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Ninety years of Joseph Ratzinger

“Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI turns 90

April 16 of this year marks the 90th birthday of Joseph Alois Ratzinger, more commonly known by his stage name, “Pope Emeritus” Benedict XVI. As Novus Ordo, semi-traditionalist, and secular TV and print media, web sites, and blogs will probably try to surpass each other in heaping praise upon the “orthodox, conservative Pope”, that “Great Restorer of Tradition”, we will use the occasion to remind people that Father Joseph Ratzinger — for that is all he is, never having received a valid consecration as bishop, much less the Papacy — has been a Modernist from his earliest days and is one of the most dangerous enemies of the Faith the Catholic Church has ever known. Unlike his successor, the verbally inept “Pope” Francis, the intellectually-gifted Benedict XVI uses smooth and elegant language, wrapped in a veneer of orthodoxy and Tradition, to inject his subversive ideas into the minds of the unsuspecting masses.

Few people are aware that as far back as the 1950s, Ratzinger was already branded “suspect of heresy” by the Holy Office under Pope Pius XII; that at the Second Vatican Council, the peritus Ratzinger was called by some a “heretic who denies [the dogma of] hell”; that at Vatican II, Ratzinger complained that the council texts relied too much on Teilhard de Chardin and not enough on Martin Luther; that in 1968, his blockbuster book Introduction to Christianity was banned in the archdiocese of Warsaw by Cardinal Wyszynski for being Modernist; that in 1972, Ratzinger argued that it was possible in some cases to permit unrepentant public adulterers to “Holy Communion”; that Ratzinger is on record denying dogmas such as the Bodily Resurrection of Christ, papal primacy, and infant baptism; that Ratzinger told a Protestant woman working in the Vatican not to convert to Catholicism; that it was Ratzinger who “saved” the heretical so-called Lutheran-Catholic Accord; and so forth, ad nauseam.

What follows is a select collection of links that document the Modernistic mind of the man unjustly reputed to be a stalwart orthodox Roman Catholic:

Even more links and information on Fr. Ratzinger can be found on our Benedict XVI topical page.

Joseph Ratzinger is entirely a man of Vatican II. In fact, in a book first published in 1982, he made clear what he thinks of those who oppose the council: “…they represent a sectarian zealotry that is the antithesis of Catholicity. We cannot resist them too firmly” (Joseph Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology [San Francisco, CA Ignatius Press, 1987], pp. 389-90).

So, for all those semi-traditionalists who were throwing a birthday party for that “Great Restorer of Tradition” today: The party is over.