The “Pope” strikes again…

No Joke: Francis posts “No Complaining” Sign on his Apartment Door

You can’t make this stuff up, folks, you just can’t make it up: The Jesuit apostate pretending to be the Pope of the Catholic Church, Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, apparently cannot bear not to be the center of attention even for 24 hours.

With all the maturity of a modern teenager, “Pope” Francis has now affixed a sign outside the door of his personal room at the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. The sign reads: Vietato Lamentarsi — Italian for “No Complaining”. Here is a close-up photo of the ridiculous stunt:

(click image to enlarge)

According to a report by Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli, Francis gave explicit permission for a photo of this sign to be taken and published:

The text right underneath the “No Complaining” admonition reads as follows in English translation:

Offenders are subjected to a syndrome of victimism that lowers the mood and the ability to solve problems. Sanction is doubled if the offense is committed in the presence of children. To become the best of yourself, you must focus on your own potential and not on your own limits, so stop complaining and act to change your life better.

Dr. Salvo Noè

Tornielli reveals that the sign was given to Francis by one Dr. Salvo Noè, a psychologist and psychotherapist who, when meeting Francis at the Vatican on June 14 of this year, “gave him a book, a bracelet and the sign which was immediately appreciated by the pope”. And now that sign graces his apartment door at the Casa Santa Marta.

The Casa Santa Marta (Latin: Domus Sanctae Marthae) is the official guest house (hotel) in Vatican City. From the beginning of his “pontificate” (March 13, 2013), Francis made it his home. He did not want to move into the papal apartment in the Apostolic Palace but preferred to use the guest house instead. Although he occupies only two rooms himself, by now the entire floor has been reserved for him and his staff.

That Francis should post a “No Complaining” sign on his door is ironic, since he himself complains constantly. Whether it’s about “Google and Wikipedia priests”, youngsters who prefer the Traditional Latin Mass, or “proselytizing” anti-ecumenists, the Jesuit antipope always has something to complain about. And now he is complaining about too much complaining. You just can’t make it up.

For those who have not yet realized it: Franics has made it his job to humiliate the Catholic Papacy before the world. The idea is to ensure that the world will never again take the Pope — the Pope as such, i.e. any Pope — seriously, least of all the Catholic claims regarding this most exalted office of Vicar of Christ, which Francis does not hold validly at all, but which the world believes him to hold. Thus the damage to the Papacy in untold millions of minds is the same. We also recall Francis’ stunt in Milan earlier this year, where he used a portable toilet placed in a most visible location to ensure that the entire world would be able to witness His Humbleness entering and leaving a chemical outhouse.

In case you’re new to this whole subject matter and are asking yourself what in the world has happened to the Catholic Church, we recommend you start here, listen to this lecture, and embrace true Catholicism.

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6 Responses to “Francis posts “No Complaining” Sign on his Apartment Door”

  1. White Knight

    May we have a Bergoglian definition of ‘complaining’ please? We wouldn’t want the flock to be confused. What’s that? Yep, let me get a pen here… mmhhm… yep… no mentioning of previous papal encyclicals… got it… what was that last bit? No questioning of Vatican II or mentioning of scandals or the words ‘heresy,’ ‘apostasy,’ or ‘hell…’ yep, slow down a bit… okay… mmhm. Anything else? Great. I’ll send it to the press right away!

  2. Tom A.

    The sign that should hang on his door and over the door of every NO church is “Abandon Hope, Ye all who enter here.”

  3. bartmaeus

    Lamentations forbidden, eh? The time for Lamentations follow the lowering of the boom on the obdurately disobedient city and its corrupt temple, as with the arrival of the king of Babylon.

    The jokey-serious sign, it reminds me of a phrase in the film, Batman: the Fire Rises:
    “Calm down, Doctor, now is not the time for fear; that comes later.”

  4. Sonia

    Focus on yourself!

    PS. One with nil authority in Christ (Bergoglio) ‘authoritively’ moans about those who ask, seek, and knock for Truth on the Novus Ordo door. Realistically, folks who knock on Bergoglio’s door seeking Truth will rightly have much to moan about ipso facto.

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