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No Cross, No Christ: Vatican’s Logo for Trip to Colombia features only Francis

The Vatican has confirmed that “Pope” Francis will once again blow tons of carbon into the air, this time by means of an airplane trip to Colombia, which is scheduled to take place September 6-11, 2017.

The following is the official logo the Vatican has released for the trip. As is clearly evident, it is once again all about Francis:

(click image to enlarge)

Cross? Crucifix? Jesus Christ? Are you kidding?? It’s about Francis, stupid!

The image was published by Andrea Tornielli at Vatican Insider.

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12 Responses to “No Cross, No Christ: Vatican’s Logo for Trip to Colombia features only Francis”

      • Greg C

        Yes, it’s mind boggling. What does Bergoglio have to say or do that would qualify him as a heretic to these guys? I have had many arguments with a staunch new-order “traditionalist”, whom I used to attend the new-order 62 “mass” with until I woke up, about all of Bergoglio’s heretical statements and actions, and nothing seems to matter. They hold to the obedience to whomever “holds” the office of the papacy like it trumps all else, even adherence to the faith. I don’t get it, it’s so frustrating.

  1. Tom Healey

    I’ll bet it has never even occured to him that he has replaced Christ. Logically, one would assume that he “sees” himself as superior to Our Lord and Saviour or at least Christ’s equal. I believe though that “diabolical narcissism” so consumes his soul, that he actually sees himself as the church’s “saviour” who is ridding the church of ourmoded rigid doctrines. So, Christ in the gospels always conforms to what he, Francis requires.

    One thing that stands out for me is that when he talks about the need for “discernment”, what he means is that he is the starting point, not the Holy Spirit and church dogmas, to which he must conform his will. But his vision, his convictions are the new dogmas to which the church must give consent. The sheer brazenness, the colossal hubris leaves me stunned. Truly, this God forsaken man, is demonically inspired.

    • Pascendi

      Lame is exactly right, Pedro. They were even foolish enough to choose an image of him plodding along with that stupid smirk on his face. He looks like an idiot. What fantasy world do they live in that world cause them to think that image will impress anyone?

  2. White Knight

    Check out the FBI released pedophilia ring symbols versus some of the shapes in that bizarre artwork on the right. I’m not saying he is a child molester, but we know that there are some creeping around in the Church. Goodness, I hate saying that. EDIT: Upon another look, the pedohile symbol is a triangular symbol whereas these shapes are square. False alarm, my apologies.

  3. Whyfor

    What’s the significance of the symbols on the carpet? The squares within squares look like a pyramid to me. What about the border? Forward and backwards 3s?

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