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In Memory of the Last True Pope (so far)

Pope Pius XII
Mar 2, 1876 – Oct 9, 1958

October 9, 2017, marks the 59th anniversary of the death of the last known true Pope, His Holiness Pius XII, born Eugenio Pacelli, reigned 1939-1958. To honor and remember him, we are sharing the video below of a broadcast clip shown in 1958 at the passing of the Supreme Pontiff.

When Pius XII died, the Novus Ordo Religion was as yet unknown to the world, for it would not come into existence until later, beginning with the election during a bizarre conclave of the first Modernist Antipope, John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli). What a blessed time it was, when no one — no one! — who called himself a member of the Catholic Church, knew anything yet of “Catholic” ecumenism, a New Mass, interreligious dialogue, the abominable Second Vatican Council, religious liberty, exaggerated notions of “human dignity,” liturgical dancing, apostate New Age “eco” nuns, gay priests, opposition to the death penalty, luminous Rosary mysteries, and so forth.

Reflect on this for a bit. A mere 59 years ago, these things were wholly unknown and most certainly not connected with the name of “Catholic.” What’s 59 years compared to the Church’s own 2,000-year history?

Nine years ago, we published an essay entitled Sede Vacante 1958-2008: Reflections on a 50-Year Vacancy of the Apostolic See”. It is well worth a read and as timely as ever.

As we commemorate today the 59th anniversary of the passing of the (so far) last Vicar of Christ, and thus the fulfillment of the prophecy of 2 Thess 2:7 that the Pope would “be taken out of the way” to allow the mystery of iniquity to prevail for a time, just as the enemies of our Lord were allowed to prevail for a short while during His Sacred Passion, let us beg God to send us once again a true Pope so that we who have witnessed the Church humiliated in her Passion may also see the happy day of the her triumphant Resurrection.

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17 Responses to “In Memory of the Last True Pope (so far): Pius XII”

  1. Not That Guy

    Can you explain the objection to the luminous mysteries? Is it simply that the came from John Paul II? Thank you in advance.

    • J Nelson

      Our Blessed Mother gave us the Rosary. Imagine the hubris to think, “No, not good enough. It’s lacking something.”

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      The events themselves that are meditated upon in the ‘luminous mysteries’ are not wrong, of course: The wedding at Cana, the institution of the Most Holy Eucharist, etc. Of course it is profitable to meditate on these. But they are not part of the Holy Rosary, and hence the graces associated with meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary are not granted when meditating on these novel ‘mysteries’. So, they actually serve to draw people away from meditating on the ACTUAL Rosary mysteries. There are other considerations, too, such as the breaking up of the traditional Rosary rhythm (joyful mysteries on Mondays and Thursdays, sorrowful on Tuesdays and Fridays, glorious on Wednesdays and Saturdays), and — my personal favorite — the fact that instead of 150 Haily Marys, the “full” Rosary now has 200 Hail Marys, and if we follow Our Lady’s request at Fatima to pray “one third” of the whole Rosary every day (traditionally, 5 decades or 50 Hail Marys), this now amounts to 6.66 decades or 66.6 Hail Marys). Just saying.

    • BurningEagle

      How can anyone think Chuck Wojtyla can improve Our Lady’s rosary?

      This is the guy who:
      * Gave his followers the New Code of Canon Law (which sacrilegiously allows non-Catholics to receive “communion” – 844; 3,4)
      * Taught Universal Salvation for all men, regardless of their belief or sins
      * Taught Ecumenism
      * Was friendly towards Communism
      * Praised Luther as a profoundly religious man, and a great reformer
      * Denied that the miracles of Christ prove Christ’s Divinity
      * Approved of Buddhist idolatry in a “Catholic” church
      * Participated in Hinduism (bovine fecal matter smeared on his forehead)
      * Participated in American Indian sorcery
      * Venerated Mahatma Gandhi, hero of humanity
      * Utterly rejected Mortalium Animos of Pius XI with the ecumenical circus called the Assisi World Day of Prayer for Peace
      * Took part in Lutheran worship
      * Took part in Jewish worship
      * Visited a Mosque
      * Venerated the Koran (he KISSED it!)
      * Read a verse of the Koran every day
      * Praised Judaism, and continued preaching that the old covenant was not revoked by God
      * Taught that the Eastern Orthodox do not need to be converted
      * Praised and venerated “Pope Shenouda” and his schismatic Coptic Orthodox church
      * Donated $100,000 for the erection of a Romanian Orthodox cathedral
      * “Worshipped” with the Anglican “Bishop” in an Anglican church
      * Rejected the Council of Trent by the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification with Lutherans Oct 31, 1999
      * Indulged in very immodest, nearly-naked women performing suggestive gymnastic entertainments and dances
      * Had topless women read the epistle at his so called “Mass”
      * Promoted freedom of conscience, and all sorts of Liberalism
      * Prayed for forgiveness for the Crusades and for the Inquisition
      * Gave Catholic relics to schismatics
      * etc.
      To call him a pig would be an insult to pigs everywhere. To call him a snake would be to elevate his status. All of his deeds are worthless, at best, but usually blasphemous and heretical.

      • Clare Forkin

        Though the above is rather strongly expressed, I absolutely agree with the sentiments!
        I have a question regarding the issue of the “Theology of the body”. I think it is appalling, but don’t have the theological know-how to counter it! Any suggestions?
        Thank you!

        • BurningEagle

          I am not competent to respond. I do not know what it is. It sounds revolutionary and sick. I will leave it to someone who knows what it is. The Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas is what The Catholic Church upholds as Her own, and placed His works on the altar along with Sacred Scripture at the Council of Trent. What other “theology” is needed?

          • Clare Forkin

            Thanks for the update!
            Tragically, good souls have been taken in by these poisonous ideas!


    We still have a valid Supreme Pontiff: Pope Gregory XVIII (1991-present), 261st Successor of Saint Peter and Vicar of Christ after Pope Gregory XVII.

  3. jay

    It isn’t hard to see what the Vatican II sect has done to the Christian world and to the secular side of society. From Oct. of 1958 to 1978 the moral barometer of the world plunged to new lows. Abortion, Divorce, Homosexuality , adultery , dishonesty etc. It could all be summed up by looking at a Sunday morning in 1958 compared to a Sunday morning in 1978 . It was just 20 years but the differences were so stark that you would believe you were looking at two different worlds.

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