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Francis in New Interview: ‘The Most Serious Sin a Missionary can commit is Proselytism’

No one protects the world from “paganism” quite like Jorge Bergoglio. Just a week ago, on Jan. 11, 2023, the Argentinian apostate, typically referred to as “Pope Francis” by most, proclaimed during an audience that Catholics who proselytize are “pagan” at heart:

Another time, he made clear that he considered proselytism to be a grave sin against ecumenism. Both of these labels were clearly a serious upgrade from his initial dismissal of proselytism as mere “solemn nonsense”.

Anyone who thought that ‘sinful pagan nonsense’ was surely the worst this “Pope” would say about proselytism, will now be disabused of that idea.

In an interview with the Spanish-language publication Mundo Negro (“Black World”), conducted on Dec. 15, 2022, but released only a few days ago, Bergoglio said that proselytism is the worst sin a missionary could possibly commit!

Here are the exact words of the “Vicar of Christ”, in English translation:

So many things have changed in the Church [since Vatican II], so many things for the better… There are two interesting signs: the first imprudent effervescence [exuberance] of the Council has already disappeared, I am thinking of the liturgical effervescence, which is almost non-existent. And anti-conciliar resistance is emerging, resistance to the Council that was not seen before, which is typical of any process of maturity. But so many things have changed… On the missionary side, respect for cultures, the inculturation of the Gospel, is one of the values that came as an indirect consequence of the Council. Faith is inculturated and the Gospel takes on the culture of its people, there is an evangelisation of culture. Inculturation of faith and evangelisation of culture are these two movements, and when I speak of the evangelisation of culture I am not talking about the reductionism of culture or about ideologising cultures or all that, which is a serious temptation nowadays, but I am talking about evangelising, about announcing, and nothing else, with a great deal of respect. Therefore, the most serious sin that a missionary can have [commit] is proselytism. Catholicism is not proselytising.

(Javier Fariñas Martín, “‘África es original. África te sopapea'”, Mundo Negro, Jan. 13, 2023; underlining added. English translation available at Catholic Conclave.)

In the past, Francis had already demonstrated his competent grasp of the seriousness of sin:

In any case, it is interesting to see that the false pope here tries to contrast proselytism — a term he has never really defined — with “announcing [the Gospel] with a great deal of respect”, as if one could not proselytize respectfully.

Usually, Francis uses proselytism to mean convincing others of the truth of the Catholic Faith, which he condemns. The approach he approves of, instead, is that of “witnessing”, by which he basically means helping the needy with a big smile. Bergoglio has been abundantly clear in the past, even just a few days ago, that trying to convince people of the truth of the Roman Catholic religion is verboten:

When Francis was new on the scene, Novus Ordo apologists defended him by saying that when he says “proselytism”, he means a manipulative and dishonest way of evangelizing — but that was mere wishful thinking and spin doctoring on their part:

We live in bizarre times, ladies and gentlemen. Long gone are the days when it was Protestant proselytism that was denounced by the Pope — not because it was proselytism but because it was Protestant!

Just today Francis received an ecumenical delegation from Finland and a Buddhist delegation from Cambodia. To the Finns, he clearly communicated that they were children of God, true believers, justified before the Most High and on the way of eternal salvation. The heresies were staggering but not at all unusual for the false pope:

To the Buddhists, Francis spoke of conversion. Not, of course, of conversion to Jesus Christ or Catholicism, but of ecological conversion for a healthier planet. He lauded the “profound richness” of Buddhism in that regard, specifically calling out the teachings of the Buddha, “including the practices of metta, which involves not harming living things (cf. Metta Sutta sn 1.8), and living a simple lifestyle…” (source).

Notice how Francis has no problem proselytizing for his environmentalist agenda. It is only Catholicism he doesn’t want people to be convinced of:

Ecological conversion happens when the human roots of the present environmental crisis are named; when true repentance leads to the slowing or halting of trends, ideologies and practices that are hurtful and disrespectful to the earth and when people commit to promoting models of developments that heal wounds inflicted by greed, excessive search for financial profits, lack of solidarity with neighbours and disrespect for the environment.

(Antipope Francis, Address to Buddhist Delegation from Cambodia, Jan. 19, 2023)

Look at that, Francis tells Buddhists about “true repentance”! Good thing the context in which he is speaking is not that of Catholicism, else he would be committing “the most serious sin a missionary can commit”!

And just like that, the Argentinian ‘Pope’ protected the Cambodian Buddhists from paganism!

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