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Chapel of ‘Saint’ John Paul II inaugurated at Madrid Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Royal of La Almudena is the official seat of the Novus Ordo archdiocese of Madrid, Spain. Originally designed in the 19th century as a Roman Catholic cathedral in gorgeous Gothic revival style, the sacred edifice was given a baroque exterior beginning in 1950. Construction was not completed until 1993, when the the papal imposter Bp. Karol Wojtyla (“St.” John Paul II) consecrated it for use by the Vatican II religion.

To honor the incredibly holy John Paul II’s involvement with Madrid, having visited the Spanish capital in 1982, 1993, and 2003, a chapel dedicated to the Koran kisser has been built inside the cathedral. It was solemnly inaugurated on Nov. 13, 2022. The archdiocese has provided numerous photos on Flickr, some of which we share here:

These photos more or less speak for themselves. The diocese has also released a video, though:

Any Masonic vibes you may get while watching this, are surely mere coincidence.

In an article published on Nov. 20, the Spanish El Debate explains: “According to the canon who presides over the cathedral council, this chapel, made with 1,115 linear meters of cedar wood, which recalls the Church’s commitment to the creation and passion of Karol Wojtyla for forests and mountains, is designed for prayer, petition and intercession, as well as for the celebration of penance” (computerized translation).

The artist responsible for the chapel design is one Benjamín Cano: “God is present in matter, because He Himself became flesh”, he is quoted as saying to El Debate.

The official dedication ceremony was presided over by the Archlayman of Madrid, “Cardinal” Carlos Osoro Sierra (b. 1945). Back in 2015, Osoro Sierra was in the news for offering condolences to the “husband” of a sodomite activist on the occasion of the latter’s death. In 2019, the archlayman represented the Vatican II religion at the interreligious “Peace without Borders” event in Madrid.

Perhaps we should be grateful that at least there are no Shinto or Buddhist rites being conducted in Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral — that we know of — unlike the abomination that took place in the Spanish cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in 2014.

Image source: Flickr (Archdiocese of Madrid)
Licenses: CC BY-NC 2.0

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