A phone call from below…

“Maybe we’ll see each other in Hell?”
Francis jokes with Autistic Boy and his Mother

We all know Jorge Bergoglio is a funny chap. Not only does he like to dress up as Pope, he also loves to tell hilarious jokes.

For example, he’s “humorously” called the Holy Ghost a “disaster”, he’s blasphemously mocked the Unity of the Holy Trinity, and he’s not been ashamed to misuse the Holy Crucifixion of Christ as the punchline of a joke. Not surprisingly, he also likes to encourage altar boys to treat Holy Mass as a joke, and the pious he likes to embarrass in front of a camera.

Francis’ funny bone manifested itself again this past Wednesday, Apr. 29, when he called the family of an 18-year-old autistic boy who had written him about the liturgical “sign of peace” during times of Coronavirus. The young man’s name is Andrea Baruffi, and Francis’ call was answered by his mother, Maria Teresa, who put His Wittiness on speakerphone as her son and her husband listened in.

In an article released today, the Novus Ordo news site Crux reports on what transpired. The call ended thus:

Pope Francis closed the call offering the family his blessing and asking for prayer, but not before making a small joke with Baruffi, who told him that, “We pray a lot for you, but you don’t need it, you are already a saint.”

Jesting, he laughed, and said, “Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other in hell?”, to which Baruffi said, “I think for you no, but us perhaps. We’re a little bit mean with everyone in this situation.”

(Elise Ann Allen, “Pope calls autistic teen who ‘corrected’ him on Sign of Peace”, Crux, May 2, 2020)

The inglorious phone call was captured on video by another family member and posted online:

Hell seems to be on Francis’ mind a lot as he ages, just not when it would actually count. When it comes to the Last Judgment, Francis tells people to relax because it’s going to be just great. He speaks about the devil a lot — even calling himself by that name — but virtually never about hell; and when he does, he usually does so in order to deny its existence or empty it of its danger, or else to denounce the Mafia. Or, as we saw above, he uses eternal damnation to be incredibly funny.

Indeed, the April 29 incident was not the first time the Jesuit apostate has joked with people about going to hell.

Another time it was with “Cardinal” Theodore McCarrick.

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