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April 14, 2020

Is your Novus Ordo parish locked? Not for the local imam!

Happy Socialist Easter from your friendly apostate, Jorge Bergoglio!

On Easter Sunday Italians lash out at Francis for wanting to open borders, not churches!

In full communion with the Vatican II Sect: Introducing… Latin-Mass Socialists!

At least the Vatican knows what really matters these days: “Earth Hour marked digitally due to Coronavirus.” Of course the author is a Jesuit. But Vatican News has since removed the story. That’s the second piece by the same author that Vatican News removed in roughly two weeks. The first one explained how beneficial Coronavirus was for the planet!

Signs of the times: Christ’s Corpus falls off Crucifix as Archmodernist Bruno Forte processes through the streets on Good Friday. The New Church is falling apart…

Stressed out from all the COVID-19 madness? Try some eco-friendly Franciscan “Forest Bathing”!

Profound insight taken from the inexhaustible treasures of infinite Bergoglian wisdom: “To see God, you don’t need to change your glasses…” Thanks for the clarification, bucko. In vain did we look for an answer in St. Thomas’ Summa Theologica.

The impossible sacrament: The Vatican’s “International Theological Commission” has been busy finding more reasons for why your marriage isn’t valid

A Bergoglian Good Friday: Via Crucis Meditations reflect on aftermath of crime.

A Blase Cupich Good Friday: Archdiocese of Chicago’s live-streamed Stations of the Cross feature Lesbian mayor and Protestants

With so much less to do during Coronavirus lockdown, Francis cranks out interview after interview after interview

Coronavirus likely to cause first year without “papal” travel since 1979… Oh no, how will humanity manage? Or, more importantly, how will Francis??

When you offer a meal service for the people rather than a Sacrifice to God, you would indeed find it “odd” and “weird” to do so without a congregation. No wonder “Fr.” Corbari plastered photos of his parishioners all over the pews!

Auf Wiedersehen! German Novus Ordo bishops publicize “blessing of departure” for couples getting divorced….

The semi-trads’ de facto pope has another video message… And Francis has still not silenced the man. If Schneider were controlled opposition, what would he be doing differently? The strategy is working: With his frequent interventions, the semi-trads refuse to abandon Bergoglio!

If you need some orientation regarding “water, symbol of the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth,” you can probably guess where to find it

Of the world indeed (cf. Jn 17:14-16): Novus Ordo school’s ‘Woman of the World’ event features pro-abortion speakers and Planned Parenthood officials.

It’s invalid either way, so might as well: Diocese permits nurses to anoint during sacrament of the sick. As the Radecki Fathers say in Tumultuous Times, the Novus Ordo “anointing of the sick” is the spiritual equivalent of a get-well card…

No tourism because of lockdown: Financial meltdown looms for Vatican. And this won’t help: Malta court authorizes seizure of €29 million in Vatican bank assets. (That’s roughly $31.6 million.)

Mobile Tabernacles update: Some of Bergoglio’s quasi-divine migrants admit they’re not breaking into the U.S. to escape violence but to get bigger houses

In other words, no substantial change in his thought or action: Pro-abortion Democrat politician becomes Jesuit. Hellboy James Martin must be thrilled!

It’s what you get for accepting public heretics as Catholic authorities: Bad network gets bad “bishop.”

For your “Sedevacantists are just a bunch of Protestants!” file: The Novus Ordo Vatican’s admiration of Martin Luther.

Scratch that: For special “Mass in Time of Pandemic”, Vatican eliminates all references to “wrath of God” from traditional version. After all, they believe in a god that never judges, punishes, or condemns but always only forgives, heals, and caresses!

“Cardinal” Angelo Scola of Milan on Coronavirus: “Divine punishment does not exist”! St. Paul the Apostle: “…in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity” (2 Thess 2:10-11).

More estrogen, please: Francis is excited – “Bp.” Berg is first prelate to bring women on ad limina visit!

U.S. journalist George Neumayr exposes Francis’ misdirection plays, saying: “Observe his deeds, not his words.”

Some people are utter scum: Novus Ordo theologian Massimo Faggioli compares Mass with no congregation to an act of solitary impurity.

When bad theology meets wishful thinking, you get this idea by “Fr.” Brian Harrison: “Papal tide may be turning.”

Globalist is as globalist does: Vatican seizes COVID-19 as opportunity to further erode nationalism.

A former sodomite tries to rescue men from sinful lives — guess from whom he gets the greatest opposition

John Allen ponders what would happen if there were a Vatican conclave now…. Silly! They would do what they always do: not elect a Pope!

Can you guess how many polled Novus Ordos believe their religion is the only true one? The real question is how much lower that number would be if the survey were conducted only inside Vatican City….

A hilarious April Fool’s Joke from the Lefebvrists — except it wasn’t one: The Possible Return of the Sedia Gestatoria under Francis. What level of denial of reality must one have reached to conclude that?

If this is what “sacred spaces” look like, does anyone really want to see the profane ones?

Does COVID-19 make one run through church uncontrollably in the middle of the sermon? Or what condition was that?

