News Digest December 28, 2021

December 28, 2021

Jesuit Jojo has a Pantheist message for you: Everyone and everything is divine!

After Traditionis Custodes with its Responsa ad Dubia: Vatican said to be preparing visitations for Fraternity of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King, and Institute of the Good Shepherd to be carried out in February; “papal delegates” may be appointed to oversee existing superiors. And of course contemplative life, too, is on the chopping block. This is one of those times when the “pastors” don’t care to “listen to the flock”….

More aggiornamento, please! “Cardinal” Michael Czerny says the Novus Ordo Church needs to finally get serious about embracing Vatican II. “Cardinal” Rodriguez Maradiaga is also looking forward to some serious “innovative renewal” now! (By the way: Why hasn’t this guy had to resign yet? Perhaps more than anyone, “Cardinal” Becciu would like to know.)

Bad habits: Dutch Trappists get sustainable denim outfits.

“Catholic” academics in 2021: “A student at the Catholic Loyola Marymount University was dismayed to find out her professor deducted points on her final paper because the student referred to God with the masculine pronoun ‘he’.” — You know, as in “Our Father” (Mt 6:9) or “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (Mt 28:19). Is it surprising that the same university is also allowing abortion giant Planned Parenthood to hold a fundraiser on its campus?

Hey, who said Jesuits don’t go on pilgrimage?!

Put on your surprise face, if you have one left: Francis celebrates five openly Marxist organizations and also names Jeffrey Sachs to Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Oh yeah, and it turns out that multiple groups receiving funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development belong to a vast pro-abortion network.

Novus Ordo life after Francis: Groups are beginning to organize themselves in preparation for next conclave, with “Cardinal” Matteo Zuppi a leading contender.

Vatican II theology at full throttle: “If there’s no Holy Spirit, it’s not a synod!” How about: “If it’s a Modernist synod, there’s no Holy Spirit”?

It’s time again for the dancing youths that are “journeying” somewhere: World Youth Day ’23 prep.

“There is no greater poverty than a life without faith in God, Pope Francis said in a recent message.” Really now? It worked out great for that Italian atheist who had his son baptized….

Mr. Zuhlsdorf is excited that Mr. Hunwicke has found a Vatican II way to legitimize the Society of St. Pius X. It should ring a few bells that it takes Vatican II ecclesiology to vindicate the SSPX, no?

Should be a comedy book: Benedict XVI, Defender of the Faith released by Joseph Pearce. (You know, that “defender of the Faith”.)

Two German Novus Ordo bishops contribute essays to book Catholic and Queer, in which “lesbian, gay, same-sex, bisexual, trans, inter, non-binary and other queer people describe their experiences with faith and the church,” and which “also contains statements from people close to them such as parents or siblings, as well as from associations, theologians and pastoral ministers.”

Caution! German Novus Ordo bishops discover the notion of moral duty.

Meanwhile, in the United States, 23 Novus Ordo nuns publish their lesbian stories. The publisher is New Ways Ministry, just rehabilitated by “Pope” Francis.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture is moving “toward a New Humanism” by “rethinking anthropology.” What could possibly go wrong?!

In case you were wondering: Timeline of what the Vatican Finance Trial is about. Oh yeah, and what is Francis’ role in that, anyway?

In all seriousness, a Novus Ordo news org asks: Could John Paul II be declared a Doctor of the Church? Well… Witch Doctor maybe!

Now even dying is bad for the planet: Novus Ordo archbishop in Iowa encourages liquifying corpses to save the environment.

Imagine how different the Novus Ordo Sect would be if it cared half as much about the salvation of souls as it does about saving the planet

When walls come in handy: “Workers this week started digging holes for an eight-foot wall outside the abbey for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles this week near Gower. The sisters are thanking benefactors for extra protection after several shootings into the abbey walls during the past two years.” See, sometimes bridges just don’t cut it!

Francis warns COP26: Climate change damage is as bad as a Third World War!

The “New Springtime” that wasn’t: Finally, one of those 1960s spaceship churches is being demolished!

Anti-Sedevacantist and former Lefebvrist John Salza has lost it completely: “But a mass exodus of Catholics from the Church in the name of ‘tradition’ may be the Great Apostasy forewarned by Our Lady of Fatima.” Yeah, that’s it: The Great Apostasy is people leaving the ecumenical Vatican II Sect for Catholicism, not people adhering to the Vatican apostate-in-chief’s teaching that false religions represent “the richness of different ways of coming to God”…. By the way, how’s that Francis-endorsed Abrahamic Family House coming along?

If you can stomach it: An interview with the man who is quite possibly the worst American Novus Ordo bishop.

“Stories of a Generation”: Francis shares his infinite wisdom for Netflix series.

Aussie Novus Ordo bishop makes medical decision for his clergy under pain of suspension.

Ice cream, yay! Twitter account of United States Conference of Novus Ordo Bishops conducts important poll.

Disunite the clans: Ignatius Press cancels Patrick Coffin, former host of Catholic Answers Live.

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 12,081: The TikTok Nuns.

Why you’re not Novus Ordo anymore, reason no. 12,082: The Redemptorist “Sunday Eucharist” from Cork, Ireland.

Need a “Faith Tune-Up”? U.S. Catholic promotes neo-pagan sensual garbage such as “entering into intimacy with our own bodies”, appreciating the “sacramentality of our own flesh” — and claims Christ reached out with “earthy pleasures of nourishment” and used bread and wine “as symbols of his own body and blood.” There’s just nothing Catholic left with these people!

Because they’re all about catechesis in the New Church: Vatican produces liturgical rite for institution of catechists.

