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June 19, 2018

“Praise in Motion” Dance Ministry at St. Anthony of Padua “Catholic” Church…

Francis wants you to worship man as God: “Far from the disciples of Christ nourishing sentiments of contempt or pietism towards the poor, they are called to honour them, giving them precedence, out of the conviction that they are a real presence of Jesus in our midst.” See, the justification he gives for worshipping man is air-tight: man is God!

Francis promotes Naturalistic Believe-in-a-Better-World “Hope” as “First and Fundamental Human Right”… It was a given he wasn’t going to talk about the Catholic theological virtue of Hope, which is supernatural and necessary for salvation (cf. Rom 8:24). Instead, he focused on natural fulfillment in the temporal world, which will inevitably lead to physical death.

It’s called “accompaniment”: Austrian Novus Ordo Bishop in hot water over female companionship… Well hey, just the other day Francis preached about this: “And a man without a woman beside him – whether as a mother, as a sister, as a bride, as a working companion, as a friend – that man by himself is not the image of God.”

But that’s nothing: Evidence appears to be piling up that a designated “Cardinal” from Bolivia has a Concubine and Children. The Vatican says they are “investigating”…. Meanwhile, “Bishop” Ticona has denied the accusations.

Irish laymen lead funerals due to shortage of Novus Ordo priests. If only they knew that even the “priests” are laymen

The Dalai Francis calls up youngsters, tells them, “Life is a journey. Always move forward, seeking happiness for yourselves and for others.” Such profound wisdom is hard to come by these days. Francis should be working for Hallmark writing greeting cards…

Some people simply cannot be helped: “I have the firm conviction that, since at least 1939, the Church of Rome has been led by saints in the persons of the Roman Pontiffs.” Pray for this man. He’s a convert and obviously of good will. He has the right attitude, one of humble submission to the Pope and the Church. That’s his intent. The problem is he is deceived about who the Pope and what the Church is. But at least he’s got his principles right, which is pretty rare these days. As for his argument from St. Ignatius: It’s not that we insist something is white that the Church tells us is black; rather, it’s that we insist that something is white that the Church herself had already told us is white for two millennia, and therefore if someone now tells us it’s black, then it cannot be the Church.

Leftist politicians, unite: The Vatican will co-host a conference in September on “Migration, Xenophobia, and Politically Motivated Populism” together with the ecumenical World Council of Churches. No word yet on whether they will ever have a Conference against Communism.

Francis Effect: Vatican reports ‘crisis of vocations’ as seminarian numbers fall worldwide. That’s because if Francis’ religion is true, then the priesthood is pointless.

While people like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and “Fr.” Richard Rohr are “Catholics in good standing”, U.S. Novus Ordo Bishops ponder imposing “Canonical Penalties” for people who comply with the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

The Vatican’s Insulter-in-Chief warns: “By insulting people we silence them, we take away their voice”. Yep, that was kind of the point when Christ insulted the Pharisees (see Mt 23; Mk 15, etc.). Hello!

Non-sedevacantist author and speaker Dr. Peter Chojnowski nails it: “Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt and associates like Salza and Siscoe have spent their ‘apologetic effort’ trying to convince us to stay within the Novus Ordo or to get back in it….”

Contra Cekadam: Dr. Chojnowski gives a summary response to Fr. Chazal’s new book against Sedevacantism. And Fr. Cekada has provided his own response here.

“Official explains Vatican media strategy: Let the pope be himself.” That’s quite the strategy! But yes, it is definitely best, because never is this man’s apostasy more evident than when he speaks his mind freely….

If you missed it, you didn’t: Francis’ Address to German Lutheran Delegation contains nothing we haven’t heard 548 times before….

“The Suffering of the Innocents”: Talmudic Judaism and the Novus Ordo Neocatechumenal Way.

So many “Catholics”, so little Catholicism: Official Membership numbers in the Novus Ordo Sect climb to 1.4 Billion. But how many of them could tell you what the First Commandment is?

Did “Fr.” Paul Kramer cause the split in the Fatima Center due to his critique of the erroneous recognize-Francis-as-Pope-but-resist him idea? Some certainly think so. (Some background and additional information here and here.)

In case you needed more evidence that the “New Evangelization” is infernal garbage….

Hellboy got himself a new gig: Notorious “Fr.” James Martin to give Keynote Address at World Meeting of Families in Ireland. (Full program and “papal” schedule here.) Might as well, since LGBT perverts are “of course” welcome to volunteer at the event, according to “Archbishop” Eamon Martin.

More and more people are starting to see what’s going on: One man’s plea to get out of the Vatican II Sect.

More Catholic than the Pope Francis: Conservative Novus Ordos in Ireland to host their own Conference on Marriage and Family.

