Heretic approves heretic…

“Cardinal” Müller in new Interview:
“This Pope is Orthodox”

Bad news for those who have been putting all their hopes in “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Müller and saw in his recent Manifesto of Faith a covert accusation of heresy against “Pope” Francis. In a new interview released in the German secular magazine Der Spiegel last week, Muller was asked point-blank whether he believes Francis is a heretic. His answer was not really surprising.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the text:

Spiegel: Is Pope Francis a heretic, a denier of dogma, as some few princes of the Church insinuate?

Müller: No. This Pope is orthodox, that is, doctrinally sound [rechtgläubig] in the Catholic sense. But it is his task to bring the Church together in truth, and it would be dangerous if he were to succumb to the temptation of pitting the camp that boasts of its progressivism, against the rest of the Church. …

(Walter Mayr, “Als hätte Gott selbst gesprochen”, Der Spiegel, Feb. 16, 2019, p. 50; our translation.)

There are other interesting things Muller says in the interview (some soundbites of which can be found here), but this is the most salient.

So, as far as adherence to the Catholic Faith goes, Francis has gotten a clean bill of health, so to speak, from the former “guardian of orthodoxy”: None other than Mr. Muller guarantees that Jorge Bergoglio is a genuine, orthodox Roman Catholic.

Too bad Muller is a heretic himself.

Image source: Der Spiegel 8/2019
License: fair use

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