He loves tradition, unless it’s Catholic!

Francis has Fun with Traditional Indian Outfit

Roughly two months ago, on May 28, “Bishop” James Thoppil, the local ordinary of the diocese of Kohima in India visited “Pope” Francis and presented him with traditional regional Naga attire, which the fake pope of the Vatican II Sect was only too happy to put on. The result has been captured in this photo (click image for larger version):

Living radio tower? No, just Chaos Frank having fun…

According to a report on EastMojo, the outfit consisted of “an eastern Naga headgear, an Angami necklace and a Lotha sash”.

Interestingly enough, this was not the first time that the apostate anti-pope tried on a gift from Mr. Thoppil. On Apr. 15, 2015, the latter “crowned” Francis with another Naga headdress, which can be seen here. Who knows what he’ll put on next time?

By the way: When it comes to traditional Catholic garb, Francis isn’t that much of a fan.

Imagine that.

Image source: facebook.com/wethenagas
License: fair use

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