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A Recap of Francis’ Participation in the Congress of World Religions in Kazakhstan

A lot happened last week in Kazakhstan. The seventh so-called Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions took place in the capital of Nur-Sultan, also known as Astana, and the head of the Vatican II religion, the Argentinian apostate Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) had a prominent role to play in it.

Originally scheduled to be held in the city’s pyramid building, named the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, it ended up being transferred to the Palace of Independence.

Novus Ordo Watch followed closely what took place at the interreligious conference, especially Francis’ own two speeches. Our collected material on that is available here:

For those not willing or able to go through all this material, we can share an audio presentation giving the highlights of what took place, including also some comments about Astana’s Novus Ordo auxiliary bishop Athanasius Schneider.

On Saturday, Sep. 17, 2022, the host of the Catholic Family Podcast, Kevin Davis, kindly interviewed yours truly regarding Bergoglio’s trip to the Central Asian nation and his participation in the ominous “interfaith” assembly.

The interview, originally meant to be around 15 minutes in length, turned into a most informative 67-minute conversation:

A big thank-you goes to Mr. Davis for the opportunity to explain the recent events in Nur-Sultan.

Meanwhile, at today’s general audience, the false pope reflected on his “apostolic journey” to the former Soviet republic.

Regarding the error-laden joint Final Declaration that was read and approved at the end of the conference, Francis said: “The Congress discussed and approved the Final Declaration, which stands in continuity with the one signed in Abu Dhabi in February 2019 on human fraternity.” The interreligious Abu Dhabi declaration of 2019 contains the blasphemous heresy that in the same way God in His creative wisdom willed a diversity of races, colors, and sexes, He also willed a diversity of religions.

At the end of his reflection/report, Francis said that “in a world in which progress and regression are intertwined, the Cross of Christ remains the anchor of salvation….” Such beautiful and lofty words! It’s too bad they flatly contradict what he said earlier this year (Feb. 4) in a video message for the second International Day of Human Fraternity, namely: “The path of fraternity is long and challenging, it is a difficult path, yet it is the anchor of salvation for humanity” (source). The blessed Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ was not included in the message, by the way, nor was His holy Cross mentioned.

Francis changes the “Gospel” he preaches depending on the occasion, the audience, and the end he has in view. (And this was by no means the first time.) Clearly, he is one of those “false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Mt 7:15).

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