Since they have nothing [Catholic] to say, they might as well listen: Francis’ Nuncio encourages U.S. Novus Ordo Bishops in “Listening”

In case you didn’t get the message the first 228 times: Francis reiterates concern for migrants, refugees, environment.

“Pope Video” for June 2018: Did Francis just throw a “Pride Month” bone to homo perverts?

Free liturgical advice: Don’t carry the Monstrance while riding a horse! Novus Ordo Bishop falls off horse during Corpus Christi procession.

The Francis Feud: Retired founder of the Novus Ordo enterprise Catholic Answers, Karl Keating, weighs in on the kerfuffle about Francis with a book of his own

Speaking of which: The former host of Catholic Answers Live, Patrick Coffin, now has his own radio show and has discussed Francis critically with Phil Lawler.

False principles have consequences: If you believe that heretics can be members of the Catholic Church, then you will eventually have not only heretical dissenters in the Church but even “Catholic dissenters”, depending on whether the current Pope happens to be a Catholic or a heretic.

The man who once seriously proposed a glossary for translating Ratzingerspeak into Catholicism, is now the editor-in-chief of Catholic Family News, following the late John Vennari.

So movie maker Wim Wenders says Francis is a man of his word? That’s precisely the problem. Meanwhile, Maureen Mullarkey has denounced Wenders’ “papal” documentary as “religious pornography”.

Someone please take away his internet access: Hellboy sends another tweet mocking holy religion. His smug remarks about polygamy conveniently ignore that God’s prohibition of polygamy is a relative law of nature, not an absolute law and therefore can be changed by divine decree (see McHugh/Callan’s Moral Theology, nn. 303, 311). And of course the quip that “none are Christian” is idiotic but also misleading, since all of the individuals he mentions were nevertheless part of the true religion (then the Old Covenant, now the New Covenant).

The (mostly Moslem) migrants currently flooding Europe are not a threat — this is guaranteed by none other than Francis himself! So it looks like that Corpus Christi procession didn’t need to be canceled, after all, and Tommy Robinson went to prison for reporting on nothing….

Yes, Jimmy Akin, he really did say that: Francis tells families: “Love is like making pasta: every day”.

Don’t you hate it when that happens? LGBT advocates have a problem: The term “bisexual” implies there are only two genders (sexes), but this of course they deny as an oppressive heteronormative construct.

Francis the Merciful takes Revenge on his old Argentine rival in La Plata.

The official song for World Youth Day 2019 in Panama has been released. Here is the English version.

No surprise there: Francis tells Russian Orthodox bishop Hilarion he doesn’t want conversions to Catholicism. Remember, in 2016 Francis said that trying to convert the Orthodox is a “great sin against ecumenism”. And when it comes to those kinds of “sins”, there is no mercy, accompaniment, limited capabilities, concrete circumstances, or anything else that’s invoked for cases of adultery!

“New Springtime” Update: Cistercian Abbey in Quebec transformed into Harry Potter Theme Park. The “Archdiocese” of Utrecht, Netherlands, is considering selling your its cathedral to pay its bills. And the “Archdiocese” of St. Paul-Minneapolis has announced a $210 million settlement with abuse victims as part of their bankruptcy case.

Non serviam? Hilarious typo in Novus Ordo newspaper headline goes viral.

Secular news site picks up on the liberal-conservative civil war in the Vatican II Church: “‘Heretic’ in the Vatican”.

“Catholic” University bans “influenc[ing] people’s faith convictions, choices, or commitments in ways that de-personalize or deprive them of their inherent value as persons.” Does this qualify? “You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell?” (Mt 23:33).

Keeping the Faith by denying it? Article in The Remnant contains blatant heresy.

See, all these years you were wrong on this: “Someone might think that there are bosses in the Church: the Pope, the Bishops, the priests and then there are the others. No…!” (Guess who said it.)

Come learn about the “Catholic Moral Life” on a decadent luxury cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan and back — with Michael Voris! (Just ignore all the occasions of sin on the ship and you’ll be fine!)

All this new stuff is getting old: Rapping Novus Ordo priest promotes gang culture.

Francis: “How does God manifest his love? With great works? No….” Right, only in the creation of the world, in the Incarnation, the Redemption, the Resurrection — little things like that.

Guess who’s paying for this: The Novus Ordo Sect’s Sex Abuse Scandals have cost over $3,300,000,000 since 2004 — and countless souls.

Because all boundaries are evil: Francis prays Soccer World Cup in Russia “overcomes all boundaries”

This says all you need to know: Study reveals AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” is more theologically accurate than 96% of modern worship songs. UPDATE: It turns out this was a fake news story from a satire site. Sorry, but these days the truth is so absurd that these satirical posts are by no means obvious anymore!

