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Ratzinger’s Roman Apostasy Symbolism

At a time when “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI is once again held in the highest esteem by countless people who are fed up with “Pope” Francis, a little reality check is in order lest we forget that few individuals are more personally responsible for the near-total collapse of Catholicism in our day than the former Joseph Ratzinger.

In 2006, a German publisher released a 48-page booklet entitled Ratzingers römische Apostasie-Symbolik, written by Dr. Wigand Siebel (1929-2014) and Dr. Carl Angermayr. In 2007, the work was translated into English as Ratzinger’s Roman Apostasy Symbolism, and it is this translation Novus Ordo Watch is now excited to make widely available in electronic format, entirely free of charge, with the permission of the translator.

The booklet may be downloaded in PDF format at this external link:

A hardcopy of the German original can be ordered directly from the publisher:

Siebel and Angermayr’s 2006 booklet Ratzinger’s Roman Apostasy Symbolism aims to furnish irrefutable proof that the Vatican II Sect is attempting to bring about a return to Paganism. As Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger has been trying to lead all who believe themselves to be Catholics but acknowledge him as Pope into apostasy. In this study, special attention is paid to Benedict XVI’s coat-of-arms and the liturgical vestments he wore for his inauguration in St. Peter’s Square on April 24, 2005. Certain parallels between Ratzinger and the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate are also noted.

Prof. Wigand Siebel in 1992

Dr. Siebel was a German sociologist and sedevacantist who authored numerous books and booklets, including Katholisch oder Konziliar? (Catholic or Conciliar?), Philosophie und Theologie Karol Wojtylas (Philosophy and Theology of Karol Wojtyla), and Zur Theologie und Philosophie Joseph Ratzingers (On the Theology and Philosophy of Joseph Ratzinger).

Siebel also wrote a critical study of “Pope” John Paul II‘s first encyclical, Redemptor Hominis, which is available in English and can be read for free online:

Other studies showing Ratzinger’s connection with Paganism include the following two, which analyze the symbolism in Ratzinger’s coat-of-arms and on his miter, and are authored by a non-sedevacantist:

Finding Pagan and occult symbolism in the official paraphernalia of the Vatican II Church is no surprise and only serves to confirm what we already know from the doctrinal, moral, disciplinary, and liturgical aberrations it has continually put out for decades: It is a false religion, straight from hell, whose only purpose is to deceive Catholics (cf. Mt 24:24).

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