Business as usual in Novus Ordo Land: Austrian diocese uses poster of topless men embracing to promote pro-gay workshop. (Poster seen here.)

Florida’s Archlayman Thomas Wenski vs. Governor Ron DeSantis: Guess which of these two forbids Easter Sunday “Masses” this year

Querida Amazonia: Don’t you hate Bergoglian footnotes?!

No Great Monarch: Archduke Michael Habsburg-Lothringen says Francis “hasn’t done anything that doesn’t conform to the teachings of the Church. The pope is the Pope. He is inspired by the Holy Spirit and leads the Church to God. I think it is completely wrong to criticize him.”

The Knights of Columbus have stopped financing Crux. Randy Engel tells us who’s paying the bills now: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.

The gloves are off on: Coronavirus “Mass” in Biloxi, Mississippi, is one for the history books.

First snake bite in 1,500 years: St. Patrick withdraws his protection from Ireland.

Vatican II in full bloom: Novus Ordo Archbishop asks for a mosque to be built in Venice, Italy. Hey, it’s for the same god the Novus Ordos adore anyway, right?

The long-term Francis effect can be gleaned from the “bishops” he keeps appointing.

Yeah, that makes sense: Lourdes shrine closes healing pools so people don’t get sick. Tells you how much they believe in Our Lady of Lourdes…

Finally, Novus Ordos in England and Wales have discovered the real purpose of Lent: Eco-Fasting for the planet! EnviroLent!

You’ve got voicemail: Peruvian Novus Ordo bishop rescinds permission for confession by phone.

Off to prison (ministry): Virginia Novus Ordo priest with blog critical of church’s abuse handling removed.

Since the first few studies didn’t produce the desired result: Francis institutes new commission to study women deacons.

Venerated founder of Novus Ordo L’Arche community, Jean Vanier, turns out to have been a serial sexual abuser, the community itself has reported after a thorough investigation. Of course he also supported assisted suicide and waffled on abortion.

Former Society of St. Pius X Superior General Fr. Franz Schmidberger accuses Kazakh “Abp.” Jan Paweł Lenga of “untenable highhandedness” for calling Bergoglio what he is: a heretic and an antichrist.

Marshall law: Dr. Taylor Marshall has revealed that he helped orchestrate the Pachamama Tiber toss last October.

Words fail: Novus Ordo priests bless pregnant women by holding monstrance against their belly. (CAUTION! some immodesty)

Argentinians losing their religion, survey shows. No doubt about it – and Bergoglio is leading by example!

Finally! Vatican allows semi-trads to celebrate feasts of “Saints” John XXIII and John Paul II in their ‘Traditional Latin Mass’! The more interesting question is at what point the Vatican will make them. Plus: More liturgical enrichment for the 1962 Missal!

If you send your children to a Novus Ordo high school in California, don’t be surprised if they come out bisexual, transgender, or whatever other perversion happens to be hip currently…

Neither Catholic nor charitable: Major “Catholic charity” found promoting abortion and contraception on web site it manages

Francis is so concerned about idolatry that he finds it everywhere except in people prostrating themselves before a Pagan earth goddess

Some metaphors come with an expiration date: During Coronavirus crisis, Francis’ “field hospital” is closed! Vaticanist Antonio Socci notices that the “outgoing church” has also evaporated

Quite an achievement: It looks like German Novus Ordos may have found the one person worse than “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx to succeed him as the country’s chief “Catholic bishop”.

Better than an ‘F’: One year after Vatican abuse summit, survivors grade Francis ‘D-minus’

Now only the Antichrist can help us: Apostate Jewish Rabbi proposes building of Third Temple as “Cure” for Coronavirus. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease!

It still won’t convince The Remnant or Rorate Caeli though: Not even Francis himself believes he’s the “Vicar of Christ”

Vatican theologian Bux: Pandemic is God’s chastisement for heresy / Francis: Mother Nature is mad at us!

At almost 93 years old, Modernist Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is reportedly “perfectly mentally lucid.”

“Pope Video” for March 2020: The Frankster claims his fake Chicom bishops are “faithful to the Gospel.” That’s THESE guys we’re talking about. No wonder “Cardinal” Zen has to be attacked!

Oh no, please not another “vibrant church” or “faith-filled community”

Neo-con Crisis magazine attemps to rebut Sedevacantism, and it’s obvious the author hasn’t spent much time researching the position. Besides, someone should have taught this holder of a Master’s Degree in Theology from Christendom College about the logical fallacy known as begging the question. His entire argument assumes what he needs to prove, namely, that sedevacantists are part of a false church. If he’s looking for a false church, he should read over this News Digest in depth and see if he can identify it…

Cold Call Frank has competition: Another man claiming to be the pope is making phone calls on his behalf!

We know Francis likes to communicate mostly by images, metaphors, and gestures. So then, what does this say?

Welcome to the jungle: The Frankster invites you to Laudato Si’ Week.

Irrelevant religion + obsolete medium = Fate of Pittsburgh Catholic.

Not so querida Amazonia: “Cardinal” Burke denounces “grave theological errors” in Francis’ post-synodal exhortation.