As predicted: Francis harshly condemns Abortion, now that the Irish and Argentine plebiscites are over and his words can no longer influence the masses.

Trying to cure the disease with its cause: After Abortion Loss, Irish Novus Ordo prelates look to Francis’ Vision of “Pro-Life”.

Victor Manuel “Smoochie” Fernandez, author of Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing, has a new job: Francis appointed him “bishop” of La Plata, Argentina.

Looks like Sean O’Malley has finally found his vocation: Boston’s “Cardinal” leads effort to Go Green.

Vatican’s doctrinal prefect reaffirms ban on women priests, calls teaching “definitive”. They don’t need women priests in the Novus Ordo. They’ve got James Martin (our apologies to all women).

New Vatican document quotes Pope Saint Pius X, whoa! Though not about theology, of course: “Giving the Best of Yourself”, document on Sport and the Human Person.

If you thought the Novus Ordo Sect has pretty ugly buildings now, wait till you see the “Church of the Future”.

Atila S. Guimaraes has some interesting analysis and commentary on the Chile sex abuse drama. So does Henry Sire. And Elizabeth Yore.

Business as usual: “Catholic” College hosts Ireland’s Prime Minister, who just led push to legalize Abortion.

This could be the next big scandal to hit Francis: Former Honduran Ambassador’s Wife Speaks of “Cardinal” Maradiaga’s alleged Role in Mismanaged Fund.

Brilliant: Jesuit “Fr.” Tom Reese suggests fighting Abortion by electing “Pro-Choice Democrats.”

Good catch: We all know Francis likes to stand or sit before the “Blessed Sacrament”, but now someone noticed that he doesn’t even always remove his skull cap — unlike when he’s washing feet.

Before Humanae Vitae, Bp. Albino Luciani — later “Pope” John Paul I — advocated for the moral permissibility of artificial contraception. His note to Paul VI on the matter has now been published for the first time ever.

Some suspect there is a behind-the-scenes war going on between Francis and “Cardinal” Peter Parolin, his second-in-command.

Francis has discovered “the work of Satan”, and he’s not afraid to denounce it.

Well, at least they got the title right: New book Fake Pope aims to refute fake news against Francis.

Tom Droleskey reminds his readers not to confuse “Bishop” Athanasius Schneider with St. Athanasius of Alexandria.

This single headline sums up Bergoglio’s entire “theology”: “How To Make The World A Better Place In 2018, According To Pope Francis”.

Nothing new here: Immoral Circus Show at the Vatican. (CAUTION: immodest photos!)

American Novus Ordo Bishops meet in Florida, mull canonical penalties for people enforcing abortion immigration laws. Some speculate that USCCB really stands for Underlings of Satan Creating Chaos for Bergoglio

This blog post title sums it up: “Belonging to a Church whose leaders don’t even believe in its teachings does seem kind of dumb.”

An education in evil: The Occulist philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf school system. One of Steiner’s admirers was none other than Angelo Roncalli, “Pope” John XXIII, the founder of the Novus Ordo Sect. This explains a lot.

More fallout from Francis’ “God made you gay” remark: Chaste same-sex-attracted people blast and correct Francis. Now the papal pretender can prove just how open he is to the idea of a listening church, after all…

Colombian politician, academic, and TV personality Jose Galat exposes more of the unflattering truth about Francis: “The Argentinians know Bergoglio better.”

Every Catholic, young and old, should know these: 24 Quotes about the virtue of Purity.

Modesty in clothing immediately confers on ladies a noticeable external dignity beyond compare: Where to find appropriate counter-revolutionary dress for women.

You can read the truth about Slavery and the Catholic Church here.

No clue about the Papacy: A layman refutes the theological sophistry of Bp. Richard Williamson.

A German SSPX priest exposes some serious errors in Joseph Ratzinger’s Introduction to Christianity.

Novus Ordo psychologist Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg tells the truth about homosexual perversions.

Rod Dreher explains why Francis only confirmed his decision to leave the Novus Ordo Sect (alas, for Eastern Orthodoxy).

A Novus Ordo priest refutes Francis’ twaddle about “the temptation of making idols of certain abstract truths.”

A Catholic blogger explains why Yoga is dangerous.

Tom Droleskey looks at the (Lack of) Ecumenism of St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen.

Nigeria’s only sedevacantist priest explains the missionary work there.

Bp. Donald Sanborn answers an agnostic college student inquiring about the Faith.

And John Daly recounts the time when “Pope” Paul VI was admonished for heresy by two Catholic cardinals.

And one for the road…

“At that time Jesus answered and said: I confess to thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to the little ones.” (Mt 11:25)

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