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Naturalism for Football Fans

Francis has a Message for Super Bowl Sunday

Today is February 5, 2017, and in the United States this happens to be Super Bowl Sunday this year, the day on which the American football season closes with its annual championship game.

The ever-talkative “Pope” Francis (Mr. Jorge Bergoglio) used this opportunity to bring more of his Naturalist twaddle to a wider audience. In a spiritual equivalent of the smutty Super Bowl half-time show, Francis once again promoted sports as a great way to practice his “culture of encounter” that, so he thinks, will lead to world peace.

Thankfully, the message is very brief, and it can be watched here (original in Spanish, with English subtitles):

Here is a transcript of the English translation:

Great sporting events like today’s Super Bowl are highly symbolic, showing that it is possible to build a culture of encounter and a world of peace. By participating in sport, we are able to go beyond our own self interest – and in a healthy way – we learn to sacrifice, to grow in fidelity and respect the rules. May this year’s Super Bowl be a sign of peace, friendship and solidarity to the world. Thank you!

Francis uses every opportunity he has, not to tell the world about Jesus Christ and the necessity of supernatural grace to obtain genuine peace and, even more importantly, eternal salvation. (He even goes out of his way to explicitly hide Jesus Christ when “necessary”.)

But even from a merely natural perspective, sports are not simply means for peace and harmony per se. Since sports typically involve competition and contention among at least two parties, it can easily bring out the worst in people. Francis ignores entirely what most people know from experience, namely, that competitive sports often give rise to anger, blasphemy, vanity, envy, discord, and other vices. We remember the following “encounter” at the Soccer World Cup Final in 2006 in Berlin:


Culture of Encounter:
Zidane head-butts Materazzi in Soccer World Cup Final 2006

Back in August 2016, Francis had made one of his legendary “Pope Videos” which also focused on sports as a means to encounter and peace. We covered this in a blog post in which we explained at length why such a Naturalist effort at peace — despite good intentions — cannot work and how it contradicts the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Magisterium:

Prior Bergoglian efforts to bring about peace and harmony the Naturalist way didn’t work very well either, incidentally. In 2014, Francis had invited Muslims and Jews to “pray for peace” together at the Vatican, which is exactly what they did — but their way, of course. Shortly after, all hell broke loose in the Middle East. The interreligious soccer match with Plim-Plim and Tini Stoessel later in the year didn’t help things, either.

In any case, we can all sleep better tonight knowing that Francis has once again managed to send out a message of deep spirituality and über-Catholic theology to millions of people.

It’s amazing he didn’t have something to say for Groundhog Day. But then there’s always next year.