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After recent fall

First Francis, now Benedict XVI:
New Photos show Joseph Ratzinger with Black Eye

The diocese of Passau, Germany, just published two new images of the so-called “Pope Emeritus”, Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, otherwise known by his stage name “Benedict XVI.” Click on each image for a larger version:

The two visitors seen in these photos are “Bishop” Stefan Oster of the diocese of Passau, Germany, in which lies Benedict’s birthplace, and Mr. Peter Seewald, a German journalist who has produced numerous interview books with Ratzinger. Oster and Seewald visited Benedict to give him a copy of a new book they collaborated on, entitled Benedikt XVI. Der deutsche Papst (“Benedict XVI: The German Pope”).

If you look closely, you will see that Fr. Ratzinger has a black eye on the right side of his face. According to the accompanying text on the Passau diocesan web site provided by Mr. Oster, this injury was due to a recent fall:

What a cordial encounter we had today in Rome with our honorable Papa emeritus Benedict XVI! Together with the well-known journalist Peter Seewald I had the honor to present to him a beautiful new book: a volume our diocese has published together with Seewald. The title: Benedict XVI — the German Pope. Great pictures, many short, memorable texts on important topics, and a brief outline of his life. Even though Pope Benedict has a black eye due to a fall [he suffered] a week ago, he met us full of health, in good spirits, filled with wit and with many memories great and small of people from his and our home diocese. He gives his regards to everyone and gave us his blessing on behalf of everyone at home.

(source; our translation)

A third photo taken at the meeting with Benedict in the Vatican’s Mater Ecclesiae Monastery was found on “Bp.” Oster’s Facebook page:

When Francis visited Colombia in September, he too ended up with a black eye after hitting his head on the metal frame of the “Popemobile”.

Oh, the irony.