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The Daily Francis is here!
Bergoglian “Message of the Day” Service launched

Since we clearly haven’t heard and seen enough of “Pope” Francis in the last 4+ years, the Novus Ordo Sect now offers a new service to ensure that no one will have to be without Bergoglian wisdom for more than 24 consecutive hours ever again.

“Fr.” Eduardo J. Dougherty has launched a service called The Message of the Day. The official web site,, explains what it’s all about:

The Message of the Day is an exciting new media project, which delivers the positive words and inspirational messages of Pope Francis to all people worldwide.

The Message of the Day is a 1 to 2-minute inspirational video that contains useful, positive content, keeping subscribers in touch and in tune with the Pope on a daily basis.

It is designed to quickly & easily enrich and inform The Pope’s faithful followers.

(“About Us”, The Message of the Day)

Rome Reports has put together a short clip introducing the new “papal” service:

In order to get Francis’ “Message of the Day” delivered to your email inbox, all you need to do is sign up at their web site, and you will be graced on a daily basis with select gems of profound “papal” spirituality and doctrine, such as:

Of course The Message of the Day is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

So… sign up today!

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27 Responses to “The Daily Francis is here! Bergoglian “Message of the Day” Service launched”

    • Sonia

      What’s the difference between an antipope and a ‘priest’ of satan? People’s perception. What’s the difference between a Protestant and one who attends an una cum Mass? Protestants don’t bother to name antipopes in their ‘worship.’ Does that make those who attend an una cum Mass more

  1. bartmaeus

    What could be better, as one pours homogenized milk into the bowl of sugar-laden GMO and glyphosate-drenched cereal, than to have the diurnal drone of the Multiculturaliser playing in the background? Hope they have that saccharine elevator music as well. Yummy!

    Can’t wait until they’re hours long, like the speeches – I mean Lectures – of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez!

  2. Pascendi

    No one could blame you NOW, if you started thinking that the real motive for the website is to overwhelm you with so much babble as to make it impossible for you to keep up.

  3. jay

    The Vatican II sect’s popes have pushed the envelope of heresy as far as they could without waking their sleeping followers but I believe Bergoglio is in the process of finally getting the message of the anti Christ to be seen clearly by many of the Vatican II adherents.

    • Sarah Hodgins

      I have been studying a very long, but shocking and mind-blowing, book called the Plot Against the Church by Pinay (copyright 1962) —which I highly recommend that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD reads–!!!. If you haven’t heard of Pierleoni AKA Antipope Anacletus II, you might want to look him up. He was the first Jewish Pope (called that by Jewish historians)…Frankie is just another Pierleoni…..this gives me hope that the Church has been in major major fights before and has come out on top!

      • Teuton1981

        As far as I know, this book (which is really great) was distributed for numerous VII priests. It seems that no one really worried to read it…

        • Sarah Hodgins

          Well, it is really, really long…and it is quite discouraging what with all the antipopes and murders and blaming everything on the jews! I am starting to look to the orthodox church as an alternative….

          • Eric H

            Sarah, what’s the appeal of the separated Eastern churches? They may have valid sacraments, but that’s a small matter in comparison with schism and heresy.

            Catholics must be on guard against even entertaining ideas that are against faith or morals. If your mind is disturbed about some particular point, pray for enlightenment and read about it in good Catholic books. Here are some that should settle your mind that the Eastern schismatics are wrong:

            Orestes Brownson, The Doellingerites, Nationalists, and the Papacy

            Fr. Reuben Parsons, Some Lies and Errors of History, The “Orthodox” Russian and the Schismatic Greek Churches

            Bp. Francis Kenrick, The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated

          • Sarah Hodgins

            RCC call them separated and they call RCC separated! So who is right??

          • Sarah Hodgins

            And RCC say “us” while Ortho say “us”! who caused the separation and why?

          • Sarah Hodgins

            hopefully i can get a copy of one or more of these…but have you read the other side’s books?

          • Novus Ordo Watch

            Sarah, please understand that there is a reason why for 2000 years there has been a wicked war waged against the Chair of St. Peter, and that’s because the Chair of St. Peter is the Chair of Truth. Right now the enemy *appears* to have triumphed, but only in the same way the enemy *appeared* to have triumphed when our Blessed Lord hung upon the Cross in *apparent* – but not real – defeat. In fact, the Cross was our Lord’s greatest victory, and this is how it must be with his church.

            Have you listened to this lecture or read the transcript? It lays out what happened to the Papacy and why:


            Please do not abandon Our Lord’s Mystical Body in its most terrifying hour. As Cardinal Manning said in 1861: “As the wicked did not prevail against [Christ] even when they bound Him with cords, dragged Him to the judgment, blindfolded His eyes, mocked Him as a false King, smote Him on the head as a false Prophet, led Him away, crucified Him, and in the mastery of their power seemed to have absolute dominion over Him, so that He lay ground down and almost annihilated under their feet; and as, at that very time when He was dead and buried out of their sight, He was conqueror over all, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven, and was crowned, glorified, and invested with His royalty, and reigns supreme, King of kings and Lord of lords — even so shall it be with His Church: though for a time persecuted, and, to the eyes of man, overthrown and trampled on, dethroned, despoiled, mocked, and crushed, yet in that high time of triumph the gates of hell shall not prevail. There is in store for the Church of God a resurrection and an ascension, a royalty and a dominion, a recompense of glory for all it has endured. Like Jesus, it needs must suffer on the way to its crown; yet crowned it shall be with Him eternally. Let no one, then, be scandalised if the prophecy speak of sufferings to come. We are fond of imagining triumphs and glories for the Church on earth — that the Gospel is to be preached to all nations, and the world to be converted, and all enemies subdued, and I know not what — until some ears are impatient of hearing that there is in store for the Church a time of terrible trial: and so we do as the Jews of old, who looked for a conqueror, a king, and for prosperity; and when their Messias came in humility and in passion, they did not know Him. So, I am afraid, many among us intoxicate their minds with the visions of success and victory, and cannot endure the thought that there is a time of persecution yet to come for the Church of God.”

            You may not be aware, but the Eastern Orthodox (1) are not unified. Properly speaking, there are only Eastern churches, not one Eastern Orthodox Church. (2) Many of the E.O. churches practice ecumenism just like Francis. (3) The E.O.s have been practicing Amoris Laetitia for a long time. They accept and bless adulterous unions.

            God bless.

          • Eric H

            No, I haven’t felt the need, nor should I be reading books against the Catholic religion. Every false religion and false philosophy has something to say for itself. What I’ve read in Catholic books has kept me from wondering if the Eastern schismatics could be right.

          • Eric H

            Someone needs to see both sides, but why me? The Church doesn’t allow the reading of anti-Catholic books without permission, because it’s an unnecessary occasion of sin. To use an analogy, would you say that each person should look at lewd pictures to decide for himself if they are right or wrong?

          • Sarah Hodgins

            ok then, WHO needs to look at the lewd images? if not you then who? but nevermind, I don’t want people getting upset on this thread

          • Eric H

            some priests, theologians, judges, attorneys, schoolteachers, parents, etc. … as necessary to fulfill their duties

          • Sarah Hodgins

            Oh good I didn’t realize you put the actual links, thank you

          • Eric H

            You’re welcome! The first article is pretty short and to the point, given how much ground it covers.

  4. Cindy Snipes

    Oh Dear Lord. I already have a bad heart. And while I find it somewhat tempting to hear his ludicrous “messages of the day”, I know
    it would only serve to make my blood pressure worse!

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