Glad tidings of great joy look different…

The Frankie Horror Picture Show:
A Look at the Vatican’s harrowing Nativity Scene

[UPDATE 26-DEC-17: Baby Jesus in St. Peter’s Square Nativity scene is nude, not wrapped in swaddling clothes]

Repulsive, bizarre, frightening. These are adjectives one should not associate with the most beautiful event in history (together with Christ’s Passion and Resurrection), but the Vatican under “Pope” Francis entices people to do exactly that.

On December 7, Vatican City solemnly inaugurated its Christmas tree and Nativity scene at St. Peter’s Square. The video of the entire ceremony can be watched here:

The Nativity display does not, as one would expect, immediately draw one to contemplating the beautiful mystery of the Incarnation of God the Son. Rather, the first reaction it elicits from viewers is one of confusion, bewilderment, and disgust.

For copyright reasons, we cannot share any professional images of the nativity scene directly on this blog; we can, however, refer to other pages where such images are displayed, and we can embed some videos:

The first thing that immediately catches one’s attention is that the scene is awfully and unnecessarily crowded. One’s eyes are distracted by as many as sixteen different figures, all of which compete for the viewer’s attention, with two more off to the side. Strangely enough, despite all the people, there is only a single shepherd who came to adore Christ, all the while the Three Magi (Wise Men) are already present, whereas their arrival is typically not celebrated until the Epiphany (Jan. 6).

Second, the statues do not look pleasant. All of the facial expressions are serious, grim, unhappy, or otherwise negative, at least indifferent. Even the little angels beside the crib have a look of suffering or despair on their countenances, and the large angel hovering above doesn’t look like he just announced good tidings of great joy, either (cf. Lk 2:10). The only shepherd included in the scene is playing the flute with a look of annoyance on his face. St. Joseph is depicted as absent-minded, and Our Lady looks rather masculine, staring at her Divine Son as though she was about to unleash fury on Him. Not a single statue appears to be joyful about the Birth of Christ, which is clearly not the main focus of this scene anyway. There is nothing edifying in this display, nothing that would inspire joy, love, adoration, or gratitude in souls.

Third, the background to the set is unusual as well. Our Lord was born in a stable, but what’s displayed there looks more like the ruins of a church. The star that hangs above it all has the appearance of a comet that is about to strike the earth, and the angel right below it might as well be one of the angels of the judgment (see Apoc 14). Come to think of it, perhaps this display is meant to portray a scenario from the Apocalypse rather than one from the Gospel of St. Luke.

Fourth, we notice the absence of the animals into whose manger the Christ Child was laid, and whom they warmed with their breath: “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel hath not known me, and my people hath not understood” (Is 1:3). There are no oxen and no donkeys in the Vatican display; neither are there any lambs the shepherds would have brought as gifts for the newborn Messiah. We recall that it was Benedict XVI who, in 2012, sowed the seeds of doubt regarding the presence of animals by the manger.

Fifth, by far the greatest distraction in this travesty of a Nativity scene is the depictions of the seven corporal works of mercy. While the corporal works of mercy are important, laudable, and necessary for salvation in a sense (cf. Mt 25:31-46), they have no place in a Christmas Nativity set. Their inclusion in the Vatican display is meant to distract from the Birth of the Savior, who came primarily to save us from our sins and from hell, not to improve our temporal condition (cf. Mt 1:21; Mk 14:7; Jn 6:59,64). In fact, the seven spiritual works of mercy are of even greater importance than the corporal works, yet curiously these are not displayed at all, which fits perfectly, however, with Francis’ excessive focus on the bodily and temporal over the spiritual and eternal. As a reminder, the spiritual works of mercy are:

  • To instruct the ignorant;
  • To counsel the doubtful;
  • To admonish sinners;
  • To bear wrongs patiently;
  • To forgive offences willingly;
  • To comfort the afflicted;
  • To pray for the living and the dead.