Italian journalist Riccardo Cascioli argues that the LGBTQ Lobby has already triumphed at the upcoming Synod.

Heresy so bad, even the mainstream Novus Ordo press notices something’s wrong: Archlayman of Lima claims Jesus Christ died a layman, didn’t offer a Sacrifice.

Novus Ordoism down under: Archdiocese of Brisbane launches first online parish. Good idea, at least people can turn it off!

Fake news live: News anchor accidentally proclaims Francis’ death on Christmas Day.

Another useless book, another “papal” preface. It’s hard to keep track of them all.

The Central Committee of German Novus Ordos has a new leader: Mrs. Irme Stetter-Karp. If that doesn’t sound promising! (Well, at least Thomas Sternberg is gone.)

A total of 23 mentions of “dream”/”dreaming”: Francis’ sermon on Feast of Christ the King.

Bergoglian business as usual: “Emilce Cuda, a member of Argentine Theology of the People – a branch of Liberation Theology – was named by Pope Francis as the head of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.”

From Church Militant to Church Disneyland: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to go ‘woke’ in ‘Disney revamp’.

At Stilum Curiae, a contributor denounces The Vatican’s Schizophrenic Pro-Abortion Mercy.

The only deceased Vatican II “Pope” not yet canonized: Francis to beatify ‘Smiling Pope’ John Paul I next September. No doubt, there have been nothing but Saints on the Chair of St. Peter since the death of Pope Pius XII…

Why Novus Ordos leave, why Novus Ordos stay: The Pillar releases a survey on religious attitudes and practice.

America‘s Jesuits offer “Guide to dealing with Unvaccinated Family Members this Holiday Season”. Sneak preview: “Truly the greatest gift you could give those who love you this year is your own vaccination”!

Minnesota parishioners outraged: Attack on tradition! No more Aztec dancers!

In the wake of Traditionis Custodes, the Ecclesia Dei Institutes are getting their just deserts, says Louie Verrecchio.

An American Novus Ordo diocese has been blasted as “cruel” for refusing to pretend that sodomy is compatible with the life of sanctifying grace and that people can “choose” their sex.

Report: Then-“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger called Abp. Marcel Lefebvre “the most important bishop of the 20th century”. The big question in the room that nobody is asking: So what?!

So-called Catholic News Service is excited about blasphemous bobblehead figures depicting our Blessed Lord.

As the Frankster turns 85, a secular journalist says he has taken the gloves off against his opponents.

Kwasniewski to the rescue: Just in time, the semi-trads’ favorite academic cranks out a book on “true” obedience — presumably without an imprimatur — so they can continue to recognize Francis while resisting whatever they personally deem to require resistance. Nifty! Chances are that book won’t include this quote from Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year, however….

Bad news for Peter Kwasniewski and “Fr.” John Hunwicke: Their hero Cardinal John Henry Newman held that a Pope who becomes a public heretic would by that very fact automatically cease to be Pope.

A pastor from Blase Cupich’s lot explains why he is grateful there are sodomites in his parish.

Dear semi-trads: A Modernist is a Modernist, even if he uses the 1962 Missal. That man doesn’t even believe in Transubstantiation!

When Francis was a Christian: Biography of priest who baptized Jorge Bergoglio published.

Merry Christmas: Is your Nativity Scene COVID-compliant?

Someone needs to tell One Peter Five that putting one’s misinformed opinions into scholastic format doesn’t make it a “Thomistic approach.”

Conservative Novus Ordo Chrisopher Altieri explains why he wants Francis to hold weekly press conferences.

Perfect for the garbage can: New Novus Ordo newspaper launched in the United Kingdom.

Rev. Paul Kramer, who believes Benedict XVI is the true Pope, has issued Volume II of his To Deceive the Elect series: The Case against Bergoglio.

The 1958 Conclave started the whole Novus Ordo mess. Could there be a connection between this telegram from the U.S. State Department and the events of October 26-28 in the Sistine Chapel?

Great sedevacantist resource web site: The Catholic Wire.

Looking for a great sede podcast dealing with everyday matters? The Catholic Family Podcast is waiting for you!

For German-speaking Catholics: Priceless traditional Catholic literature reprinted, also offerings of modest clothing at Lilien des Feldes (Austria).

Ongoing Sister Lucy Truth project: All of Lois Gibson’s Forensic Reports explained (video).

Invaluable resource, now available for free electronic borrowing (one hour at a time): Papal Teachings: The Church (1962) lays out the Catholic teaching on the Church, the Magisterium, the Papacy, etc. Compiled by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes, covers all relevant papal documents from Pope Benedict XIV through Pope Pius XII (plus a few things from Antipope John XXIII you can ignore).

Can’t argue with that: A sede blogger describes Islam as an “evil non-prophet religion”.

Louie Verrecchio points out that semi-trads don’t have a get-out-of-jail-free card on Vatican II. He also explains why believes that “Archbishop Vigano’s ‘Anti-Globalist Alliance’ is destined to fail”, and he duly warns of the “institutional Church / valid Catholic” hoax.

Bishop Donald Sanborn explains the “Material/Formal Thesis” of Bp. Guerard des Lauriers: On the Manner in which the Vatican II popes are not true Popes (The Thesis Show, Episode 1).

Steve Speray offers 35 examples of Protestantism in the Vatican II Church, denounces the Believe-whatever-you-want Religion of Bergoglio, and points out that semi-trads make 1 Timothy 3:15 meaningless.

And a Catholic from Poland shows how Vatican II’s doctrinal error of Collegiality destroys Papal Authority.

And one for the road…

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