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Fra. Cristoforo: ‘Cardinal Müller told Dubia Cardinals Formal Correction would risk Schism’

Once again breaking news in Novus Ordo Land: The Roman Novus Ordo cleric who goes by the pen name of Fra. Cristoforo (“Bro. Christopher”) has just published some additional information about the four “dubia cardinals” (Caffara, Brandmuller, Meisner, and Burke) and why the previously announced “formal correction of the Pope” has been scrapped.

Last week, after Fra. Cristoforo had revealed that the formal correction was not going to happen, Vatican journalist Edward Pentin sent out some tweets (see here and here) contradicting the claim, saying that the information was not correct and the formal correction was “still on.” Fra. Cristoforo, however, stuck by his initial report and reaffirmed that the act of correction had been canceled.

Minutes ago, Fra. Cristoforo published additional information: The reason why the formal correction has been canceled is that “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller had exhorted the “dubia cardinals” not to go ahead with it, otherwise they would run the risk of causing a schism. Here is the relevant excerpt from Fra. Cristoforo:

My source told me that the one who has appealed to the four cardinals to be prudent was [Gerhard Ludwig] Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In fact, in the meeting that the four had, Muller was present too. The call for prudence about the publication of the correction rests on something that Müller said at that meeting: “You have to choose the lesser evil. If you publish the correction, you risk schism.”

(Fra. Cristoforo, “ECCO IL MOTIVO per cui i 4 Cardinali hanno deciso di NON procedere con la correzione formale”, Anonimi della Croce, Mar. 20, 2017; our translation.)

Considering the gravity of the subject matter, it is debatable which is in fact the lesser evil here (and Fra. Cristoforo says as much in the remainder of his post), but at the end of the day, it is all six of one and half a dozen of the other: Whether you have the Modernist Sect with or without Francis, whether you have it with or without an open acceptance of adultery, it is a false church either way. (Remember, Muller himself is as bad of a Modernist as it gets.)

As we warned back in 2014, the greatest risk is that, should a schism occur, the “conservative” side will succumb to the illusion that they have seen through the deception, when in fact they have simply fallen victim to it more than ever before:

In any case, what would a “formal correction” ultimately amount to, anyway? Don’t expect much more than a document signed by the four “dubia cardinals” (and maybe some others) that points out various errors in Amoris Laetitia and refutes them with various pronouncements of the Catholic Magisterium (i.e. pre-Vatican II) and the pre-Francis Novus Ordo magisterium, and then it would probably simply say that the faithful ought to pray for the “Holy Father”, who is quite confused.

Big deal.

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16 Responses to “Fra. Cristoforo: ‘Cardinal Muller told Dubia Cardinals Formal Correction would risk Schism’”

  1. Geremia16

    Isn’t it a trait of Modernists to throw around terms which mean nothing to them? Honestly, if they don’t think there already are several schisms (and they think truly schismatic Orthoducks aren’t in schism!), I really wonder what they think schism is.

  2. Tom A.

    Big deal? It is to the remnant crowd. Theyve hung all their hopes on the “formal correction” so desperately required by their oracles, Siscoe&Salza.

    • Novus Ordo Watch

      Unfortunately for them, St. Robert Bellarmine teaches rather clearly that judging, punishing, or deposing a Pope is not possible for anyone because such things belong to a superior, and the Pope’s superior is only God. (See De Romano Pontifice, bk. 2, ch. 29)

  3. Just a Russian hacker

    What’s the big deal to the Novus Ordo if a couple “Cardinals” are in schism? The NO loves the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutheran’s. We’re all one big happy Christian family right?

    • Mike

      It’s a good point, but on a side issue, how come you have an apostrophe on “Lutherans” but not the others? Or why don’t you put one on the others? Just curious. It’s probably nothing more than an autotype typo thing.

      If it is deliberate, I have to tell you that I am an Internet Apostrophe Police informant, and would like to ask you some questions.

  4. Pascendi

    This perfectly defines the Novus Ordo church and so many of its members. Indisputably grave sin, manifest heresy, and apostasy aren’t that important. No matter how bad it gets, “YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE “CHURCH”. Either it will never occur to them to consider the possibility that it isn’t the Catholic Church, or they’re aware of the possibility but they refuse to consider it.

    • bosco49

      So who exactly is Fra. Christoforo when he’s at home? Anonymous, eh? Until he steps out from the shadows, I suggest he is ‘bupkis’.

  5. winslow

    If the Cardinals go ahead with the formal correction its conclusion has to be that the Pope is a manifest heretic either in his person or in his writing, i.e., AL. I disagree with your opinion.

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