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Building a Better World –
“Pope” Francis vs. Pope Pius XII

Yesterday, Feb. 10, 2022, the so-called Catholic News Agency released a report stating the following:

In a video message on Thursday, Pope Francis encouraged Christians to stay committed to making the world a more just and peaceful place, as his predecessor Pius XII urged 70 years ago.

Pope Francis sent his brief message to the Movimento per un Mondo Migliore (Movement for a Better World), which is celebrating 70 years since its founding in 1952.

The Catholic group was created in response to Pope Pius XII’s radio message to the Roman faithful, transmitted on Feb. 10, 1952.

(Hannah Brockhaus, “Pope Francis recalls powerful message from Pius XII 70 years later”, Catholic News Agency, Feb. 10, 2022; italics added.)

Whenever the apostate Jorge Bergoglio — “Pope Francis” — brings up a true Pope of the past and claims to be following in his footsteps, it is time to be suspicious.

Did the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pius XII, really issue a call to “make the world a better place”, so to speak? The short answer is: Yes, but not in the sense that Francis, following Vatican II, typically assigns to that idea.

When Antipope Francis talks about improving the world, he means drowning it in encounter, closeness, dialogue, solidarity, tenderness, openness, mutual cooperation, celebration of differences, etc. — basically all concepts that might just as well be recommended by the Dalai Lama or the U.N. Secretary General. We call it Bergoglio’s “gospel of man”.

Here is the video message, a mercifully brief one, Francis released for the Better World Movement:

Vatican News reported on the content of the message in English here.

On various occasions, Bergoglio has outlined his utopian “better world” at some length — a world not operating on the supernatural principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but on the Masonic-Naturalist principles of liberty, equality, fraternity. For example, his frightful ideas can be found in his encyclical letter Fratelli Tutti and are reflected in the interreligious Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together of Abu Dhabi, as well as in his 2021 message for the World Day of Migrants:

Needless to say, the Naturalist “better world” of Jorge Bergoglio is not the truly better world of Pope Pius XII, whose vision of improving the globe had a decidedly Christian and supernatural character and goal, mindful that all human beings were created for only one and the same end: the Beatific Vision.

Pius XII’s radio message is available on the Vatican web site, but only in the following two languages:

Although it was not easy to find, by the grace of God we did manage to locate a freely-accessible English translation online, published in the journal The Catholic Mind:

The following excerpts of this beautiful message of the Holy Father demonstrate how Pius XII’s goal was always the eternal salvation of souls, and not simply a peaceful world, or a so-called fraternal world, or a world of reconciled religions that “share spiritual and moral values and experiences in a spirit of truth and love” (Fratelli Tutti, n. 271).

In his radio address, Pope Pius XII said:

This fatherly exhortation, beloved sons and daughters of Rome, comes to you from Our heart—from Our heart which is troubled on the one hand over the prolongation, without any definitive clarification, of the dangerous situation of the world around us, and on the other, by a far too widespread listlessness which prevents many from undertaking that return to Jesus Christ, the Church and the Christian way of life which We have often singled out as the decisive remedy for the universal crisis agitating the world. But the confidence that We shall find in you the comfort of understanding, as well as determined readiness for action, has moved Us to open Our heart to you. Today, give heed to a rousing call from the lips of your Father and Shepherd, from Us who cannot remain mute and inert before a world which is unconsciously walking paths which sweep on to ruin both souls and bodies, the good and the wicked, civilization and peoples. …

To share with you these anxieties of Ours, We have chosen the eve of tomorrow’s feast of the Virgin of Lourdes, because it commemorates the miraculous apparitions which, almost a hundred years ago, in that century of rationalistic aberration and religious depression, were the merciful answer of God and His Heavenly Mother to the rebellion of men, an irresistible summons back to the supernatural, and the first step towards a progressive religious renascence. …

Now you are aware that the dangers at present threatening this generation are much more widespread and grave than pestilence and the convulsions of nature, even though their continuing threat has begun to make the nations almost insensible and apathetic. …

Even the Holy Year [of 1950], which brought on a prodigious flowering of Christian life, unfolding first in your midst and then spreading out over the entire world, should not be regarded merely as a brilliant but fleeting meteor, nor as a momentary obligation long since fulfilled. Rather should it be viewed as a first promising step towards the complete restoration of the spirit of the Gospel which, in addition to snatching millions of souls from eternal ruin, is the only thing that can assure the peaceful co-existence and fruitful collaboration of peoples.

