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Horrid Adoration Ceremony at World Youth Day Vigil Service

Covering the horrid theological and liturgical junk the Vatican II Sect puts out on a daily basis, one gets used to a lot, but there are times when you just want to jump out of your chair and yell, “No way! They can’t  be serious!”

Today was such a day.

“Pope” Francis is currently spreading his Masonic-Naturalist poison in Panama on the occasion of World Youth Day (see our extensive coverage here). Whereas yesterday evening saw a Novus Ordo version of the Stations of the Cross (with dancers, of course!), tonight’s big event was a vigil prayer service.

When the time came for “Eucharistic” adoration, Francis made himself comfortable in a chair while everyone else knelt. Since there was no footwashing ceremony scheduled, his knees must have conked out once again, but that’s just business as usual.

The lowlight of the evening’s ceremony was the “monstrance” used for adoration. The following screenshots taken from the video of the event show a hollow metal statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is a separate and removable receptable for the Novus Ordo version of the Blessed Sacrament, which gets placed into the hands of the statue. Not only is it ugly, it is also very disturbing when seen from the front, as the images further below show. The immodest overtones are more than evident. (Click each image for a larger version.)

The full video of the entire spectacle can be found here:

Francis is infamous for picking the most ugly and even blasphemous liturgical items he can find. The “ventilator monstrance” he used at Fatima held the record for being the most disturbing monstrance ever used by Jorge Bergoglio… until tonight.

What else needs to be said? It’s all there, in front of your eyes. All you need to do is look.

Image source: youtube.com (Vatican News – English; screenshots)
License: fair use

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