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Breaking: Major International Protest today in Munich against Amazon Synod Fallout

Ladies and gentlemen, things are beginning to heat up in the Vatican II Sect. Apparently on very short notice, a major international protest has been organized and is taking place today in the German city of Munich, the seat of “Cardinal” Reinhard Marx, the head of Novus Ordo bishops in the land of Martin Luther.

So far, it seems that only two web sites have reported on this taking place: The Remnant in the United States and Marco Tosatti’s Stilum Curiae blog in Italy.

Alas, the protest is going to be a silent one. The Remnant writes:

Representatives of the many different Catholic action groups around the world will unite in Munich, Germany today in a peaceful demonstration of silent but prayerful protest against the German Bishops’ Conference “synodal way”.

This synodal way, based on the Amazon Synod, threatens to set up rules for its own national Church where women ordination is not out of the question, where the abolition of clerical celibacy is certainly on the agenda and where many of the most radical and revolutionary ideas would be ramrodded through in Germany and thus set universal precedents in the Catholic Church throughout the world.

Marco Tosatti adds: “After the event there will be a press conference to explain the event, in the afternoon, in which some of the protagonists will express in detail the dangers and risks of the German synodal path, which was the treadmill of the Synod for the Amazon” (translation by

In a first brief video report, Michael Matt of The Remnant gives some more details:

The group organizing this protest is Acies Ordinata, the same association that spearheaded the “silent protest” last February in Rome, with which they tried to break down the Vatican’s — get this — silence on the role of homosexuality in the sex abuse catastrophe.

But since they do have something to say, they will have a press conference afterwards, and of course that’s where all the focus will be. Although specific names have not yet been announced, you can bet your bottom dollar that the following people will be present besides Michael Matt: “Cardinal” Raymond Burke, “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider, Roberto de Mattei, Christopher Ferrara, Alexander Tschugguel, Michael Voris, and Peter Kwasniewski. At least!

Acies Ordinata has published the following announcement on its web site (underlining added):

This is the hour of clarity and coherence!

Where is the German Bishops’ Conference going? What will the consequences be in the life of the Church of the “synodal path”  initiated by Cardinal Reinhard Marx in the Munich Cathedral on December 1, 2019?

Considering the ideological convictions and public declarations of many German bishops, we have no doubt about the answer: the end result of the synodal path can only be the constitution of a church separate from Rome.

These bishops maintain that it is possible to transform the Church from within, counting on the support of Pope Francis. However, they are confusing the non-infallible acts of the present Pope with the perennial pontifical Magisterium. There are certain matters, such as the natural law, the substance of the Sacraments, and the divine constitution of the Church, which the bishops and the pope have no authority to change. In fact, the Pope “is subject to divine law and bound to the order given by Jesus Christ to his Church” (Declaration of the German Bishops approved by Pope Pius IX, March 4, 1875, Denz-H, 3114).

We ask for clarity from Pope Francis. He is not ignorant of the positions of the German bishops nor of their objective, which is to extend the “binding” decisions of their “permanent synod” to the universal Church. If he holds the same doctrinal deviations as they do then he ought to have the courage to openly say so.

We ask the German Bishops to be just as coherent and to follow the synodal path to its logical end-point, which is the constitution of a new church with a German-Amazonian face, separate from the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Church.

And finally, we ask German Catholics to contribute to this process of clarification by refusing to pay the church tax which is theologically, canonically, and morally reprehensible and which provides the financial base necessary to fund the realization of the synodal path.

We are lay people from all over the world, because what is at stake is the future not only of the German Church but of the universal Church. This is the hour of clarity and coherence and we ask for the end of the dissimulation and deception. We ask for this with the Rosary in our hands, in a city in which in 1609 a Holy League was formed among the German Catholic states for the defense of the Faith. Four hundred years ago, at the Battle of the White Mountain on November 8, 1620, the united forces of the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic League, led by Duke Maximilan of Bavaria, constituted an Acies Ordinata that fought and defeated the enemy army with the cry of “Holy Mary!”

We also constitute an Acies Ordinata, and we ask the Queen of the Angels and Saints, and especially Saint Cajetan of Thiene, patron of the church where we are gathered, to assist us in our peaceful defense of the Faith and of Christian Civilization.

Munich, Bavaria, January 18, 2020
Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter in Rome

This is priceless!

So let’s get this straight: While they’re protesting Rome and in the same breath that they’re condemning what they’re conveniently calling “non-infallible acts” (as though infallibility were the primary issue here), they’re complaining that the German Novus Ordo authorities are trying to establish a church independent from Rome, with the “Pope’s” approval! Welcome to the “hour of clarity and coherence.” Moreover, they enlist in their support Pope Pius IX who, they must have forgotten, taught very clearly: “Be vigilant in act and word, so that the faithful may grow in love for this Holy See, venerate it, and accept it with complete obedience; they should execute whatever the See itself teaches, determines, and decrees” (Encyclical Inter Multiplices, n. 7).

Their latest silent protest will have as much success as the last one did.

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