It is an entire world which must be rebuilt from its foundations, transformed from savage to human, from human to divine, that is to say, according to the heart of God. Millions of men are pleading for a change of course, as they look towards the Church of Christ as to the only strong pilot who, with all due respect for human liberty, can take the lead in so vast an undertaking. …

How could We, placed by God, despite Our unworthiness, as a torch in the darkness, as the salt of the earth, and as Shepherd of the Christian Flock, refuse to accept this saving mission? Just as, on a day now long passed, and because such was God’s will, We accepted the heavy cross of the Pontificate, so also do We now bow to the arduous duty of being, in so far as Our weak strength permits, the herald of a better world willed by God, and whose standard We yearn to pass on first of all to you, beloved children of Rome, to you who are nearest to Us, who are entrusted in a more special manner to Our care, and who by that very fact are also set up as flaming lights on a candelabra, as a leaven among your brethren, and a city built on a mountain—to you, from whom others rightfully expect greater courage and more generous readiness for action. Receive with a noble spirit of dedication, recognizing it as a call from God and as a worthy rule of life, the holy charge which your Shepherd and Father today entrusts to you: to launch a mighty re-awakening of thought and action.

This re-awakening is a duty for everyone without exception—clergy and people, those in authority, families, groups, individuals—along the entire front of the complete renewal of Christian life, along the line of the defense of moral values, in the realization of social justice, in the reconstruction of the Christian order, in such a way that the outward face of the city of Rome, which since the Apostolic times has been the center of the Church, may soon shine forth brilliant with holiness and beauty.

This is not the moment to discuss, to search for new principles, to fix new aims and goals. Both the one and the other, already known and substantially verified, because taught by Christ Himself, clarified by the teachings of the Church down through the centuries, adapted to immediate circumstances by the late Supreme Pontiffs, await one thing only—concrete execution.

…Let those of good will be invited; let them offer themselves spontaneously. Let their law be that of unconditional fealty to the person of Jesus Christ and to His teachings. Let their offering of themselves be humble and obedient; let their labor enter as an active element into the great current which God shall set in motion and direct through His ministers.

Thus Rome shall relive her century-old mission of spiritual teacher of peoples, not merely, as it was and is, by reason of the Chair of truth which God has established in her midst, but by the example of her people, once again fervent in faith, exemplary in morals, one in the fulfillment of religious and civil duties and, if it please the Lord, prosperous and happy. We sincerely hope that this mighty awakening, to which We today exhort you, fostered without delay and tenaciously executed according to the pattern marked out, which others can develop in detail, shall be immediately imitated in other dioceses, near and far, so that Our eyes shall see not only cities, but nations, continents, the entire human race return to Christ.

(Pope Pius XII, Radio Message Dal Nostro Cuore, Feb. 10, 1952; translated as “To the Faithful of Rome”The Catholic Mind, vol. 50, n. 1074 [June 1952], pp. 380-384; underlining added.)

For a refreshing Catholic reality check on the topic of how to truly make the world a better place, then, we wish to encourage all readers of this blog to read Pope Pius’ message in its entirety at the link above.

It is obvious, therefore, that Francis’ appeal to Pius XII’s radio message of Feb. 10, 1952, is deceptive. For Pope Pius XII, like his sainted predecessor, Pius X, and so unlike Bergoglio, wanted “to re-establish all things in Christ” (Eph 1:10) for the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

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