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Bergoglio: Proselytism is Pagan!

Doesn’t want you to succumb to paganism: Jorge Mario Bergoglio as ‘Pope Francis’

This past Wednesday, the Argentinian apostate Jorge Bergoglio — “Pope Francis” — began a new cycle of catechetical lectures for his weekly general audience. The topic of this new series is the passion for evangelization, the believer’s zeal for mission. And who better to preach on this than the Jesuit from Buenos Aires, who considers false religions an “enrichment” for humanity and asserts that God wants there to be a diversity of religions?

Of course the false pope wasted no time making clear that he is not talking about that detested proselytism, which would mean trying to convert others to Catholicism by means of arguments, that is, by trying to convince others of the truth of the Catholic Faith. Definitely not!

Early on in his fake pontificate, Francis had already declared that proselytism is “solemn nonsense”. A few years later he upgraded that to saying that it was a “great sin against ecumenism” to try to convert an Eastern Orthodox person to Catholicism. (Just imagine having to mention that in confession — not pretty!)

This time around, Bergoglio made clear what kind of sin proselytism is: it is paganism! Here is what Bergoglio said verbatim:

We need to put Jesus in contact with the people, without convincing them but allowing the Lord do the convincing. For as Pope Benedict taught us, “The Church does not engage in proselytism. Instead, she grows by ‘attraction’” (Homily at the Mass for the Inauguration of the Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean, Aparecida, 13 May 2007). Don’t forget this: when you see Christians proselytising, making a list of people to come… these are not Christians, they are pagans disguised as Christians, but the heart is pagan. The Church grows not by proselytism, it grows by attraction.

(Antipope Francis, Catechesis at General Audience, Jan. 11, 2023; underlining added.)

He then gave a concrete example of what he means:

I remember once, in a hospital in Buenos Aires, the women religious who worked there left because they were too few, and they couldn’t run the hospital. And a community of sisters from Korea came. And they arrived, let’s say on a Monday for example (I don’t remember the day). They took possession of the sisters’ house in the hospital and on Tuesday they came down to visit the sick in the hospital, but they didn’t speak a word of Spanish. They only spoke Korean and the patients were happy, because they commented: “Well done! These nuns, bravo, bravo!” “But what did the sister say to you?” “Nothing, but with her gaze she spoke to me, they communicated Jesus,” not themselves, with their gaze, with their gestures. To communicate Jesus, not ourselves: This is attraction, the opposite of proselytism.

In other words: Junk your apologetics collection! The writings of the saints and doctors, of learned priests, bishops, and cardinals over two millennia, none of that matters anymore. The “Popes” since Vatican II know that evangelization must appeal entirely on the emotions and not at all to the intellect. After all, Faith is not an assent of the mind but an “encounter”, right?

When our Lord said “preach” and “teach”, He really meant “gaze”, “smile,” and “caress”, you see. The great defenders of the Faith — such as St. John Chrysostom, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis de Sales, St. Robert Bellarmine — should obviously have spent their time smiling at the unemployed rather than putting pen to paper.

In a way, it actually makes sense that Francis would reject the idea of convincing people of the truth of Catholicism, since for him being a Christian is not about adhering to a doctrine, so what’s there to explain? For him, it’s all about “attraction, the opposite of proselytism.” So if there’s nothing else you remember about his Jan. 11 lecture, remember this: Bergoglio wants you to engage in the opposite of convincing people of Catholicism — you pagan!

Our latest podcast (TRADCAST EXPRESS 167), released Jan. 12, provides a scathing critical assessment of Bergoglio’s “catechesis” on evangelization, with much more information. You can listen here:

An alternate player for the podcast audio can be found below, and a direct download link is here.

That Francis should denounce proselytism as pagan isn’t all that surprising. Not too long ago, he denounced Catholic traditionalism as “paganism of thought”. Yet, when he participated in a smudging ritual to gain access to the “sacred circle of spirits” so as to encounter the “Grandmother of the West” last year in Canada, he didn’t seem too troubled about paganism. Nor did the gift he gave to the president of Myanmar in 2017 appear to worry him — it was a Vatican-printed manuscript celebrating the life of Buddha. Remember?

Oh well. If nothing else, the false pope is at least consistently inconsistent.

It is really hard to fathom what is going on behind the Bergoglian forehead. All we can do is speculate. Based on his mental and vocal emissions, however, we know it’s definitely not Catholicism.

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