Novus Ordo “High” Mass?

Flying Monstrance:

“Eucharistic” Drone Delivery in Brazilian Novus Ordo Parish

The absuridty, impiety, sacrilege, and wickedness of the Vatican II Sect knows no bounds. The following video was taken at São Geraldo Majella (St. Gerard Majella) church in Sorocaba, Brazil, located in the “archdiocese” of Sorocaba. It is staffed by Novus Ordo Redemptorist presbyters:

[We had to remove this video from our YouTube channel for copyright reasons.]

The original video can still be viewed on Facebook here

For those unable to play the video: The Novus Ordo version of the Blessed Sacrament (mere bread and wine because invalid due to defect of form, sometimes defect of matter, and almost always defect of valid minister), enclosed in a monstrance, is lifted off the ground by a remote-controlled drone at the entrace of the church. It is then flown through the main aisle until it arrives at the worship space, where the presbyter receives it. As this is happening, the choir sings the Halleluja chorus from Handel’s Messiah while the people are hooting and hollering like crazy. We assume that this unworthy spectacle was meant to symbolize the Resurrection of Christ.

There are simply no words, ladies and gentlemen, no words.

Nor are any necessary. The Vatican II Sect is from the deepest pits of hell, and we must pray fervently that Almighty God may soon rid the world of this apostate institution once and for all.

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