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Backlash against Bergoglio

Overnight Surprise:
Anti-Francis Posters Appear in Rome

[UPDATE 04-FEB-17 20:14 UTC: More details and lots more photos can be found here]

As various blogs are reporting this morning, a slew of anti-Francis posters has suddenly appeared on public surfaces all over the city of Rome. They were put up during the night by people who are as of yet unknown. The posters look like this:

(click to enlarge / source)

The posters show a grim-looking Francis with the following Italian text: “A France’, hai commissariato Congregazioni, rimosso sacerdoti, decapitato l’Ordine di Malta e i Francescani dell’Immacolata, ignorato Cardinali… ma n’do sta la tua misericordia?” (source).

Translated into English, the message is: “Oi Frankie, you have emasculated Congregations, suspended priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals…But where is your mercy?” (source).

The text alludes to Francis’ blatant refusal to answer the dubia of “Carinals” Burke, Caffarra, Brandmuller, and Meisner concerning Amoris Laetitia, and to his ferocious and tyrannical behavior towards religious orders perceived by Novus Ordos as conservative or traditional. The most recent such case was Francis’ inglorious intervention in the sovereign order of the Knights of Malta to restore the Grand Chancellor to power, who had been dismissed by the Knights’ Grand Master for distributing condoms under the guise of charitable works. Not only was the Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, reinstated at Francis’ behest, the “Pope” also pressured the Grand Master, Matthew Festing, to resign. That’s two birds with one stone for Francis against the order of which “Cardinal” Raymond Burke happens to be the cardinal-patron.

This latest scandalous example underscores that for Francis, “mercy” is a code word meant only to advance the cause of heresy, heteropraxis, immorality, and impiety in the Vatican II Church.

People are finally waking up and noticing — at least in Rome this morning.

Now if someone could just plaster posters all over Rome stating that Francis isn’t a valid Pope…