(Source: Catholic Encyclopedia, s.v. “Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy”)

Thus, once again God is being eclipsed by man. As far back as 1978, “Saint” John Paul II blasphemously referred to Christmas as “the feast of man”, and Francis is simply developing that idea further. In 1903, Pope St. Pius X warned that this “is the distinguishing mark of Antichrist, [that] man has with infinite temerity put himself in the place of God” (Encyclical E Supremi, n. 5).

The corporal works of mercy that are being depicted as part of the Vatican’s sacrilegious Nativity scene are: visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, visiting the imprisoned, burying the dead, welcoming the stranger (traditionally: sheltering the homeless), and clothing the naked.

It is the rendition of the latter that has caused the biggest stir, and for good reason: As is clearly visible in the images posted above, the scene actually includes a life-size quasi-nude male. There are many ways that one could depict the work of clothing the naked in a modest fashion, but showing a virtually nude man with a muscular body is not one of them. More could be said about this obviously homoerotic element of the display, but for the sake of modesty, we won’t go there.

The portrayal of an imprisoned man being visited is also not exactly edifying, but it’s nothing compared to the horror scene of burying the dead. While they could have shown a man shoveling a grave or someone praying before a tombstone, instead they chose to present a dead body on a bier, covered with a cloth but with one arm, entirely white, hanging down for maximum shock value. The corpse is being shoved into what is probably supposed to be a tomb but might as well be a cremation furnace. Nothing says Christmas joy quite like such a sight!

But enough already of this unpleasant, harrowing spectacle!

All in all, we may say that this “Nativity” display looks more like a scene from hell, and that is no accident. Always keep that in mind: This is all deliberate. Things like this do not just happen; they require official approval and are planned long in advance, and every detail is thought through and prepared carefully. The Vatican authorities could have made this Nativity scene as beautiful as the world knows how, and yet this is what they chose to present. Think about that.

The conclusion is inescapable: The ugliness, the repulsiveness, the twistedness of it all, is by design. These wicked Vatican Modernists are simply seeking as much as possible to distract from the Birth of Christ and render it repulsive to people, especially to children. Would you let your sweet little ones look at, much less approach, this travesty of a Nativity scene? What child would not be frightened and disturbed? As their impressionable little minds and vulnerable, tender souls draw near to the Christ Child to love, thank, and adore Him, they’re being repelled by all these grim-looking, frightening characters, not excluding nudity — and the poor children will associate this with Christmas going forward. One shudders to imagine what the Baby Jesus will look like once He is unveiled.

Our Blessed Lord had a clear message for those who turn the little ones away from Him, or who scandalize them:

But Jesus, calling them together, said: Suffer children to come to me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. (Lk 18:16)

And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea. (Mk 9:41)

As we have said many times on this web site, Francis preaches the “gospel of man”, a gospel that reduces the purpose of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ to nothing more than God wanting to share our misery for the sake of solidarity. But God did not become man so that we would visit the sick and feed the hungry. If that’s what it’s ultimately all about — and that’s exactly what Francis continually insinuates — then there is no need for religion, dogma, penance, sacraments, making converts, or martyrdom. Nor would the world need a Pope.

That is the ultimate conclusion that they will all eventually draw, and it is fully intended, for the anti-Christian powers of the world (first and foremost among which is the Vatican II Sect) have sought the destruction of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church from the very beginning (cf. Mt 2:16; Lk 22:2; Acts 9:1; 2 Thess 2:7). That the Mystery of Iniquity will ultimately fail in this attempt, is guaranteed by God Himself (cf. Mt 16:18; 2 Thess 2:8), but until our Lord’s final victory over the powers of darkness, we must patiently endure this Mystical Passion of the Church, during which, just as with our Lord’s own Passion, all will seem hopeless for a short while, only to be turned into God’s decisive and glorious victory at the appointed time (cf. Lk 24:25-26).

The Vatican’s blasphemous Nativity set is but the latest example of ugly and sinister “art” that has been floating around the Vatican since at least the days of “Pope” Paul VI (1963-78). Whether it be the “Cosmic Embrace” in the Apostolic Palace or the satanic “Resurrection” sculpture in the Audience Hall dedicated to Paul VI, the Novus Ordo Sect loves everything that is ugly. The recent Vatican Christmas concert was no exception. If art is the mirror of the soul, then we know what’s going on in these souls, and it’s not pretty.

