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All the Men behind the Opus Dei Curtain: Randy Engel weighs in on the Drama surrounding Church Militant

[UPDATE 16-JUL-2017: Randy Engel’s reponse to E. Michael Jones added]

In July of 2016, Novus Ordo editor and author E. Michael Jones published a sordid tell-all book against Church Militant and its frontman, Michael Voris, entitled The Man behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex. The official description of the publication reads as follows:

The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex by E. Michael Jones. In April 2016 Michael Voris’s homosexual past finally caught up with him. The crusading on-camera face of Church Militant TV who had been the scourge of homosexuals in the Catholic Church turned out to be a homosexual himself and tried to bring closure to the scandal by outing himself. But even if damage control brought about a quick fix, many questions remained unanswered. The Man Behind the Curtain addresses all of those questions.

(Source: “The Fidelity Press E-Book Collection”Culture Wars; bold print replaced with italics.)

Apparently there were many more unanswered questions than the ones addressed by Jones, however.

In a lengthy new monograph, author and researcher Randy Engel endeavors to open the curtain a bit further to expose what she argues are connections tying not just Michael Voris, “Fr.” Paul Nicholson, and others behind the scenes but also the very E. Michael Jones to the secretive elite Novus Ordo prelature of Opus Dei.

Engel’s 45-page exposé can be read here:

It is no secret that Michael Voris is a big fan of Opus Dei, as he endorsed them directly in a Vortex episode of Mar. 25, 2010, which can be watched here. The issue Engel strives to shed light on is the influence the cult-like Opus Dei has on various organs of the Novus Ordo Church and in particular on the movers and shakers behind the scenes at Church Militant, and why these connections are not mentioned by E. Michael Jones in a book that claims to address “all of those” unanswered questions. Her monograph thus endeavors to fill the reader in on the rest of the story, so to speak.

Randy Engel is not a sedevacantist. To our knowledge, she accepts Francis as the Vicar of Christ and the Vatican II Sect in Rome as the Roman Catholic Church. She is, however, a credible researcher and investigative journalist, as can be gleaned from her many writings and her biographical blurb at Renew America. Engel is the author of the 5-volume The Rite of Sodomy, a detailed and explicit exposé of homosexuality in the Vatican II Sect. She has also written against the so-called “Theology of the Body” of “Pope” John Paul II. In 2013, she published a scathing open letter to “Pope” Francis about homosexuality and pederasty.

A day after Engel released her “All the Men behind the Opus Dei Curtain”, Jones posted a reaction on his web site, in which he disavows all connections to Opus Dei:

Needless to say, we’re not going to get involved in the dispute between Jones and Engel. This is basically an internal argument between members of the Novus Ordo Sect. However, since both Engel and Jones are big names in the English-speaking circles of the Vatican II Church, and since Opus Dei is a controversial group even among Novus Ordos, the matter is certainly newsworthy.

In addition, this topic should be of special concern to anyone who outsources his understanding of Catholicism to Church Militant.

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11 Responses to “All the Men behind the Opus Dei Curtain”

  1. MarkN

    To be fair to Dr. Jones, who I have no desire to defend as he’s been lately insanely libeling as polytheists anyone who says Muslims worship a different god, I must say that I have in the archives an article he wrote in 2014, called “Why Catholics are Stupid” in which he really vents his spleen on Opus Dei:

    “Once upon a time, Opus Dei made a pact with the Devil. No, let me be more specific, Opus Dei made a pact with the Great Satan…”

    “…loyal American Catholics of the sort that joined Opus Dei were allowed to b**** and moan about sexual issues like abortion and sodomy as long as they were fervent supporters of capitalism and an aggressive US foreign policy…”

    “Father Rocky Hoffman knows who I am. He tried to recruit my oldest son into Opus Dei in the unscrupulous way (“Don’t tell your parents!”) that was standard operating procedure during the 1980s, but that didn’t stop him from blacklisting me at Relevant Radio.”

    ~(“Why Catholics are Stupid”, E. Michael Jones, Culture Wars, Vol. 33, No.7, June 2014)

  2. Gresu

    E. Michael Jones also wrote the book, “Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation is Political Control” worth the time to read.

  3. jay

    Br. Peter Dimond of MHFM has been beating that drum for years. The rot runs deep in the Vatican II sect and those that still believe that there has been a valid Pope on Peter’s throne since anti pope John the 23rd. sat on it, remain blind, but the cracks are beginning to form in Satan’s dam as it is getting ready to burst by the pressure from the Holy Ghost and Christ’s true Church .

  4. Pedro

    Having been exposed to Opus Dei in high school through a friend, whose mother was a supernumerary, and having continued contact with them through college and beyond, I would confirm the criticism of it as being a cult. While lacing its controlling structure with Novus Ordo conservatism, it has no true mooring in Traditional Catholic doctrines but rather presenting a conservative face while missing the obvious heretical nature of Vatican II. So you may hear Latin but the “priest” faces the people, although a triptych is placed in front of the tabernacle, and thus, as is true of the Novus Ordo heretical sect, gives his back to God. Just another flavor of the endless rainbow of “surprises” in what is the heretical dog and pony show of the Vatican II Frankenchurch.

    • Dum Spiro Spero

      In this rare time there are problems everywhere. I insist that the main problem of Opus Dei is the papacy.
      As for unusual behaviors, I have seen them in many sedevacantistas. They are experts in detecting heresies, but I do not see them lending so much importance to charity. They get angry very easily and are usually difficult to deal with. Nor do I see them acting in society. As if that did not matter to them.

        • Dum Spiro Spero

          For example, the FSSPX recognizes Francis, but they believes that he can teach what he teaches. In addition, the people of the FSSPX criticize him strongly, also in the doctrinal plane.
          Opus Dei recognizes Francisco, and for that reason does not criticize him. They often comment only on things that Francis sometimes says well (how could he cheat otherwise?); about others issues they keep silent.
          As they believe that he is the Pope, they consider that he can’t say anything against the faith (that posture, in general, for a valid Pope, is correct).
          That is why I say that their problem is the papacy. They can’t believe that the council Popes are not the true Popes. Then they follow them.
          The worst thing for a Catholic is to face the Papacy.

          • Pedro

            Have you considered, assuming you are a layman, the possibility that after Pope Pius XII these men who occupy and have occupied the Holy See are indeed anti-popes?

          • Dum Spiro Spero

            Of course yes. But I see that this thought provokes terror in the minds of so many Catholics. They find it impossible in practice.

  5. Louis Boo

    When I was a member of the FSSP several years ago, there was a family heavily involved in the Opus Dei and they were doing recruiting sessions, the wife would have them for the ladies of the parish and the husband for the men. Something about them just rubbed me the wrong way so I never attended, which of course made me a pariah in the parish. Glad I didn’t fall for them. As for Mr. Voris, I used to watch him as well but again, something about him didn’t seem legit so I stopped watching his goofy videos.So much happier now we have a real church to attend that follows the real Catholic faith.

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