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Odd Painting at ‘Papal Mass’:

Today “Pope” Francis offered the Novus Ordo worship service in Šaštin, Slovakia, before returning to the Vatican (see our coverage of his press conference here).

Gracing the liturgical backdrop was a big artistic rendition of… well, we’re not exactly sure of what. But here’s what it looks like:

Surely one will be allowed to ask: Just what in the world is THAT supposed to be?

We see the upper torso of an unclothed man, quite muscular, bald, perhaps in early middle age. Is he perhaps the poor beggar of the Vatican’s 2017 harrowing Nativity scene (aka Frankie’s Horror Picture Show)? Or is he perhaps an artistic rendition of the newly-appointed Swiss “bishop” Joseph Marie Bonnemain, who himself bears an uncanny resemblance to “Mr. Clean”?

Here is the unidentified object in context:

In the video feed provided by the Vatican, this artwork can be admired beginning at the 18:31 min mark:

If you know what this picture might depict, please feel free to leave a comment below in the combox. But please remember to remain modest in language and imagery. Thank you.

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