“Let the dead bury their dead” (Lk 9:60); but you, dear reader, you celebrate the true and traditional Roman Catholic Christmas! Let your children approach the manger without fear and without scandal, so they too may celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior — truly “good tidings of great joy” (Lk 2:10)!


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40 Responses to “The Frankie Horror Picture Show: A Look at the Vatican’s harrowing Nativity Scene”

  1. Nicholas

    Last Advent, Francis said that Baby Jesus, whose parents could find no decent shelter and had to flee persecution, is a reminder of the “painful experience” of so many migrants today…
    So Francis uses the birth of Our Lord to push millions of Muslim migrants into whatever is left of Christendom. Fantastic.

  2. Jeremias

    ugly. bizarre. macabre. blasphemous. satanic. homoerotic … absolutely … but then, the church of satan, the den of iniquity, is filled with sodomites. The statue representing Our Lady does, indeed, look masculine. Perhaps, a number of these figures are transgendered mannequins. Regarding your wondering what the infant Jesus shall look like … maybe, the son of perdition will finally be revealed. Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist. Let’s see if these satanists place him in the crib … perhaps, we shall witness the revealing of Rosemary’s baby with 666 stamped on its forehead. can’t wait for the light show. Rome needs to be leveled, as was Jerusalem.

  3. Lee

    Francis and the entire Novus Ordo church not only wants to focus their attention away from Christ, but also to pervert children in their innocence by thinking about the “Theology of the Body.” The planned designers of this Nativity obscene are probably pedophiles, but who is Francis to judge. “Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven…But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:3,6

  4. Timotheos

    The complete lack of joy on the face of these statues is wholly in accordance with the Synagogue of Satan’s detestation of Christ’s nativity. For the antichrists who call themselves ‘Jews’, Christmas Eve (nittel nacht) is an especially evil time when dark forces (kelipot) are far stronger than usual. They are not permitted to enjoy conjugal relations on that night, and should they do so and thereby conceive a child, that child is regarded as accursed. It is clearly these kind of demented pagan superstitions that this joyless masonic ‘crib’ aims to accommodate.

  5. Physiocrat

    It is truly right to bless you, Theotokos, ever blessed, most pure, and Mother of our God. More honourable than the Cherubim, and beyond compare more glorious than the Seraphim, without
    corruption you gave birth to God the Logos. We magnify you, the true Theotokos.

  6. BurningEagle

    Correction: New Religion dissenters. We reject the new religion of Vatican II which is a religion of Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Collegiality, and Modernism. The New Mass is only one aspect of this new religion which we reject.
    The “creche” is grotesque, regardless of where it came from, and what century garments are depicted.

    • john b

      I agree moderism has slipped into the church do doubt.But did the disciples leave the table of our Lord at the last supper when Judas got up and left.Of course not.The disciples stayed with Jesus.Meaning you must stay within the mystical body of Christ his church.Someone said not focusing on Christ that to me sounds like protestantism because you will notice protestants say the same thing about catholics don’t focus on Christ because they think we focus on the Virgin Mary.

      • Lee

        Modernism is heresy which separates a person from being a member of the Catholic Church and therefore it’s a heresy to say that it can slip into the Church because it wouldn’t be the true church if it did. Judas was a betrayer who was still a member despite his enormous sin. Do you understand the difference?

        • john b

          Judas slipped in with the disciples .The truth is Christ loved Judas still hoping that he would return.Even Peter was told by Jesus satan get behind me; Peter even denying Christ 3 times yet Jesus never gives up on us.Are you saying Christ founded your church.Did I miss something did he return.It’s like the protestants saying well John your catholic church had it all wrong for 1500 years now we are right the new church.Do you see where my thinking is.

          • Lee

            Apparently you don’t understand the difference of what makes one a member of the Church and what doesn’t. Christ founded the Catholic Church and not your counterfeit Catholic Church which was infiltrated by freemasons and who after years of planning finally had enough strength to get what they wanted (control).

