a larger focus on U.S. domestic politics. Voting rights and abortion rights are among his causes. Soros also heads an Open Society Foundations-aligned political action committee called Democracy PAC, which has about $125 million to spend on domestic U.S. politics.

(Kevin J. Jones, “Pope Francis hosts Bill Clinton, foundation head Alex Soros”, Catholic News Agency, July 5, 2023)

There is so much that could and should be said about the Clinton Foundation, specifically with regard to its ‘earthquake relief’ in Haiti (2010), and the Open Society Foundations, but this post would never end if we got started. Readers are encouraged to do their own research, especially on alternative platforms such as Rumble and GAB.

Image source: YouTube (screenshot)
License: fair use

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