News Digest December 17, 2017

Novus Ordo Watch NEWS DIGEST
December 17, 2017

For those who aren’t sick enough yet of rocking “nuns”…

And one for the road…

Francis in Myanmar with Buddhist Aung San Suu Kyi
(click image for larger version)

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5 Responses to “News Digest December 17, 2017”

  1. Sonia

    Well. There were four minutes of penance, watching wanna be beyonces in Catholic costumes. Secular…sacred…secular…sacred…secular…secular… Secular is the heart beat of the Novus Ordo ‘nun’. You have rewind and go, how did these gals get this gig? Does their superior have amps and rehearsal rooms back at the con’? No guesses as to whom their ‘lord’ is.

  2. Tom A.

    Someone really should start a Remnant Watch blog. The crap that they and their readers post is almost as ridiculous as what comes out of Bergolio’s pie hole (when he is not busy putting feces in his pie hole).

  3. BurningEagle

    It is interesting to note that Minutella side-steps the question of rejection of the Novus Ordo Missae and the rejection of Vatican II. Yet, he wants to be viewed as a traditionalist. He was “ordained” in 1999. He is perfect for CFN and the Remnant.

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