Erroneous ideas and their consequences…

Modern Errors and their Causes:
Bp. Sanborn traces and refutes False Ideas of our Time

The sedevacantist Bishop Donald J. Sanborn is rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Reading, Pennsylvania. For Easter this year, His Excellency visited the United Kingdom and gave a conference in South Kilworth, England, on Easter Sunday.

A video of this conference has now been released to the public by True Restoration. You can find it embedded below or watch it on YouTube here.

Beginning with the breakdown of the middle ages in the 14th century and ending in the present day, His Excellency traces, explains, and refutes some of the most egregious philosophical and theological errors, as well as their root causes and their consequences. A small error in the beginning can lead to disastrous results at the end, and that is very much what we have been witnessing in our own times.

Don’t miss this exciting historical excursion into the “root of the rot” of our world. The presentation itself is roughly 90 minutes, followed by about half an hour of questions and answers from the audience and the online live chat.

Other material by Bishop Sanborn, available free of charge, includes the following:

Thank you, Your Excellency!

Image source: YouTube (screenshot)
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