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Jesuit Novus Ordo Priest calls for Legalization of Abortion in Dominican Republic

There are only four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance: murder, sodomy, oppression of the poor, and defrauding the laborer of his just wages. Abortion, being murder, is one of them. In fact, it is probably the most heinous and most unjust form of murder imaginable.

Yet this doesn’t bother “Fr.” Mario Serrano, a Jesuit Novus Ordo priest from the Dominican Republic. In a video he posted on his Twitter account on July 13, the “Catholic priest” declared his support for an upcoming women’s march to legalize abortion in his country, and he encouraged others to aid women in this cause for their “life, health, and dignity”, as the advertising flyer falsely called it:

The accompanying text in the tweet reads translated: “I encourage you to walk together with the women for this cause which I understand is just: #Abortion3causales” (the latter being the hashtag for the abortion march).

In a follow-up tweet posted on July 15, the same Jesuit demon blasphemously declared: “Walking today for the decriminalization of #Aborto3Causales [abortion] means being very close to the Jesus who loves, accompanies and does not condemn people in extreme situations. I accompany you with my prayers from Dajabón” (original text in Spanish: “Caminar hoy por la despenalización del #Aborto3Causales está muy cerca del Jesús que ama, acompaña y no condena a las personas en situaciones extremas. Les acompaño con mis oraciones desde Dajabón”).

Below you can see an image of the flyer advertising the abortion march, which took place on July 15 at 9:00 am local time:

According to a report on the scandal by the national newspaper Diario Libre, the auxiliary “bishop” of the diocese in which Serrano is working, Jesús Castro Marte, stated that what the Jesuit said in favor of abortion rights is merely his “personal position” and does not reflect the stance of the Society of Jesus. How comforting to know! Castro Marte intrepidly called on Serrano to “reflect on what he has said”, which is contradicted by science (life beginning at conception), the pretend-bishop argued, and so he should stop “confusing” Catholics.

This is beyond outrageous! But of course Club Francis — the Church of Jorge Bergoglio — makes it possible.

At the same time, let’s not blame it only on Francis. Remember that in 2011, when “Pope” Benedict XVI was in charge, the Vatican declined to punish in any way “Fr.” Manuel Pousa of Barcelona, Spain, who not only admitted to but even boasted of providing the funds for two women under his care to have abortions.

The entire Vatican II Sect is a product of the deepest bowels of hell.

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