It’s that time of the year again…

It’s Confession Time!
Today’s Edition of the Francis Show at St. Peter’s

Image source: Twitter (@Cindy_Wooden)

Today it was time again for Francis’ annual “watch me go to confession” show in St. Peter’s. The video of the Vatican’s entire penitential liturgy can be viewed here; but Rome Reports has published just the relevant clip:

Presumably, no one was playing Sudoku in the confessionals of St. Peter’s today. We remember the complaint that was lodged by a young Novus Ordo priest who had experienced on several occasions that the “priests” in the basilica’s confessionals were more interested in playing games or reading the paper than actually hearing confessions. He wrote an open letter to Francis about it and was silenced by his superiors:

According to initial reports, approximately 95 Novus Ordo priests participated in this liturgy and heard confessions. The really tragic part about this is that although they no doubt heard confessions, in most cases those absolutions they gave were invalid, because the post-Vatican II rites of priestly ordination and episcopal consecration, introduced by “Pope” Paul VI in 1968, are invalid, as demonstrated here. For the ordination rite of bishops in particular, the very principles applied by Pope Leo XIII to judge Anglican orders invalid, are the same principles that render Novus Ordo ordinations invalid as well. This is obviously a very serious issue, and that is why this battle we fight is so important (you can help in this fight in various ways — see here).

The images of Francis going to confession will once again be blasted around the globe today. The other major Francis Show item he has reserved for Lent every year is the foot-washing ritual on Holy Thursday. What used to be a day focused on remembering the Agony of our Lord in the Garden and the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the Sacred Priesthood, Francis has turned into a day about himself, with journalists around the globe going into veritable frenzy over whose politically-correct feet the “Pope” will be washing this time around. Under Francis, the whole foot-washing ritual has become a complete circus; and so far the Vatican has even kept the location and time of the spectacle under wraps.

One thing is for certain, though: For the solemn foot-washing occasion, Francis, who does not genuflect at “Mass” and rarely kneels before what he claims to believe is the Blessed Sacrament, will most certainly go down on his knees again. As we have reported before, he is stiff-kneed only on demand, and the photo opportunity is just too good to pass up.

That’s also, by the way, why he is quite able to kneel when he flaunts going to confession.

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4 Responses to “It’s Confession Time! Today’s Edition of the Francis Show at St. Peter’s”

    • Pedro

      Contrition? Surprise, surprise, Jorge may not even know the meaning of the word. Or misapplies it to the social sins like consumerism or not caring for Mother Earth or some other feel good -ism that stays far afield from true sorrow for our sins that a real Catholic, properly catechized, would know objectively through a thorough examination of his conscience. When, if ever, has Jorge spoken of that virtuous practice?

    • Greg C

      Oh, he probably left the Prius plugged in too long, forgot to bow deeply when meeting other religious leaders, or maybe threw out a quarter of a baloney sandwich on Friday.

  1. Ed of Ct.

    He Francis NEVER Mentioned Jesus Christ at All during ANY of his speeches in Philly and DC USA and in Cuba.. Contrast that with late Mother Theresa many speeches in NYC and DC.. She mentioned Jesus Christ in Every paragraph unlike our supposed Vicar of Christ Bergolio Francis.

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