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Conference in Australia

Full Audio: Bishop Sanborn destroys Recognize-and-Resist Position

Memo to all adherents of the recognize-and-resist position: The have-your-pope-and-beat-him party is over.

On January 7, 2017, Bishop Donald J. Sanborn visited Brisbane, Australia, and gave a theological conference on Sedevacantism and its ecclesiological rival, the so-called “recognize-and-resist” position, whose main proponent is the Lefebvrist Society of St. Pius X. According to “recognize-and-resist”, often abbreviated simply as R&R, Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) and his five predecessors in the Vatican are to be accepted as real Catholic Popes, but — here comes the minor rub — each believer must sift their every act of teaching and governing for what may conform to Catholic Tradition in it and reject all the rest; otherwise, one runs the risk of becoming infected with their Modernist religion to the eternal peril of one’s soul.

For some reason or other, this bizarre theological position is what most people who call themselves “traditional Roman Catholics” subscribe to, and most of them are firmly convinced that it is the ultimate criterion of orthodoxy in our day. We have published numerous posts and podcasts on this web site demonstrating this position to be false (see our Sedevacantism page here), and now we are excited to be able to add yet another powerful bundle of ammunition to our arsenal.

In a one-hour talk entitled, “Why Recognize-and-Resist is not Catholic”, Bp. Sanborn provided a devastating refutation of the popular but very dangerous R&R stance. The audio is available in full here:

“Why Recognize-and-Resist is Not Catholic”
(by Bp. Donald J. Sanborn / Jan. 7, 2017)

To prove his case, Bp. Sanborn uses copious magisterial documents from unquestionably true Popes, quotes from an eminent traditional Catholic theologian, and appeals to right reason. His Excellency even demonstrates that the R&R position was maintained in essence by none other than hell’s apostle himself, the apostate Swiss priest Hans Kung. Presented in his typical lucid style, Bp. Sanborn leaves absolutely no doubt that the recognize-and-resist position, no matter how well-intentioned its adherents may be, is not at all compatible with Catholic teaching on the Church, on the Magisterium, and on Papal Authority. Therefore, R&R must itself be resisted and rejected.

The following is a list of the documents from which His Excellency quotes in the conference. A link to each document is provided insofar as it is available online. As you look up each quote, please keep in mind that the wording of the English translation used by Bp. Sanborn may differ somewhat from the wording in the translations linked below.

The Society of St. Pius X has a strong presence “down under”, whereas there is only one resident sedevacantist priest in the entire country. Bishop Sanborn’s visit, which besides Brisbane also included Melbourne, provided great joy and consolation to the country’s real traditional Catholics.

Bp. Sanborn is rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida. He is a frequent guest on various radio programs produced by True Restoration, most notably the popular monthly Francis Watch broadcast. In 2004, His Excellency engaged in a public debate with Dr. Robert Fastiggi, a representative of the Novus Ordo religion, regarding Vatican II’s ecclesiology. The passionate debate and a follow-up conference can be watched here.

For more free audios published by Most Holy Trinity Seminary, including weekly sermons by various truly Catholic clerics, access the seminary’s sermon & podcast page here.

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