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Five SSPX Myths Debunked? Novus Ordo Watch Answers Kennedy Hall on the Catholic Family Podcast

Host Kevin Davis and guest Mario Derksen react to a recent video by Kennedy Hall defending the SSPX

On May 11, 2023, Mr. Kennedy Hall published a 25-minute video defending the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX or SSPX) against five common objections, namely: (a) Abp. Marcel Lefebvre was automatically excommunicated when he consecrated bishops without a papal mandate on June 30, 1988; (b) the SSPX is schismatic; (c) Abp. Lefebvre said the New Mass; (d) Francis’s suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass is the SSPX’s fault; (e) although the excommunications against the four living SSPX bishops were lifted in 2009, Abp. Lefebvre remains excommunicated.

After watching the video, we decided that there were enough points raised by Hall that needed a response. Although as sedevacantists we do not, of course, acknowledge the Vatican II religion as Catholic, nor its laws as binding, nor its ‘popes’ as in any way valid, nevertheless we thought it important enough to demonstrate that if the Society of St. Pius X were correct in its acknowledgement of the ‘Conciliar Church’ as the Catholic Church, its leaders as legitimate authorities, and its universal laws as coming from the true Vicar of Christ, then, per actual traditional Catholic doctrine, the SSPX position would indeed be schismatic, un-Catholic, and totally unacceptable.

Kevin Davis, host of the Catholic Family Podcast, kindly allowed yours truly to appear on his show for an extended interview answering the arguments offered by Hall. We proceeded by playing Hall’s original clip and reacting live, so to speak, to the assertions being made. It is thus a rather informal and somewhat spontaneous critique of various pro-SSPX arguments being made.

The whole video is 1 hour and 48 minutes long and can be watched here:

Although our presentation is fundamentally critical, it is not uncharitable, nor terribly polemical. It is simply loaded with useful information, important insights, and astute analysis. Even people who agree with Mr. Hall and disagree with our position, will find this to be informative and worth their time.

To be clear: This reaction video is not meant to be a comprehensive refutation of the SSPX position or of all arguments that the Lefebvrists have mounted in their defense. Rather, it is specifically meant to refute only the claims made by Kennedy Hall in his “5 SSPX Myths Debunked” video, as we deemed necessary or appropriate. (We decided not to bother with Hall’s coverage of myths (c) and (e) above, as they did not seem to be of much relevance to us either way.)

To assist the viewer with his own research of these matters, we are making the following links available. Most of these items are made reference to in the video:

We pray and hope that everyone will find the episode of the Catholic Family Podcast answering Kennedy Hall to be pleasant and enjoyable. Some light fun and levity accompany the theological discussion.

As pointed out in the discussion, the fundamental problem with the SSPX’s approach to these issues is that the Society presumes to judge its own case. It does not merely offer a defense to be judged by the competent authority (Pope), it also usurps the role of judge and jury — and voilà, finds the defendant not guilty.

Kennedy Hall is a writer, YouTuber, and beard oil salesman from Canada. His new book, SSPX: The Defence, is his own personal effort to vindicate the Lefebvrists against the supposed legitimate Catholic hierarchy.

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