            The Alta Vendita written in the early 1800’s by the Grand Masters of Freemasonry shows what they were planning on doing and it fell into the hands of the Church of which Pope Pius IX had published. Listen to what it says, “The task we undertake will not be completed in a day, a month, or a year. It may require many years, perhaps even a century…What we must do is wait for, like the Jews awaiting the Messiah, a pope suitable for our purposes. Such a pope alone, will be of greater help to us in our assault on the Church than the little pamphlets of our French brothers or even the gold of England. And why? Because with such a pope we could effectively crush the rock upon which God built His Church…The little finger of Peter’s successor would be caught in a plot, and this little finger would be more effective in this crusade than all the Urban II’s and all the St. Bernard’s of Christianity… We have no doubt that we shall achieve this ultimate goal of our efforts…Before we can produce a pope according to our desires, we must produce an entire generation worthy of the kingdom we hope for. We must ignore old men and those of middle age. We must seek the young, and if possible,even the very young…Once your good reputation has been established in boarding schools, high schools, universities and seminaries, once you have won the trust of your teachers and pupils alike, foster especially in those who are embracing the ecclesiastical state, a desire to associate with you… This reputation of yours will make the younger secular clergy and even the religious receptive to our doctrines. Within a few years this same younger clergy will, of necessity, occupy responsible positions. They will govern, administrate, judge, and form the council of the Sovereign Pontiff. This pope, like most of his contemporaries, will be to a greater or lesser degree influenced by those Italian and humanitarian principles which we are now circulating… Do you want to revolutionize Italy? Seek a pope fitting for our description. Do you want to establish the kingdom of the elect (i.e. the Masons) on the throne of the Babylonian whore? Then induce the clergy to march under your banner, in the belief that they are marching under the Papal banner. Lower your nets like Simon Bar Jona; lower them into the sacristies, the seminaries, and the monasteries, instead of into the sea. The fisher of fish became a fisher of men; you will fish for friends at the very feet of St. Peter’s Chair. By doing so you will net a revolution clothed in tiara and mantle, preceded by the cross and papal ensign… In a hundred years time the bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter when in fact they will be following our flag… The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience.”

            Yes John I see your thinking and it is wrong. It’s not we who have created a new Church but are holding fast to what the Church taught. Why is everything in your Vatican II religion called new such as the Novus Ordo Missae, New evangelization, New springtime? It’s not because it’s new and improved but new as in different than it once used to be which it is not any longer. Do you get it?

          • john b

            Yes I understand the syngogue of satan freemasonry.Yes their communism infiltration into the seminaries did happen.What did Christ mean when he said the devil will never prevail against his church.It does not mean the devil won’t try.Trust a faithful God he is unbelieveable.
            As a catholic you experience God in the 11th hour when all seems lost.Let God surprise us.Every man is a liar.
            There are prophecies right before our eyes happening right now.
            Trump is the 45th president he does not know God because he is a protestant.He couldn’t even quote scripture Corinthians.But he was elected the leader of the free world.
            If you read Isaiah 45 2-3 45th president.
            2 I will go before thee, and will humble the great ones of the earth: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and will burst the bars of iron.
            3 And I will give thee hidden treasures, and the concealed riches of secret places: that thou mayest know that I am the Lord who call thee by thy name, the God of Israel.
            This also refers to Cyrus who was an outsider did not know God but was guided by God.Trump is in the same camp.
            Melania Trump is catholic.
            Notice in the above verse hidden treasure or concealed riches or secret places.
            Secret is the key word.Who is against Trump pope Francis! this will tell you something.
            Secret meaning secret societies like the freemasons anniversary 1717-2017 300th year anniversary.
            Fatima anniversary 1917-2017 this past October 2017 100 anniversary.
            Freemasons will be exposed as Trump already attacked the Saudis the 5 left families controling the world.The Saudis family are Zionist Jews.
            The start of the exposure of freemasons was when a young Rothschild was killed on the Rothschild property by a helicopter crash.
            The executive order that Trump signed Friday to seize all assets of crooks including the Gates Foundation and Clinton Foundation.
            So be patient to drain a swamp you cannot a bull in a china shop.
            What’s this have to do with the Vatican.
            Well their puppet Francis could now struggle bringing in a New World religion.It could thwart the freemason goal totally or this could be what John revealed in Revelation where because of the elect God will shorten the time.It’s exciting times but very dangerous times.

