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July 10, 2017

Sun Worship: Summer Solstice with Immodest Dancers at Bari Cathedral

And one for the road…

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14 Responses to “News Digest July 10, 2017”

  1. bartmaeus

    I’m not entirely happy with the solstice ceremony. It was not inclusive. I did not see any Mullahs or Abdullahs calling for the death of the West and the beheading of the Infidel. Is this not Italy, which is marked out for Islamisation and Africanisation? Then why no Muslim from Somalia, brandishing a machete? Why no ceremony in which the heretic priest gets his come-uppance for being a White European?

    Has not the native European been offered up for sacrifice by the Inclusive Pontiff from behind his high walls, where he sits and chats with the Rothschilds and Soros the Mad? Then why not get on with building bridges linking what is left of the seat of Christendom with the fount of Chaos and Desolation, Pontiff?

    • Conspirador

      Come on, you should be entirely happy because it is far better than the “vudu” masses, tango masses, Guadalupe masses, clown/circus masses, etc.

        • Sonia

          Yes. I doubt the Posse of the Perfidious Plié could make an exchange of said skills; No-ham-moham terrorists trying to plié, while Novus Ordo Devotees put aside their balls, hoops and ribbons and work out a machete routine – although that would be ground breaking. It began with the Novus Ordo clown mass and concludes with the Novus Ordo machete mass.

          • bartmaeus

            Somehow the image of the machete mass doesn’t ring true, what with all the touchy-feely, unasked-for mercy-unto-the-sinners-and-non-believers, hope-has-no-walls, let-all-the-foes-of-Christendom-in, tolerance-for-all-abominations-but-not-for-defenders-of-truth, that’s going on.
            More likely that the pliers of plié and palaver would offer themselves up to the sword of the none-too-good-at- plié plunderers from the Pentagon’s proxy army-from-hell’s sewers, as a sacrificial offering, a judas goat, so to speak.

  2. Sonia

    Re: Plot Against the Church.

    “…May the minim [Christians] perish in an instant; may they be effaced from the book of
    life and not be counted among the Just.” The daily ‘ “Birkat” haMinim’, which stretches back to 80 AD.
    The Catholic missal, in stark contrast, prays for the salvation of the faithless Jews.

  3. Sonia

    Antichrist idolator, Wojtyla, of the theology of the naughty bits, so logorrheacally expounded on wasted pulp paper page after pulp page, has much in common with Mr Barron. That would be ‘fr’ Barron – fan of Luther, the pastor of salacious antichrist pulp fiction. Both are Novus Ordite ‘shepherds’.

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