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Liturgical Absurdistan: Final Blessing with Guitar at Novus Ordo Mass near Chicago

The latest absurdity of Novus Ordo worship comes to us from the “Holy Family Catholic Community” in Inverness, Illinois, courtesy of the parish pastor, the Rev. Terence M. Keehan (“Fr. Terry”).

We put together the following video clip featuring the final prayer and “blessing” perpetrated by the parish pastor on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, as part of the 9:00 am “Catholic Mass” (full video here). This 90-second video is an absolute must-see:

The closing prayer that precedes this sacrilegious “blessing”, as well as the few words that follow it, make for a perfect complement to the liturgical insanity of Novus Ordo Land. This garbage makes “Fr.” Jerry Kaywell’s breathing exercises look like a catechesis against Modernism.

There is nothing Catholic left in these people.

By the way: Holy Family parish is part of the archdiocese of Chicago (yes, Chicago again!), currently occupied by the Modernist “Cardinal” Blase Cupich, one of Francis’ favorites. In January Cupich released strict guidelines for the entire diocese with regard to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, in the wake of Francis’ decree Traditionis Custodes and the restrictive Responsa ad Dubia issued in July and December of last year, respectively. Among them are the following stipulations:

Mass is … ordinarily to be celebrated “versus populum” [=facing the people], unless permission is granted otherwise by the archbishop. Additionally, all celebrations of the church’s liturgies on Christmas, the Triduum, Easter Sunday, and Pentecost Sunday are to use exclusively the liturgical books promulgated by St. Pope Paul VI and St. Pope John Paul II, either in the vernacular or in Latin, and ordinarily “versus populum,” unless permission is granted otherwise by the archbishop. The intention of these requirements is to foster and make manifest the unity of this local church, as well as to provide all Catholics in the archdiocese an opportunity to offer a concrete manifestation of the acceptance of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and its liturgical books.

(“Archdiocese sets policy for implementing ‘Traditionis Custodes’”, Chicago Catholic, Jan. 5, 2022)

So, it’s a good thing Mr. Keehan perpetrated his worship service facing the people and not facing the tabernacle. Indeed, it is reassuring to know that he accepts “the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and its liturgical books”.

Otherwise he would now be facing the wrath of Archlayman Cupich.

Image source: youtube.com (screenshot)
License: fair use

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