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Brazilian Novus Ordo Priest and Canon Lawyer denounces Francis as Antipope and False Prophet, alleges Schism

The list of Novus Ordo adherents who are publicly denouncing Francis as a false pope (or worse) is growing. The latest to join in the chorus is “Fr.” Paulo Renato Dornelles from Brazil.

Reportedly a canon and civil lawyer who graduated from the Pontifical Lateran University summa cum laude and worked as an ecclesiastical judge and university professor in the archdiocese of Porto Alegre, Dornelles released a video on May 21, 2019, charging Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) with heresy and schism and also accusing him of being an antipope (i.e. false pope) and even the False Prophet, the immediate precursor of the Antichrist mentioned in the Apocalypse (see Apoc 16:13, 19:20, 20:10).

The video was recorded in Portuguese, but English subtitles have been added:

A transcribed English translation has been made available by Veritas Vincit (we have made some minor modifications for easier reading and added underlining):

I am Dr. Fr. Paulo Renato Dornelles from Kyria Eschatological Community. In my sermons, since 2016, as published in videos, on Facebook, under my name, and on the “Comunidade Kyria” Youtube Channel… I formally accuse Pope Francis of being an antipope. Don’t be surprised, because we have already faced 37-38 before him in Church history. And for worse, I recognise Pope Francis as the one who configures the “false prophet”.

We must consider, first of all, that Our Lord Jesus created the papacy in the Catholic Church in order to ensure the unity of Faith. The Pope, as Jesus teaches in Luke 22:32, shall confirm the brothers in the faith. He is not there to invent faith, or to build another merely human Church, as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reminds us in his last letter.

Antipope Francis has already committed formal heresy in “Amoris Laetitia” when, in its n. 295 it says there is “a gradualness in the prudential exercise of free acts on the part of subjects who are not in a position to understand, appreciate, or fully carry out the objective demands of the law.” This way, he moves against the Sacraments, chiefly that of Marriage and of the Holy Eucharist, and against the dogmatic teaching of the Church and all her Magisterium, thus configuring a schism against the whole Church.

And so he goes on spreading heresies in this document and in his teachings these long, last six years. We are in a schism since at least 2016.

Besides all these, he has associated himself with certain people — remember that pitiful ex-cardinal now reduced to layman, McCarrick. All this proves his program for the destruction of the papacy and the Church, as he has already proposed in his first post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

Indeed, since his election, due to his heresies, Pope Francis puts himself as excommunicated. Out of the Church. And he cannot direct it. And he is dragging after him, unfortunately, all the Church, which stays inert and in communion with him. This way, he has created, overnight, a counter-church that is deceiving Catholic people with all the appearance of catholicity.

Cardinals, bishops, priests, laypeople, dioceses and parishes, movements, orders and congregations don’t have the courage to oppose his nefarious work of destruction!

For all of this, I affirm Francis to be more than just an antipope, but the one that fulfills the form of the false prophet of Revelation [Apocalypse] 13:11. This, ultimately, becomes the main proof of how deeply we are actually living now the end times.

In order to confront this reality we are getting united in a community, through Whatsapp (+55-51-99641-027), to get organized and build a refuge, as a true Catholic Church, that will know how to face the present times and all that is reserved to us. You are invited to join us in this community. God bless you!

In rejecting Francis as an antipope, the Rev. Dornelles is preceded by other Novus Ordo clerics such as the American “Bp.” René Gracida, the Canadian “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner, the American “Fr.” Paul Kramer, and the Colombian layman Prof. José Galat (1928-2019). Ordained on Nov. 21, 1981 in “Pope” Paul VI’s doubtful ordination rite, however, Dornelles’ orders must tragically be considered invalid in practice.

Since 2013, the head of the Porto Alegre archdiocese has been Jaime Spengler, OFM, appointed by Francis. Three years ago, Dornelles requested to be dismissed, and the request was granted: In the 2016 diocesan directory (see p. 65), he is listed as “discharged from office” (“Licenciado de Ofício”).

After leaving the diocese, Dornelles founded a religious community known as the Comunidade Kyria. He is now present on numerous social media platforms:

Although he can be looked upon as a sedevacantist of sorts now, it is nevertheless clear that “Fr.” Dornelles accepts Francis’ five predecessors as legitimate popes. One can perhaps speak of a “Novus Ordo sedevacantist” here, inasmuch as he does not reject the Vatican II Church as such or its countless errors and heresies, but only the excesses, as it were, introduced by Francis.

We have been warning of the dangers of an intra-NovusOrdo schism for years, such as in the following posts:

Time will tell what other developments among Novus Ordo clergy there may be in reaction to Francis. The man we have nicknamed “Chaos Frank” is certainly living up to his moniker.

A tip of the hat for this story goes to Gloria TV and the Veritas Vincit blog, and to the Facebook user who kindly made us aware of it.

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