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Episode 43

Querida, Corona, Quarantina

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Great news, everyone: It is time again for a new episode of Francis Watch!

Novus Ordo Watch is pleased to sponsor this phenomenal quarterly podcast program, in which host Stephen Heiner of True Restoration analyses with his sedevacantist guests, Bp. Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada, the latest chaos perpetrated by Jorge Bergoglio, the man who claims to be the head of the Catholic Church under the stage name “Pope Francis”.

The latest episode is no. 43, and unfortunately Fr. Cekada was not able to join as he is recovering from a series of strokes.

The full podcast can be listened to in the player below. Please be aware that this episode contains some comments touching on the Sixth Commandment not suitable for youngsters:

In this episode, which is 1 hour 18 minutes in length, His Excellency and the host discuss:

As always, Francis Watch is not boring or dry but exciting, insightful, and informative — with a good dose of humor, so necessary to retain in our difficult times.

You can simply sit back, relax, and listen to this podcast, in which the Novus Ordo claptrap coming from Club Francis is contrasted and refuted with real Roman Catholicism.

So, don’t miss this episode of Francis Watch! Be sure to share it with friends, family members, and potential converts. The broadcast is available for streaming and download on-demand at any time. All episodes of Francis Watch ever produced are available for free to the public at

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For more incredible facts about Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, please see our topical page:

It is our pleasure to be able to sponsor Francis Watch for the good of souls and for the greater glory of God. In this manner we try to fulfill in part our stated goal of helping to educate people in the true Roman Catholic religion and making people aware of how true Catholicism differs essentially from the fake Novus Ordo/Vatican II counterfeit that is currently occupying the Catholic structures.

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