News Digest February 7, 2018

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February 7, 2018

The Occult and the Profane: Idolatry in the Vatican II Sect

And one for the road…

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4 Responses to “News Digest February 7, 2018”

  1. J Nelson

    Jorge Bergoglio’s “Intellectual Biography” is about three pages shorter than “Famous Radio Personalities of 18th Century Antarctica”.

  2. Lee

    I hope Mel Gibson’s movie The Resurrection will be good from the link provided above. In fact, I wished he would do more movies about the saints etc. So much to choose from and yet almost everything out there now is either total impure filth, blasphemy, or inaccurate.

    • BurningEagle

      I didn’t like the last one. It was too inaccurate. He should have based it on Sacred Scripture, and not on private revelations.
      There were important omissions and modifications. The Protestants went ga-ga for it. In my opinion, it was not a Catholic movie.

      • Lee

        There was a few things in the last one I wish he didn’t do such as portraying St. Mary Magdalen as the adulterous women. Sacred Scripture referred to her as possessed with devils in the Gospel of Luke and it was my understanding that she was the one who wept on Our Lord’s feet, dried them with her hair and anointed them. He made Our Lady look kinda old even though some private revelations say she never aged but at least Gibson kept her in the majority of the movie unlike other protestantized movies. His portrayal of the devil was different and I didn’t care for that.

        When it came out I was surprised how most protestants liked it because he constantly referred to the bread being His body and the wine His blood. Many protestants I knew at that time denied this teaching (as they still do) but I think it hit their emotions and that’s possibly why they were in awe. The scourging scene was the best I’ve ever seen and that part of private revelation inspires greater devotion since scripture does not elaborate on it (not saying private revelation is above scripture but that private revelation if they are approved are no problem). I remember many protestants asking me who the women was that wiped His face (St. Veronica). Thanks to Catholicism these thing not mentioned in scripture are hidden from protestants and they’re missing out on a lot of things that sadly many of them reject because its too Catholic . I know St. Gertrudes had a copy of it back then when I visited. They must have not had a big problem with it

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