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Official Belgian “Catholic” Paper Promoted “Ecumenical Working Group on Pedophilia” in 1984

On June 27, 2019, the French Novus Ordo magazine La Nef reported on a shocking discovery: In the mid-1980s, an issue of the Belgian “Catholic” weekly paper Kerk & Leven (Church & Life) published an advertisement openly and boldly promoting nothing less than the crime of pedophilia, that is, sexual relations between adults and children.

The La Nef report is entitled “When a Belgian Catholic newspaper promoted pedophilia” and can be accessed in the original French here:

According to the report, the Aug. 9, 1984 edition of Kerk & Leven advertised an “ecumenical working group on pedophilia”, using the following text:

An ecumenical working group on pedophilia has existed in Flanders for a number of years.

This working group is composed of Catholics and Protestants.

This working group wishes to sensitize the churches to the phenomenon of pedophilia, to pass on information, and to combat prejudices.

At the same time, the working group seeks to keep abreast of everything happening in the domain of pedophilia.

Lastly, the working group wants to create a place of encounter for pedophiles in order to favor an exchange of ideas and to mutually encourage one another.

All those wishing to become better acquainted with pedophilia and pedophiles are welcome, on the condition they do so with openness, respect, and trust.

With the beginning of the new season, Father […] will take part in the activities of the working group.

The next meeting of the ecumenical working group on pedophilia will take place Saturday, September 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the latest, at Olive Branch Chapel at Leopoldslei 35 in Brasschaat.

You are invited to bring refreshments.

You can obtain more information at the address: […] For the working group: […]

(Source; our translation.)

As evil and abominable as this is, it gets more shocking still — much more shocking! An informational brochure put out by the ecumenical group contained the following outrageous and criminal claims, as reported by La Nef:

“Frequent sexual relations between adults and children are not necessarily harmful to the latter, and there exist sexual relations that are even pleasurable and precious for children.”

“Friendship between a pedophile and a child should not be a reason for panic. There is not necessarily a reason for fear. Not even if this friendship is associated with a sexual relationship. Trust your child. If your son or daughter accepts this relationship as being pleasurable, do not destroy this bond.”

“Many committed Christians can still learn much from pedophiles.”

“It is preferable to have a relationship of trust between the pedophile and the parents [of the child].”

(Source; our translation.)

Words simply fail at such brazen satanic wickedness! “And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea” (Mk 9:41).

The account in La Nef notes that in 2010 the Belgian daily paper De Morgen published an investigative report on “the pedophile mentality in the Flemish church” and revealed that the priest mentioned in the 1984 Kerk & Leven advertisement as being part of the ecumenical working group “still holds a high position in the diocese of Antwerp today.”

In its July 4, 2019 edition, the German Tagespost calls Kerk & Leven the “most important Catholic weekly of the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, which is directed by the bishops of Brussels and Brugge” (p. 21; our translation). In 1984, at the time of this disgusting and criminal promotion of pedophilia, the editor-in-chief was Fr. Felix Dalle (1921-2000), and the paper’s circulation was roughly 500,000. The Novus Ordo bishops under whose leadership this paper was published were, in Brussels, none other than “Cardinal” Godfried Danneels (1933-2019). In Brugge it was Bp. Emiel-Jozef De Smedt (1909-95), who was replaced by the notorious Roger Vangheluwe (1936-2010), himself a priest of that diocese, shortly thereafter.

Danneels was not only a typical Novus Ordo liberal, he was also a member of the so-called St. Gallen Mafia that got Jorge Bergoglio elected in the conclave of 2013 as “Pope” Francis. His greatest claim to infamy, however, is his involvement in the cover-up of the sex abuse committed by “Bp.” Roger Vangheluwe against his own nephew. That didn’t keep Francis from appointing Danneels to participate in the Vatican synods on the Family in 2014 and ’15, of course. Who knows? Perhaps that’s what qualified him even.

Meanwhile, the Vatican whistleblower “Abp.” Carlo Maria Viganò has returned to the scene accusing the Vatican of covering up allegations of sexual abuse of “papal” altar boys: “Pope Francis himself is covering up abuse right now, as he did for McCarrick.”

Maybe Danneels knew whom he wanted to see elected in the last conclave, and why.

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