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Out There: Francis chats with Astronauts at Space Station

screenshot from video — with a slight modification by us

[UPDATE 27-OCT-2017: Complete English transcript now available]

“Pope” Francis is concerned about many things, it’s just that most of them have nothing to do with the job description of Pope (cf. Lk 10:42-43). Were he a true and valid Catholic Pope, his first duty would be to guard the purity of the Faith, to teach true doctrine, to sanctify souls, and to govern the Mystical Body of Christ, ensuring its unity, prosperity, and growth. A great example of how to do this well was given by Pope Saint Pius X (r. 1903-1914), who was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1954.

Francis, the anti-Pius X in more ways than one, makes his primary concern the temporal welfare of the world. He is concerned about water, carbon emissions, mass migration, the “marginalized”, hunger, communications, mudslides, racism, homelessness, unemployment, sports — all causes that have nothing to do with the primary job description of a Pope and can be addressed by all sorts of people who aren’t, and don’t even claim to be, the Vicar of Christ.

Today at 3:00 pm CET, the Vatican broadcast a live chat between Francis and the six crew members currently aboard the International Space Station. The video can be watched here:

UPDATE: The full transcript has now been released and is available in English here:

For more information, you can read this brief report on the Francis-astronaut link-up from Vatican Radio and this one from Catholic Herald; and some background information is provided by Crux here.

Here is another still shot from the video feed provided by Vatican TV. Notice the hideous painting behind Francis:

Modernists love everything that is ugly. This piece of New Age artwork is called “Cosmic Embrace” (Abbraccio Cosmico) and was created by Camilian Demetrescu (d. 2012), who explains the meaning of the thing here (in Italian). A video with the artist can be watched here, and his son explains his father’s legacy here.

Once again Francis has found a way to draw attention to himself and to drown the world in a flood of words, events, and news that can distract people from the horrendous apostasy that is moving forward ever more rapidly to its ultimate abyss.

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5 Responses to “Out There: Francis chats with Astronauts at Space Station”

  1. lauermar

    “Colleague Aleksandr gave a very beautiful answer in Russian, which I will now translate somewhat like this, quickly. He made reference to a book he is reading these days up here, to reflect, “The Little Prince” of Saint Exupery. He makes reference to the story that he gives gladly – or would give gladly – his own life to return and save the plants and animals on earth.”

    David Miscavige and L Ron Hubbard would be proud of Alex. I think he should join Scientology or start a chapter in his city if there isn’t one. Maybe he can search and find Xenu the Galactic overlord while he’s in space. No use in wasting a good trip.

  2. Barry

    Do not have the knowledge to agree with your entire post, suffice to say that the
    “Prince of darkness” “rule’s” this world: The Father of Lies.
    So accepting the official narrative of historical highlight’s IS folly. I do believe the
    Moon landing’s were faked though.
    MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD…… but it will be…. Maranatha!

  3. strickerm

    “And you, who come from America, were able to understand that the Earth is too fragile, it’s a moment that passes: 10 kilometers per second, said Dr. Nespoli . . . The atmosphere is a very fragile, subtle reality enough to destroy us. ” – JB.

    So, let me get this straight…our God created a very fragile atmosphere and the earth is too fragile?

    JB has very little understanding of the magnitude of God!

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