          • BurningEagle

            Judas did not officially teach to the whole Church Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Collegiality, and Modernism. Judas was a terrible sinner. But he was not a heretic. We have had many popes who were certainly sinners, and likely are in hell, if the stories are credible (John XII, for example). But I would certainly be in communion with a terribly sinful pope. What I will not be in communion with is a heretic, because by definition a heretic is no longer of the Church, but outside Her. I cannot, and will not, be in communion with a heretic. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a heretic to be a pope. Jorge is a heretic.
            Please read the article concerning CFN and the 100% Challenge. Do me a favor: please substitute “Pope Francis” or “Jorge Bergoglio” for any reference to the Vicar of Christ in all the quotes given. Then, with a straight face, see if it makes any sense to you at all. I am telling you it makes NO SENSE because Jorge is the opposite of a pope. (However it does make sense for Pius XII, Pius XI or LEO XIII, all three of which were NOT saints, but were nevertheless Catholics.) You see, the issue isn’t the holiness or the viciousness of the Vatican II “popes.” The issue is the heterodoxy of these men.
            I have not abandoned The Church or The Catholic Faith. As a sedevacantist, I uphold all the doctrines of Church with regard to the papacy. I also hold to all the Church has taught with regard to infallibility of Her ordinary magisterium, as well as her liturgy and her discipline. It is precisely for these reasons that I reject entirely Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla, The Rat, and Jorge.
            The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and the Immaculate Bride of Christ. There IS NO HERESY, NO ERROR, NO MORAL DECAY, NO LITURGICAL IMPIETY in Her. But the Vatican II Church OFFICIALLY teaches and promulgates heresy, error, immorality, and liturgical impiety. Therefore the Vatican II “Cult of Man” (quoting Montini) is NOT the Catholic Church.

          • BurningEagle

            Are you saying that Christ founded a church which teaches Religious Liberty, Ecumenism, Collegiality, and Modernism? Are you saying that Christ founded a Church which condones homosexuality and divorced and remarried people to continue in their sins and receive Holy Communion (Amoris Laetitia)? Are you saying Christ died on the Cross to give us Tango Masses? Did Christ endure the scourging and the crowning of thorns to teach us to put beach balls on the altar?
            Are you saying that Christ founded a Church which could contradict herself with regard to Luther? How many Luther stamps are you going to buy?
            Sedevacantists are Catholics in times when there is no pope. Catholics have often been sedevacantists, because there have been many times when the Church has had no pope. The Catholic Church and the Catholic Faith cannot be changed to suit modern man. Rather it is man who must conform to the Church.
            Your Vatican II church is a new church, with new doctrines, new morals, new laws, new disciplines, and new liturgies. Sedevacantists have concocted nothing new. You have.
            Now, why don’t you go troll the Remnant’s site or the CFN site or some other Novus Ordo site.

        • john b

          The word you should use is liberalism.Liberalism is a sin.What we are experiencing in the catholic church today is the infiltration of American liberal Christianity guided by the freemasons.Freemasons have infiltrated every societal institution even the church.Popes throughout history are ordained appointed by God Almighty we have no say.
          Popes are there to Defend the Deposit of the true faith.
          Popes are head of the worldwide bishops.
          The bishop of Rome rules the church not American politics.
          The unholy trinity…. George Soros; Obama and Hillary have their dirty hands in what happened since Benedict XVI….no worries God will take care of it.Be patient get some popcorn and watch.

          • Lee

            It’s more than liberalism. It’s modernism which is not only heresy, but the synthesis of all heresies. Popes are there to defend the deposit of Faith, but Francis 1 defends the deposit of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy altogether, whether it be with a clown nose on or carrying his broken cross down the aisle of a Lutheran Church. I’ve had enough popcorn to make me sick enough to walk out of the Francis 1 horror show.