The Old Evangelization: A non-sedevacantist traditionalist group is republishing pre-Vatican II catechisms.

Vatican prelate organizing Global Education Pact touts Francis’ ‘new humanism’ where God ‘withdraws’… There’s another place in which God withdraws, completely and forever. It’s called HELL.

Worried about the fate of Judas Iscariot: The Frankster’s Holy Week Musings.

How’s that for a self-referential church? For 2022, Francis announces a synod on synods!

English diocese prepares its faithless for “lay-led funerals”… (meaning the laymen that didn’t undergo an invalid ordination ceremony).

Bergoglio is such a convert maker, isn’t he? “Agnostic Converts On the Spot While Pope Francis Blesses World Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.” Except the “convert” had merely stated: “I never believed, I was always agnostic. Yet now I am here with tears praying that all this will end. Lord, protect the people I love. I just want to be able to hug my family again.” Ready now for the Profession of Faith, Baptism, and the Oath against Modernism, huh?!

The Novus Ordo religion on your smartphone: Mexican “bishops” launch Appostolica app

Caution! That ‘Church with an Amazonian Face’ is getting underway!

Antipope Bergoglio: True discipleship requires freeing yourself from Doctrine / Reality check: “Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God” (2 Jn 9).

Vatican II’s “New Springtime” at work in the Netherlands: Novus Ordos sell beautiful traditional Catholic church building to Buddhists… But hey, the same goes for New York!

COVID-19 makes it possible: Move over, holy water – here comes holy hand sanitizer!

Did a Vatican II “Saint” strike again? Numerous priests dying of coronavirus in John XXIII’s home diocese

It wasn’t that long ago when Michael Voris blasted articles like this one as being a kind of “spiritual pornography”. Remember? “It is our judgment that most Catholics should neither read nor have easy access to articles and essays that could be judged insulting to the Pope”, their page on “Public Criticism of the Pope” said as late as Oct. 2, 2017, which has since quietly disappeared… Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Yeah, that’s it: Bergoglio has a “strong devotion” to Our Lady of Silence… The only time he falls silent is when he actually ought to say something.

Speaking of silence: Toronto “cardinal” and school board silent on teacher who read perverted book to fifth and sixth graders.

Seven years later: Debate intensifies over Benedict XVI’s Resignation and “Pope Emeritus” status. That sly fox still has them guessing!

Excommunicated Benedict XVI adherent “Fr.” Alessandro Minutella warns Francis followers they had better back the other Modernist antipope in the Vatican instead! But the fact is that either way they are guaranteed one thing: They will get more Vatican II!

An unjust conviction finally overturned: “Cardinal” Pell unanimously acquitted by Australia’s Supreme Court. A first interview after release. But questions remain: Were the bullets made in the Vatican? Was “the power of the state … recruited to destroy Pell”?

Nothing says “I believe in the Catholic teaching on the Papacy” quite like what “Abp.” Carlo Viganò told The Remnant: “The Pope, the Hierarchy, and all Bishops, Priests and Religious must immediately and absolutely convert…. We cannot allow the flock which Our Divine Lord has entrusted to our care be scattered by faithless mercenaries.”

German Jesuit “Fr.” Hans Zollner has found a sin worse than clericalism: having a paternalistic attitude!

Gallican Society of St. Pius X releases documentary on life of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

“Melodramatic Narcissism”: Louie Verrecchio slams recent Marshall-Tschugguel broadcast….

Speaking of Infiltration: An interesting Taylor Marshall timeline

Italian journalist Sandro Magister explains how the Vatican is in disarray.

Dutch Novus Ordo auxiliary bishop calls it quits after trying to be a Catholic in his diocese.

Novus Ordo apologist David L. Gray thought he had found a way to destroy every sedevacantist argument. Not surprisingly, it turns out he thought wrong.

Be afraid, be very afraid! “Amazon Priest” prototype has been located… And this could be the prototype for the Amazonian “Mass”

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski still seems surprised that his publicly apostate “Pope” does what public apostates do.

“What is the status of Catholics attending the Mass of the Society of Saint Pius X?” – In Novus Ordo Land, some questions take a bit longer to answer

The invaluable 12-volume Pohle-Preuss Dogmatic Theology manual is now available for legal download.

A sedevacantist blogger reflects on how to understand God permitting a plague and chides Francis for attacking the innocence of the youth.

Only Sedevacantism defends the indefectibility of the Catholic Church: Sedevacantist Bp. Donald Sanborn responds to Lefebvrist Fr. Ludger Grün, SSPX. The same Bishop Sanborn also weighs in on the Coronavirus situation and puts some things in perspective.

Sedevacantism vs. Recognize-and-Resist: Louie Verrecchio has an insightful conversation with John Lane.

A sedevacantist priest has begun a Catholic mission in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

A neo-con Novus Ordo site presents a decent Catholic style guide.

A community of Franciscan friars in Brazil has embraced Sedevacantism and produced a nice promotional video.

Dr. Thomas Droleskey defends Pope Pius XII’s wartime record.

And Dr. Peter Chojnowski is looking for help to get a DNA test done on the ‘Sister Lucy’ imposter.

And one for the road…

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