          • john b

            Yes Merry Christmas;
            Incredible confusion around the sea is choppy now for the catholic faith but I stand to stay in Peter’s boat.Where do we go for eternal salvation.The eucharist/rosary/scripture are the pillars of faith.I suspect you are American.The catholic church is not a democracy.Yes the church can be messy and sloppy but the church has stood for over 2,000 years.Our catholic priest mentioned yesterday at midnight mass that a few years ago he got to help distribute holy communion to worldwide catholics from around the world at St.Peter’s Basilica in Rome.He sat at the front row.He was just a helper because only Cardinals and Bishops can consecrate the host for Christmas masses in Rome.His point is that we are all family in holy communion from around the world. Francis is definitely making catholics nervous.A potential false prophet or imposter.To be catholic we don’t have to agree with a pope.Some questionable artwork too is also coming out of the Vatican which is suspect.

  7. Stephen

    Thanks for the note of the 7 spiritual works of Mercy. I believe St. Francis was the first to popularize the nativity scene as a tool for meditation on the Joy and Mystery of the incarnation. What we have here in this mockery is a demonic attempt at further destruction of Christs church. The Devil loves to hide in the wide open, I believe in this evil manifestation the faithful remnant will see it. Where are the beasts? The mocking travesty of Our Blessed Mother with the body of a man and the supine sodomite with the self-worshiping body building body in ‘need’ of clothing? The Beasts indeed are there for all to see. May those who enjoy the work of Novos Ordo Watch bear these wrongs patiently and have a Blessed Christmas!

  8. Lee

    The corporal works of mercy are not appropriate for a nativity scene. Plus there are no animals and no shepherd and the wise men have already arrived according to this scene. It is theologically inaccurate. Out with the old (theology) and in with the new (theology) because according to Francis, “It is not enough to find a new language in which to articulate our perennial faith; it is also urgent, in the light of the new challenges and prospects facing humanity, that the Church be able to express the “new things” of Christ’s Gospel, that, albeit present in the word of God, have not yet come to light. This is the treasury of “things old and new” of which Jesus spoke when he invited his disciples to teach the newness that he had brought, without forsaking the old.” Oct. 11 2017 Address to participants by Pontifical council of promoting the new evangelization.

  9. One Among Many...

    I’m feeling in the Christmas spirit all of the sudden:

    “We wish you a Novus Ordo Christmas;
    We wish you a Novus Ordo Christmas;
    Now get them out here!”

    T.O.Bawdy tidings
    For Novus Ordos;
    Invalid tidings
    And a Novus Ordo Christmas!”

  10. Liam

    A story like this breaks and the real freaks come out of the woodwork to rail about how Gays are taking over the Church and it’s all falling to Satan. For the love of all that is Holy, people. It’s ONE installation. It’s not homoerotic (I literally know NO ONE who would think he’s hot!). It’s just a naked dude. Get over yourselves already. Mountain out of a fucking molehill.

    • BurningEagle

      Take the thing in the context of all the heresies since the usurpation of Roncalli in 1958.
      By the way, I know Pius XII would not have approved your impure language (even with the *** taking the place of certain letters). Catholics should not use that language. The fact that you deliberately used it in a texted message, is even worse.

  11. Sonia

    The danse macabre.
    All I want for Christmas is the total destruction of the Novus Ordo – the complete exposure of all its Judases, and some chocolate.

  12. john b

    In no way does the catholic church condone homosexual activity.I looked at the Nativity Scene and I saw to cloth the naked.God will ask at the end did you cloth the naked.Like everything the gay community wants to justify their sin which is evil.Hate the sin love the sinner.They make the Nativity Scene political.Yes I agree we might have an anti pope Francis nothing new we have had 25 anti popes Judases in the past.The gay community are defiant and nasty.But as the disciples said; Jesus you are the Christ whom shall we go for eternal life.Yes we must be zealous for our catholic faith but in unity not schism.
    Yes John in Revelation warned us the holy city of Rome will be taken over by the gentiles for 42 months.They will trample the holy city.

  13. Roberto Nieto


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